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ALG 2!!!
Since the slope is 0 its graph will intersect at y-axis which is a horizontal line... so the equation is "y=4"

ALG 2!!!
m=[-5-(-5)]/(3-9) m=0 the equation is y=-5

ALG 2!!!
slope is undefined the equation is x=2

1in : 25mi = x inches : 385mi 25x = 385 (divide both sides by 25) x = 15.40 inches

number problem
The units digit of a 2 digit number exceeds thrice the tens digit by 1. The sum of the digits is 9. Find the number.

math 1
The average of 10 numbers is 12. If one number is removed, the average is 11. What number is removed?

math 1
Pls solve this using one variable: The difference bet 2 numbers is 3. The sum of thrice the smaller and the larger is 35. Find the original number.

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