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  1. World History

    In the question "Why the haitian revolution probably truer to itself than it's French or American counterparts?" Is it referring to how the Haitian revolution stayed truer to their cause in revolution because they gave everyone equal rights, while american and ...
  2. math

    Each dividend was divided by another polynomial, resulting in the given quotient and remainder. Find the divisor Divided:5x^3+x^2+3 ,quotient:5x^2-14x+42, remainder:-123
  3. world history

    I have no idea. someone help me too!!!
  4. health

    why is having excessive abdominal fat a serious concern
  5. O Chem

    Comment on the suitability of running a infared spectrum under these conditions A KBr pellet is prepared with a compound that melts at 200 C same question but at 30 C
  6. O chem

    comment on suitability of running infared spectrum under the following conditions: A neat spectrum of liquid with a boiling point of 150 C is determined with salt plates. and same question but at 35 C
  7. math

    the final grade for a particular course is calculated by dividing total points earned by total points available. There are 6 quizzes worth 15 points each, and 2 exams worth 50 points each. If a student earns 67 points total on the quizzes and wants to get at least 86% in the ...
  8. math

    Evaluate f(x) = x^2+3-4 For f(1/4)
  9. math

    156 / 55 - how do i show my work for long division?
  10. Art

    thank you.
  11. Art

    Just a fast question. Im writing about Gothic stained glass windows, and was wondering if in the decorations on the windows was Christ depicted in them ?
  12. algebra

    Write a rule in words and as an algebraic expression to model the relationship in each table. The local video store charges a monthly membership fee of $5 and $2.25 per video. 1 video is $7.25 2 videos are $9.50 3 videos are $11.75
  13. Algebra

    Please help me with this algebra question?!?!?!? Find the discriminant of the equation in terms of p and q. Suppose q<p<0. Tell how many real solutions the equation has. px^2+qx-p I really need help with this math question! And indoor gym room consists of a rectangular ...
  14. HEALTH

    Man im here for ashworth and ms sue keeps messing me up
  15. Math computation

    8 9/15 - 1/2 = A.8 8/13 B.8 4/15 C.8 8/15 D.8 8/1 E. None of these A? 5/6 / 15= A. 1/2 B. 10 5/7 C. 18 D. 1/18 B?
  16. math concepts and applications

    Which of these is another way to write 11/50? A. 11% B. 22% C. 110% D. 220% A?
  17. math concepts and applications

  18. math concepts and applications

    A rectangle has a length of 6 meters and a perimeter of 20 meters. What is the width of the rectangle? A. 4 meters B. 7 meters C. 14 meters D. 52 meters C ?
  19. math concepts and applications

    What number completes this number sentence? 3x(5+8)= (3x5)+(__x8) F.3 G.5 H.15 J.24 F ?
  20. math concepts and applications

    What is the volume of a triangular prism that has a base area of 30 mm2 and height of 18 mm? (v=bh) A.48 mm3 B.96 mm3 C.270 mm3 D.540 mm3 A?
  21. Math concepts and applications

  22. Math concepts and applications

    which number sentence is true ? A.0.027 < 0.0027 B.0.0027 < 0.027 C.0.27 < 0.027 D.2.7 <0.27 D?
  23. math

    8 9 A)8 8/13 b)8 4/15 c)8 8/15 _ D)8 1/10 i think a 15 - 1 _ 2 _______
  24. language expression

  25. language expression

    9).Choose the sentence that has the same senetence pattern as the first sentence. She opened her book. A.George seemed pleased B.Tim strummed his guitar C.Sue is a superb athlete D.Grace wrote in her daily .......D?
  26. vocbulary

    Sorry I typed it wrong.. Is the Campsite ____ by car, or will we hike the last few miles? F.divisible G.applicable H.accessicable J.dispensable I got H ?
  27. vocbulary

    is the campsite ______ by car, or will we notice him. F)divisible G)applicable H)acessible J)dispenseable i think its h
  28. vocabulary

    zestFUL remorseFUL A) result of B)place for C)capable of D)filled with i think its c choose the word or phase that gives the best meaning of the underlined prefix or suffix.
  29. ss

    Women played important and diverse roles in the Mexican Revolution,Intellectuals,the Zapatista movement ,which have been largely overlooked by historians. In addition, these roles, in many cases, gave rise to post-Revolutionary feminist organizing. "The long-lasting ...
  30. ss

    Describe three social or economic reforms between 1917 and the 1930s that were a result of the mexican revolution? is this good enough.. Obregón, Álvaro, 1880-1928, president of MEXICO (1920-24). A successful general in the Mexican revolution (1910-17), he rose (...
  31. stats

  32. English 3

    A pronoun preceding a gerund is in the
  33. Integrated Math 1

    All nurses in hospital
  34. statistics

    How could you reword the research hypotheses below to null hypotheses?a. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of a child being born prematurely.
  35. business

    identify and explain the objectives of a supplier
  36. pre-algebra

    a math professor is teachin two classes. The first class has 100 student enrolled and the second class has 75 estudent enrolled if 3/4 estudent of the first class pass and 2/5 student of the second class pass. how many estydent pass in total
  37. Calculus

    determine where f(x)={x^2-5x+6/x-3, if x<3 {1/x-2, if x>3 is discontinuous.
  38. physics

    The distance between successive crests in a series of water waves is 5.0m; the crests travel 8.6m in 5.0s . Calculate the frequency of a block of wood bobbing up and down in the water
  39. Finance

    Aset P has a beta of 0.9. The risk-free rate of return is 8%, while the return on the S&P 500 is 14%. Asset P's required rate of return is:
  40. physics

    Some children go tobogganing on an icy hill. The start from the rest at the top of the hill. The toboggan and children have a combined mass of 94 kg. The height of the first hill a is 12.0m the height of b is 0, and the height of c is 3.0m. If friction is small enough to be ...
  41. physics

    Your English teacher can swim with a constant speed of 0.67m/s. While facing south , he attempts to swim straight across the St. Lawrence River , which moves east at 1.4 m/s a) find his velocity as seen from the riverbank. B) if the river was 175m wide How long does it take ...
  42. physics

    An object falls from the top of the school, which is 6.06m high. Assume air resistance can be ignored and the acceleration is 9.8m/s^2 If the object was dropped( not thrown) , what is its speed after 0.333s How long does it take to hit the ground
  43. physics

    A spring with a spring-constant 2.2 N/cm is compressed 28 cm and released. The 5 kg mass skids down the frictional incline of height 31 cm and inclined at a 18◦ angle. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . The path is frictionless except for a distance of 0.8 m along...
  44. physics

    A spring with a spring-constant 2.2 N/cm is compressed 28 cm and released. The 5 kg mass skids down the frictional incline of height 31 cm and inclined at a 18◦ angle. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . The path is frictionless except for a distance of 0.8 m along...
  45. physics

    A formula one car is moving at mach 0.16 when the temperature of the air is 20.0c. What is the speed of the car in kilometers per hour?
  46. physics

    A plane traveling at 260m/s has a speed of Match 0.80. What is the speed of sound in the air
  47. physics

    Assuming that the speed of sound at a certain altitude is 330m/s calculate the speed of an airplane that is traveling at match 4.2 ?
  48. physics

    Thank you
  49. physics

    The source of a wave generates 25 crests and 25 troughs in 5.0s, and the distance between two successive crests in that wave is 1.5 m . What is the speed of the waves
  50. physics

    The distance between the second and sixth crests in a wave is 75cm and one crest travels a distance of 25 cm in 3.0s . Find the frequency of the wave
  51. physics

    The second resonant length of an open air column is 48cm. Determine the first and third resonant lengths
  52. physics

    Could you please explain how you got that! The answer should be 20.0cm and I just don't understand
  53. physics

    What's the shortest air column , closed at one end, that will resonate at a frequency of 440.0Hz when the speed of sound is 352 m/s
  54. physics

  55. physics

    The first resonant length of a closed air column occurs when the length is 30.0cm . What will the second and third resonant lengths be
  56. physics

    The third resonant length of a closed air column is 75cm . What is the first and second length
  57. physics

    A car sounds its horn (502 Hz) as it approachs a pedestrian by the side of the road. The pedestrian has perfect pitch and determines that the sound from the horn has a frequency of 520 Hz. If the speed of sound that day was 340 m/s , how fast was the car travelling
  58. physics

    Assuming that the speed of sound at a certain altitude is 330m/s calculate the speed of an airplane that is travelling at (A) mach 0.70
  59. physics

    A ship is traveling in fog parallel to a dangerous , cliff-lined shore. The boat whistle is sounded and its echo is heard clearly 11.0 s later. If the air temperature is 10.0 c , how far is the ship from the cliff.
  60. physics

    Calculate the speed of sound wave in air if its frequencies and wavelengths are 256Hz and 1.32m
  61. health

    According to the AMA, what is the key reason behind a physicians duty of confidentiality to a patient? Thanks in advance!!!
  62. statistics

    Given a level of confidence of 99% & a population standard deviation of 10, answer the following: (A)What other information is necessary to find the sample size (n)? (B)Find the Maximum Error of Estimate (E) if n=77. show all work.
  63. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of silver bromide produced from 22.5 g of silver nitrate in the following rxn: 2AgNO3(aq) + MgBr2(aq)-->2AgBr(s)+ Mg(NO3)2 (aq)
  64. Math

    The present value of the money in your savings acct is $420, and you're receiving 3% annual interest compounded monthly. What is the future value in 2 months?
  65. american government

    Unitary government
  66. physics

    A bell is rung at a sound intensity of 70dB . A trumpet is blown at an intensity that is greater by a factor of 10^3. What is the intensity level of the trumpet
  67. physics

    A vibrating 400.0Hz tuning fork is placed in fresh water. What is the frequencyin herbs and the wavelength in meters (A) within the water at 25c (B) when the sound waves move into the air at 25c
  68. physics

    A fan at a baseball game is 100.0m from the home plate. If the speed of sound is 350 m/s , how long after the batter actually hits the ball does the fan hear the crack? Assume that there is no wind.
  69. physics

    A 200m dash along a straight track was timed at 21.1 s by a timer located at the finish line who used the flash from the starters pistol to start the stopwatch. If the air temperature was 30.0c , what would the time have been if the timer had started the watch upon hearing the...
  70. physics

    How much time is required for sound to travel 1.4 km through air if the temperature is 30.0 c
  71. physics

    I tried that but it does not give me the correct answer which is 0.204 m/s
  72. physics

    The motor for an elevator can produce 2200 W of power. The elevator has a mass of 1100 kg complete with contents . At what constant speed will the elevator rise ?
  73. physics

    How much work can a 22 kW car engine do in 60 seconds if It is 30% efficient It is 100% efficient
  74. physics

    A boy fires a 60 g pebble with his slingshot. The pebble leaves the slingshot at 35m/s How high above the slingshot will the pebble rise if it's fired straight up?
  75. Law

    In law we watched a movie called 12 angry men , and there is a question I am stuck on, any help would be great! How does the film 12 angry men deepen our understanding of the guarantee of the right to trail by jury and the role of the jury system in America democracy? Thank ...
  76. Life orientation

    1: In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community ( HIV AIDS ). 2: Provide recommendations on how to address HIV AIDS. Thank you!:-)
  77. Life orientation

    Poverty, pollution, hiv aids, nutrition, floods. Name two institutions or community organizations that are involved in supporting or giving redress to these disasters. Explain how these organizations are involved in providing a safe and healthy environment.
  78. physics

    A chair lift takes skiers to the top of a mountain that is 320 m high. The average mass of skiers complete with equipment is 85 kg . The chair lift can deliver three skiers to the top of the mountain every 36 s Determine the power required to carry out this task If friction ...
  79. MATH

    if mnp has vertices at m ( -5,-7) , N( 7,-2) and p (2,10) is mnp isoscles
  80. physics

    An archer locks a 0.20kg arrow on a bowstring. Then the archer exerts an average force of 110N to draw the string back 0.60 m . Assume that friction is negligible . What speed does the bow give to the arrow? If the arrow is shot vertically upward,how high will it rise?
  81. physics

    two ropes are tied to a large boulder. one rope is pulled with a force of 400N due east. The other rope is pulled with a force of 300N due south. draw a vector diagram showing the forces
  82. physics

    A 6.0g pellet of lead at 32 degrees c gains 36.8 J of heat. What will be its final temperature
  83. physics

    A 50.0kg cyclist on a 10.0kg bicycle speeds up from 5.0m/s to 10.0m/s , the total kinetic energy before acceleratingis 750, and after acceleratingis 3000, how much work is done to increase the kinetic energy of the cyclist and the bicycle
  84. Physics

    HELP PLEASE. Hypothetically, you are standing on the balcony of an apartment on the 10th level of a building and you throw a ball at some angle, 0 , above the horizontal away from the building. the ball lands on the ground 10m from the building, 3.2s after it was thrown. the ...
  85. physics

    A 60 kg student does 60 push ups in 40s . With each push up , the student must lift 70% of the body mass a height of 40cm off the floor. Assuming two significant digits, calculate the following The work the student does against a force of gravity for each push up , assuming ...
  86. Chemistry

    If the acetylene were burned to form water and carbon dioxide, how many kilojoules of energy would be produced from the complete reaction of 20 of calcium carbide? CaC2(s)+2H2O(l) --> C2H2(g)+Ca(OH)2(s)
  87. Chemistry

    If the acetylene were burned to form water and carbon dioxide, how many kilojoules of energy would be produced from the complete reaction of 20 of calcium carbide? CaC2(s)+2H2O(l) --> C2H2(g)+Ca(OH)2(s)
  88. Physics

    Viscous blood is flowing through an artery partially clogged by cholesterol. A surgeon wants to remove enough of the cholesterol to double the flow rate of blood through this artery. If the original diameter of the artery is D , what should be the new diameter (in terms of D...
  89. math

    a rectangular field measures 20 meters by y meters is surrounded by grass patch of width 2 meters . What is the area of the grass patch ? Leave your answer in the simplest form in terms of y .
  90. math

    from one piece of wood , Sam cut two 9 1/2 in. strips for 2 sides of a frame. He cut two 11 3/4 in . strips each for the other 2 sides Sam had 5 1/2 in.of wood left. How long was the piece of wood when he started ?
  91. math

    1. Gina wants to begin by figuring out how long the corn bed will be. She knows that in her previous two gardens, she was able to plant 2 rows in a 5 foot long space and 5 rows in an 11 foot long space. Find a linear equation for the length of the bed (y) in which she can fit ...
  92. Chemistry

    This answer is still not correct for me!!
  93. statistics

    20. Explain how the power of a hypothesis test is influenced by each of the following. Assume that all other factors are held constant. a. Increasing the alpha level from .01 to .05. b. Changing from a one-tailed test to a two-tailed test.
  94. physics

    Write the energy transformation equation for each situation Fireworks explodes An arrow is shot off a bow and flies through the air A paved driveway feels hot on a clear ,sunny day A camper raises an axe to chop a chunk of wood A lawn mower with a gasoline engine cuts a lawn
  95. Physics

    how does the slope of a Ff-Fg graph relate to the coefficients of friction , prove it mathematically.
  96. physics

    A 12 kg toboggan is pulled along at a constant velocity on a horizontal surface by a horizontal force of 11 N How much horizontal force is needed to pull the toboggan at a constant velocity if two 57 kg girls are sitting in it ?
  97. science

    a 40kg student goes to jupiter where the rate of acceleration is 24.5m/s squared what is the students weight on jupiter?
  98. chemistry

    Which of the following measures thermal energy in an object? (Points : 4) temperature mass heat volume
  99. physics

    A wagon is used to help deliver papers. There is a force applied at an angle of 25 degrees to the horizontal that causes the wagon to move a distance of 15m[N] in 10.0s from rest. There is a force of friction of 3.1 N acting on the 27kg wagon. What is the acceleration of the ...
  100. Calculus

    Verify if correct. Determine which line is parallel to the line with Cartesian equation 2x +3y + 5=0 a) r=(-1,-1) +s(2,3), seR b) x=3t-1, y=-2t-1, teR c) x=2t-1, 3t-1, teR d) none of the above. I chose D, none of the above because none of them are multiples of the given ...
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