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  1. math

    I think it is x2-4x-21 (x-7)(x+3)
  2. algebra 2

    its a peicewise you have to graph it and stuff
  3. algebra 2

    piecewise function : g(x)=/x/ +3 please help me solve this
  4. Science

    What mammal mother has babies nearly 1/3 her own size?
  5. Algebra

  6. Algebra

    15m-12-12m=16 what's the answer
  7. Social Studies

    If there is collision between the president and Congress, can Congress restrain the president in foreign policy making? It's very difficult, but sometimes Congress can influence the president on foreign policy. This website goes into a lot of details about the ways the ...
  8. english

    I need some help writing a paragraph about the literary devices in the book Twisted Summer. This is what I have so far. Twisted Summer is a fictional murder mystery. The setting was at Crystal Lake, where everything took place. There was definitely irony in this book. Cici is ...
  9. english

    Describe the literay elements used in the book Twisted Summer by Willo Davis Roberts? We'll be glad to critique your answer if you post it here. You may get some ideas about the literary elements from the reviews in this site.
  10. Senior Paper

    I am writing a Senior Paper about the poetry works of W.B. Yeats, a Modernist poet I have found out. But I was wondering if my thesis would work or if it is too soft and not on the line of a thesis. W.B. Yeats like most of the Modernistic poets in his time has changed poetry ...
  11. English Thesis

    I am usnure about my restated Thesis for my conclusion paragraph. But here is my first thesis 1. King Duncan, King Hamlet, Malcolm and Fortinbras are all minor characters who play an essential role in each tragedy; the kings are both murdered and the young men are both ...
  12. English IV-writeacher

    Thank you for your help! I even was able to use essential in my essay a couple of times =D! You're very welcome. Go get A's!!! =)
  13. English IV Thesis

    King Duncan, King Hamlet, Malcolm and Fortinbras are all minor characters who play a big role in each tragedy, the kings are both murdered and the young men are both fighting for their father’s lands in the end. Please check my thesis!!! "King Duncan, King Hamlet, ...
  14. health

    teenagers and what else of both sexes seem to be smonking more? Is this a question? What is smonking? Young adults, who were teens in the early 90's and started smoking then Smonking or smoking? They all have different meanings.
  15. Science

    What are the comparisons and contrast of heat capacity and specific heat capacity?
  16. Math

    Write as a single logarithm. Thank-you. 3(4 log t^2) Would it be logt^8 or are you not allowed to do that? And logy-4(logr+2logt) in the first one, what happened to the 3? my answer is log t^24 in the second... =logy - 4(logr + logt^2) =logy - 4log rt^2 = logy - log r^4t^8 =...
  17. Please help-behavior

    Braking your car after you observe a child's ball rolling into the street from between parked vehicles is instinctive requires a conscious decision is a reflex is instinctice and requires a conscious decision. (my choice) am I right here? The braking itself (pushing the ...
  18. evolutionary standpoint

    speaking from an evolutionary standpoint, would you say mitosis preceded meiosis or meiosis preceded mitosis or synapse preceded cell division or cell division preceded synapse.
  19. math

    Can't seem to get this problem ã6-x - ãx-2 = 2 I am unaccustomed to the symbols you are using. What does  mean? Does ã6 mean ã^6 ?
  20. IB Biology/Biology

    Web feet is a sex linked characteristic in Dingbats. Female Dingbats are XX and males XY. A webbed male is crossed with a homozygous normal female and the baby Dingbat is a female with normal feet. Deduce whether the web allele is dominant or recessive. If their next baby is a...
  21. science

    How does a tornadoe form? This site has a great explanation and diagrams.
  22. pre-calc

    Quest: show that i (imaginary) is a zero of f (x)= x^3+ (3-i)x^2 - 4ix -1 Plug in i for x and add up the terms. You should get zero. Remember that i^2 = -1
  23. Iron Ions

    Does anyone have the tests for iron(II) and iron(III) ions lab done? If you want to know something about Fe(II) and Fe(III) please post a new question. sadddddddddd I love to spelunk with my friends. It is such a hot rush! I also like to experiment with different spelunk ...

    -ite and ide
  25. History

    How can individuals promote tolerance and reduce prejudice in their towns and cities? One has to practice what one preaches is the first action. Secondly, one has to love and show love to those not like us. Respect and dignity are powerful forces. Thirdly, a realization that ...
  26. com 215

    What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, negative, or persuasive) is conveyed to your readers? I would ask them 1) if they had any questions about what had been said; 2) to synthesize what they had understood. As GuruBlue has ...
  27. organic chemistry!

    here's what i got.. 1. 2-methylpentane 2. 2-ethylbutane 3. 1,5-dichloroheptane 4. butanol 5. pentanoic acid 6. 2,4-dimethylpentene 7. 2,2-chloropropane 8. 2,2,4,4-tetramethylheptane 9. 2,2,4-trimethyl-3-hexene 10. 2-butyne hope this helps!! even though, i'm sure you&#...
  28. Algebra

    Mario is 16 years older than his sister Mercedes. Together, their ages total 36 years. How old is Mercedes? Mercedes is 20 years old. let x = Mario's age y = Mercedes' age ====================== Mario is 16 years older than Mercedes; therefore, add 16 to Mercedes' ...
  29. economics

    A. Given the above stated preference and supply information, how much alcohol (in ounces) will the average consumer purchase in an average month? How much all other goods will this consumer purchase? B. The program being heavily lobbied by business is to have a tax placed on ...
  30. math

    If the answer is 1 2/3, what is the question? 5th grade level answer please What is 5/3? UM THE FRACTION IS 1 2/3 hes saying 5/3 = 1 2/3 right. 5/3 = 1 & 2/3 OOO IS THAT RIGHT what is the deinition of whole number percent The question is to calculate this: 1 + (2/5) + (2/5)*(2...
  31. Psychology/Statistics

    I have a quick question for you all. I have done a repeated measures ANOVA for hypothetical data in my Stats class. There were 5 subjects.. all subjects rated their mood on a cloudy day, then they all rated their mood on a sunny day. In sum.. they all underwent the same order ...
  32. Psychology/Statistics

    I have a quick question for you all. I have done a repeated measures ANOVA for hypothetical data in my Stats class. There were 5 subjects.. all subjects rated their mood on a cloudy day, then they all rated their mood on a sunny day. In sum.. they all underwent the same order ...
  33. Microeconomics

    If a firm has a U-Shaped long-run average cost curve, a.) its fixed cost rises as output rises. b.) it must have increasing returns to scale at low levels or production and decreasing returns to scale at high levels of production. C.) it must have increasing returns to each ...

    I don't get french It is to hard help me understand plz someone help I can't fail grade six plz help French is the most beautiful language in the world. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In order to help you, please give us some examples of what you ...
  35. Chemistry

    I'm having difficulty on drawing lewis dot structures for certain compounds and figuring out the molecular shape. I can do the simple ones like IO4- which is tetrahedral...but i'm stumped on ICl4-. When i drew the structure I thought it was octahedral, but my textbook ...
  36. english

    These early flights were just the beginning. is that a sentence? Yes, it's a sentence. You have a subject flights and a verb were.
  37. math

    What is the least number of place-value blocks you need to show 4,200? The greatest? well, here is what the blocks are: 4 2 0 0 thousand hundreds tens ones does this help at all? I'm actually trying to figure this out so I can help my daughter. I understand that part of it...
  38. Anglo America

    What two countrys are owned by Anglo America? The Anglo American Company owns coal fields in South Africa and Liberia. Is this what you are looking for? human features in anglo-america
  39. geography

    What is the the lush region that formed a great arc from the eastern shore of the mediterranean sea to the persian gulf. Babylonia, or Mesopotamia This region is also called the Fertile Crescent. what are the features of geography? The luch region that formed a great arc from ...
  40. orientalism of muslim and arab american

    I agree, this page didn't help me at all. I read the whole chapter 11 and then did research online for answers.
  41. multiplying and dividing real numbers

  42. Economics question

    How much more output will the average American have next year if the $11 trillion U.S. economy grows by: a.
  43. Definition of frog

    I need the definition of frog which my teacher said is a type of clothing? Plus, I need a picture to see so I can draw it. Thanks. It is a latch on clothing, used like hooks. It consists of a ball of cord on one side, and a decorative slit or loop on the other side. Here... ...
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