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  1. math

    How many capsules, each containing 250mg, are needed to provide 50mg/kg/day for 10 days for a person weighing 176 pounds?
  2. math

  3. math

    An antibiotic is reconstituted with 128ml of water to yield 250mg/5ml. A) If the child weighs 66 pounds what will the dose be at 5mg/kg/dose? B) If the medication is given qid x 10 days, will the 150ml bottle be enough?
  4. math

    A patient has been instructed to take 15ml of alumina and magnesium oral suspension every other hour for four doses daily. How many days will two 12 oz bottles last?
  5. Math

    I love math.
  6. Health insurance

    Number 2 is the answer it's on page 271 in your textbook
  7. art

    What are the "degrees removed from reality?"
  8. physics

    The center of a 4.0 kg sphere and a 7.5 kg sphere are separated by a distance of 1.5 m where is the center of mass of the two sphere system
  9. physics

    the cener mass of an object (a)always lies at the center of the object (b) is at the location of the most massive partical in the object (c)always lies within the object, or (d) none of the preceding
  10. physics

    in apool game,a cue ball traveling at 0.75 m/s hits the stationary eight ball The eight ball moves with a velocity of 0.25 m/s at an angle of 37 deg reletive to the cue balls inital direction assuming that the collision is inelastic at what angle will the que be deflected and ...
  11. physics

    Two balls with masses of 2.0kg and 6.0kg travel toward each other at speeds of 12 m/s and 4.0 m/s respectivly. If the balls have a head on inelastic collision and the 2.0 kg ball recoils with a speed of 8.0 m/s how much kinetic energy is lost in the collision?
  12. physics

    a 100-g bullet is fired horizontally into a 14.9kg block of wood resting on a horizontal surface and the bullet becomes embedded in the block. if the muzzle velocity of the bullet is 250 m/s , what is the speed of the bullet immedatly after the impact (neglect surface friction)
  13. physics

    To get off a frozen frictionless lake, a 70.0kg person takes off a 0.150-kg shoe and throws it horizontally directly away from the shore with a speed of 2.00m/s. If the person is 5.0 m from the shore, how long does it take for him to reach it?
  14. physics

    a 1.0 kg ball is thrown horizontally with a velocity 15 m/s against a wall. If the ball rebounds horizontally with a velocity of 13 m/s and the contact time is 0.020s what is the force exerted on the ball by the wall?
  15. physics

    a pool player imports an impulse of 3.2 N*s to a stationary 0.25-kg cue ball with a cue stick what is the speed of the ball just after impact
  16. physics

    find the magnitude of the linear momentum of (a)7.1-kg bowling ball traveling at 12 m/s and(b)a 1200-kg automobile traveling 90-km/h
  17. physics

    if a 60-kg woman is riding in a car traveling at 90 km/h is her linear momentum relitive to (a) the ground or (b)the car
  18. physics

    linear momentum has units of (a)N/m (b)kg*m/s (c)N/s (d)all of the preceeding
  19. History

    Yep its def D
  20. physics

    A skier coasts down a very smooth 10-m high slope. if the speed of the skier on the slope is 5.0-m/s what is his speed at the bottom of the slope?
  21. physics

    a change in gravitational potential (a) is always positive (b)depends an the referance point (c) depends on the path or (d) depends only on the inital and final positions. explain
  22. physics

    a 3.0-g bullet traveling at 350-m/s hits a tree and slows down ununiformly to a stop while penetrating a distance of 12-cm into the trees trunk. what was the force exerted on the bullet to bring it to a rest?
  23. physics

    a 1200-kg automobile travels at a speed of 90-km/h (a)what is the kinetic energy? (b) what is the net work that would be required to bring it to a stop?
  24. physics

    a student could either pull or push , at an angle of 30 deg from the horizontal, a 50-kg crate on a horizontal surface, where the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the surface is .20 the crate is to be moved a horizontial distance of 15-m (a) compared to ...
  25. physics

    a father pulls his young daughter on a sled with a constant velocity on a level surface through a distance of 10-m, if the total mass of the sled a the girl is 35-kg and the coefficent of kinetic friction between the sled runners and the snow is 0.20, how much work does the ...
  26. physics

    you are carring a backpack across campus. What is the work done done by your vertical carring force on the backpack? Explain
  27. physics

  28. physics

  29. physics

  30. physics

  31. physics

  32. physics

  33. physics

  34. physics

  35. physics

  36. physics

  37. physics

  38. physics
  39. physics

    In an emergency stop to avoid an accident,a shoulderstrap seat belt holds a 60-kg passenger firmly in place. If the car were initally traveling at 90 km/h and came to a stop in 5.5s along a straight, level road, what was the average force applied to the passenger by the ...
  40. physics

    in a collage home coming competion 16 students lift a sports car. While holding the car off the ground, each student exerts an upward force of 400N. (a) What is the mass of the car in kilograms? (b) what is the weight in pounds?
  41. physics

    a 1.5-kg object moves up the y-axis at a constant speed. When it reaches the origin,the forces F1 =5.0 N at 37 deg above the the + x-axis, F2 = 2.5 N in the +x-direction, F3 = 3.5 N at 45 deg below the -x-axis, and F4 = 1.5 N in the -y direction are applied to it(a) Will the ...
  42. Science

    What happens if you submit a sedimentary rock to intense heat and pressure?
  43. science

    Dear Ms. Sue, I just wanted to know the real answer to what is the meaning or definition of limited. Its not that I don't know it, it is just that I wanted to know the real meaning or definition. Thanks a lot, Melissa B.
  44. physics

    a spring loaded "cannon" on a wheeled car fires a metal ball vertically. the car is given a push and set in motion horizontally with a constant velocity. A pin is pulled with a string to launch the ball, which travels upward and then falls back into the moving cannon...
  45. physics

    an astronaut on the moon fires a projectile from a launcher on a level surface so as to get the maximum range. If the launcher gives the projectile a muzzle velocity of 25 m/s what is the range of the projectile?
  46. physics

    a ball rolls horizontally with a speed of 7.6 m/s off the edge of a tall platform. if the ball lands 8.7 m from the point on the ground directly below the edge of the platform, what is the height of the platform?
  47. physics

    a boat that travels at a speed of 6.75 m/s in still water is to go directly across a river and back . the current flows at 0.50 m/s (a) at what angle(s) must the boat be steered. (b)How long does it take to make a round trip? (assume that the boats speed is constant at all ...
  48. physics

    a block weighing 50 N rests on an inclined plane. its weight is a force directed vertically downward, a37 degree angel find the componants of the force parallel to the surface of the plane and perpendicular to it
  49. physics

    two force vectors f1=(3.0N)x- (3.0N)y and f2= (-6.0N)x + (4.5N)y are applied to a partical . what third force f3 would make make the net or resultant force on the partical zero?
  50. physics

    a small plane takes off at a constant velocity of 50 km/h of 37 degrees. at 3.00 s (a) how high is the plane above the groundand (b)what horizontal distance has the plane travelad from the liftoff point?
  51. physics

    a student strolls diagnally across a level rectangular campus plaza, covering the 50 m distance in 1.0 min (a) if the diagonal route makes a 37 degree angle with the long side of the plaza, what would be the distance if the student had walked halfway around the outside of the ...
  52. physics

    a golf ball is hit with an initial speed of 35 m/s at an angle less than 45 degress above the horizontial (a) the horizontial velocity componant is (1)greater than (2)equal to or (3) less than the vertical velocity componant. Why? (b)If the ball is hit at an angle of 37 ...
  53. social studies (civics)

    My friend and I Danielle need help with our social studies homework from school. May you please help us?
  54. French

    How do you invert the following into a question? Elle dine a huit heures.
  55. IB Biology

    We are currently learning about innate & learned behaviors. An experiment was done where mallard, pintail & teal ducks were crossbred. These ducks live in the same habitat and could interbreed, but rarely do due to different courtship displays. When they were crossbred, the ...
  56. customary units

    1/2 gal=_______ qt
  57. Latin

    I have to translate the following sentence into English: Familia nostra amicītiam servōrum nostrōrum cūrā et grātiā semper augēbit et servābit. So far, this is what I've got: Our family will always increase and save the ...
  58. math

  59. Overweight/Normal-weight

    Compared to overweight people, normal-weight people are ___ likely to engage in eating binges, and ___ likely to experience emotional problems. a. less...more b. less...less c. more...less d. about equally...about equally i chose answer B. because if they were more likely to ...
  60. days of the week

    Maybe T is Tuesday, and R is Thursday - so TR is Tuesday + Thursday, i dunno but that is what i think
  61. insulin-food intake

    Through which mechanism does insulin affect food intake? a. it enables the intestines to digest certain types of protein that they would not otherwise be able to digest b. it increases the percentage of each meal that is stored as fats c. it increases the sensitivity of the ...
  62. Overjustification Effect

    A fifth grader has just learned how to do some simple programming on her dad's computer. Now, her class at school is learning programming and she gets gold stars for doing well. If the overjustification effect occurs, what is likely to happen this summer when she no longer...
  63. Psychology

    Drive theories disagree with incentive theories of motivation with regard to how they answer the following question: a. Are all motivations equally strong or do some take priority over others? b. Are the motivations of humands fundamentally similar to or different from the ...

    The energy theory of Lorenz and drive theory agree in assuming that motivation is based on a. factors inside the organism b. changes in stimuli in the outside world c. frustrations during early childhood d. sensation-seeking I chose answer A because we try to reduce our needs ...
  65. vocab

    Dr. Connors rose to eminence as a surgeon.
  66. math

    divide by .50
  67. Photography

    Presents - Jesus in the manger - birthstones - parties - pictures of zodiac symbols (crab=cancer=june/july) candy - party hats - Piñata - clown - fun
  68. Insulin Levels/Appetite

    Consistantly low levels of insulin will produce ___ appetite; consistently high levels of insulin will produce ___ appetite. a. increased...decreased b. decreased...increased c. decreased...decreased d. increased...increased I chose A. but i have NO book was hard to ...
  69. insulin-food intake

    Through which mechanism does insulin affect food intake? a. it enables the intestines to digest certain types of protein that they would not otherwise be able to digest b. it increases the percentage of each meal that is stored as fats c. it increases the sensitivity of the ...
  70. ratio and propation

    N = 13
  71. Science

    Summer is warmer than winter (in each hemisphere) because the Sun's rays hit the Earth at a more direct angle during summer than during winter and also because the days are much longer than the nights during the summer. During the winter, the Sun's rays hit the Earth ...
  72. Algebra

    Anything to the 0 power is 1. And somehow my final answer was xz^3 / 9^-2y^-2 but i really could be wrong, hopefully someone else can help u with this one cause im not positive!
  73. Algebra

    Thats right! :)
  74. Health

    wellness n. The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits.
  75. Health

    mental health NOUN: A state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society, and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life. A branch of medicine that deals with the ...
  76. insulin - food intake

    Through which mechanism does insulin affect food intake? a. it enables the intestines to digest certain types of protein that they would not otherwise be able to digest b. it increases the percentage of each meal that is stored as fats c. it increases the sensitivity of the ...
  77. Obesity

    Thanks so much! :)
  78. Obesity

    Which of the following is likely to contribute to a person being obese? a. decreased portions of food b. expending more energy than normal-weight people c. damage to the set point d. damage to the arcuate nucleus in the hypothalamus? i know that if you damage the hypothalamus ...
  79. Delay of Gratification

    Which of the following illustrates the concept of delay of gratification? a. preferring $500 now rather than $1,000 dollars one year from now b. preferring $1,000 one year from now rather than $500 now c. preferring a 1-in-1,000 chance at $10,000 rather than $10 for certain d...
  80. Psychology-JetLag

    Ok! Thank you SO much!!!
  81. Psychology-JetLag

    After staying awake late many nights, Glorida has become accustomed to going to sleep late and awakening late. Now she tries to shift going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. This shift is similar to difficulties people face when they travel a. north b. south c. east d. ...
  82. Psychology-24Hour Cycle

    Our tendency to feel wakeful and sleepy on a 24-hour basis depends mainly on a. a cycle generated by a mechanism in the brain b. our perception of environmental stimuli such as heat and light c. a cycle generated by hormone-producing organs such as the adrenal gland d. wear ...
  83. psychology-Libet Study

    In the Libet et al. study (1983) that asked participants to flex their wrist and record when they decided to flex it, a. people were not very accurate in determining when they actually moved their wrist b. the results suggested that the brain started to flex the wrist before ...
  84. psych-Awake/Asleep

    3. Our tendency to feel wakeful and sleepy on a 24-hour basis depends mainly on a. A cycle generated by a mechanism in the brain b. Our perception of environmental stimuli such as heat and light c. A cycle generated by hormone-producing organs such as the adrenal gland d. Wear...
  85. Psych- Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep deprivation for a period of several days results in a. dizziness, slurred speech, and hallucinations in everyone. b. a loss of skill, such as that needed to play arcade games c. a total loss of ability to concentratel; even the simplest taks cannot be completed d. ...
  86. IQ Test ?

    A group of people took a new IQ test twice. Nearly all of those who did well the first time they took it also did well the second time. Nearly all those who did poorly the first time did poorly again the second time. Therefore, this test has __ reliability and __ validity. a. ...
  87. Validity/Reliability

    I have a test that accurately predicts who will learn statistics quickly. My test has a. predictive validity but not reliability b. content validity but not predictive ability c. predictive validity and reliability d. neither validity nor reliability i chose answer C because ...
  88. Psych- FLYNN EFFECT

    The Flynn effect is an example that shows a difference in IQ among : a. ages b. genders c. cohorts d. cultures Ok, i tried this one, and i thought the answer was "generations" i am confused as to what the answer is.
  89. home economics

  90. chemistry

    With the hydro carbon azulene it has a very large dipole moment and is an intense midnight blue color. Why is it such a deep blue and have a large dipole?
  91. Calculus

    (1 - x)^4 * (2x - 1)^5 its a derivative how can i solve this?
  92. algebra

    yes, solve for c
  93. algebra

    1/2=2/5c-3, I do not get fractions
  94. algebra

    How do I solve -1/5t-2=4
  95. biology

    We recently performed a yeast fermentation lab in class to determine the effects of different sugars (sucrose, lactose and dextrose) on the rate of fermentation. I am writing up my lab report, however I am having some difficulties. If sucrose and lactose have the same ...
  96. science

    theodor Schwann work alone to develop the cell theory?
  97. science

    what did Anton ban Leeuwenhoek first look at with his microscope and what did he name it?
  98. science

    what did robert Hooke first look at with his microscope? What name did he give what he saw?
  99. math-story question

    For a cone, the formula r = 3V divided by rh( all enclosed in square root symbol) describes the relationship between the radius r of the base, the volume V, and the height h. Solve the formula for V.
  100. math radicals

    5 square root 2 divided by square root 10+1
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