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A ball is thrown from an initial height of 1 meter with an initial upward velocity of 9 m/s. The ball's height h (in meters) after t seconds is given by the following h=1+9t-5t^2 Find all the values of the t for which the ball's height is 4 meters.

How much sweat (in mL) would you have to evaporate per hour to remove the same amount of heat a 120 W light bulb produces? (1W=1J/s.)

Social Studies
1. Which of the following circumstances poses the greatest benefit and challenge to economies in the region? A. lack of water B. trade with foreign nations C. dependence on oil D. growth of tourism** 2. From where did Islam spread? A. from India to Arabia B. from the Persian ...

Find the volume bounded above by parabolic z = 6 - x^2 - y^2 and below by z= 2x^2 + y^2

Calculus (polar coordinates)
Use polar coordinates to set up the double integral x dA, where the bounds are given by the region lying in the intersection of the 2 circles r = 2 sin (theta) and r = 2 cos theta. Thanks for any help!

Linear algebra
In a medical prognosis model, there are three states for a person: well, ill and dead. We are given that the prob. one states well given that the person is well is 0.3. The prob. one becomes ill given that one is well is 0.5. The prob. one states ill given that one is ill is 0...

Statistics - PLEASE HELP!
For a lottery game, each ticket has a probability of 1 / 3.09 = 0.324 of winning a prize. Every friday you buy 1 lottery game. a) What is the probability you will win on two of your next three games?

They don't actually give you multiple choices they are only just trying to test you

Neither. It's 'power-hungry' and it's an adjective.

business math
How much tax must be sent to the IRS for the first quarter if the annual income is $63,000.00, Social Security is 12.4%, Medicare is 2.9% and federal income tax rate is 22%?

1000 MW

A spacecraft can travel at 18000km/h with no engines being fired. Explain why a car travelling at 110km/h on a motorway needs its engine to run a high power.

how does the poet use the image to promote his point of view in the poem Vulture

can you please check my answer thanks True or False The purpose of a contrast medium is to allow direct visualization of internal organs and structures. I said true tho to make a particular structure visible on a radiograph crossed my mind my text book is not that clear

English Essay Writing MS Sue
After I am done with my eassy would you please look it over for me thanks :)

English Essay Writing
I posted my English essay homework on March 17,2008 and no one has answered my question yet. I understand that every question may not be answered but I was just wondering If anyone that was good at Eassy writing could take a look thanks very much

English please help me
I need help with the my English that I posted on March 17,2008 If anybody could please help that would be great thanks you very much

English really stuck
Please help I am having a bit of trouble I need to write two separate paragrapghs of eight to twelve sentences each based on the following scenarios. (I can make up details if I need to to make my paragraphs more realistic.... Paragraph 1.. I have applied for a job as a ...

ICD-9-CM codes health care
please check my answer thanks for the help :) Verifying the accuracy of ICD-9-CM and HCPCS codes are an important function in what ? My answer is maintence of the OASIS data set

please check my answer health insurance
please check my answer thank you for your help :) Prospective payment system determines payment before services are received True or False My answer is True

Health insurance
Please check my answer thanks for the help :) If an enrollee uses more services than originally assumed per the PPPM calculation then what would the paln do? A. show a profit for that period B. show a loss for that period C need a contract renegotiation D. reguire that the ...

Health insurance
Please check my answer thanks for your help :) Hospital that are excluded from the Medicare acute care PPS such as children hospitals are paid based on A reasonable cost B fee schedules C global payments C bundled payments My answer is # A

please check my answer thanks :) Answer True of False to the following... 1. All pt authorzations to relase medical info are sufficient authorize relase I said True 2. All jurisdictions require both a subpoeana ansd a relase from the pt to relase medical records I said false

please check my answer thanks :) Mediation has which type of characteistic ? A. THe court controls B. The parites remain in control C. THe mediator decides whi is right I said B

Mary who is a minor is in the operating room when Dr. Paul finds a tumor that they did know about before time is very limited in which to remove the tumor (if not removed Mary will die with in a few hours Mary's mom is in the waiting room what should doctor Paul do? A. ...

please check my answer thanks :) Dr. Jones made an mistake is on of the medical records Three years later Nurse Bonnie noticed the mistake and corrected it This was an improper action because A. Too much time passed B The doctor did not make the correction C. The correction ...

please check my answers thanks :) Mary Smith sues her doctor for malpractice. The jury belives that he doctor was guilty of malpractice however they don't beleive Mary was affected Mary is most likley to get what kind of damages? A.Pain and suffering B.Nominal C. ...

please check my answer thanks :) There has been judgement entered agaisnt Mike in the Northern District Court of New York. What statment below must be true for the judegment to be aganist Mike personally. A. He was a resident of New York B. Mike lives in the northern district...

Math median
Please check my answer :) 25,28,22,27,25,20,30,23,27, and 29 Of the above numbers which one is the median ? I said 26

please chek my answer thanks :) What is purchase price of 15 Warren Corporation bounds with a coupon rate of 7 3/4 and a current market price of 98 ? The commission charge is $8 per bound. The date of the transcation is March 5 and the bond pays interest on Nov 5 and May 5 My ...

Please check my answer thanks :) Based on the information below what is Peter's account balance ? Peter has a credit card with an APR of 15% His balance last month was $423.78 He then made a purchase in the amount of $123.42 he later made apayment of $100.00 Peter's ...

Math stocks
please explian thanks :) when talking about stocks the word proceeds refers to the amount of money that the borrower receives at the time a discounted note is made. (thats what I think anyways) but the trouble is I need to pick from these choices... 1. the fee the stockbroker ...

A rock is dropped from a sea cliff, and the sound of it striking the ocean is heard 3.2 seconds later. If the speed of sound is 340 meters per second, how high is the cliff?

how do you identify an anode and cathode by direct observation in an electochemical battery when you don't have a voltmeter and the chemicals are no known. I look on the battery for a + and - sign. In a battery, the + pole is the cathode and the - pole is the anode.

the answer 2 that is 44