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  1. social studies

    5) What are some characteristics that unite the nations of Caribbean South America today?
  2. Spanish

    Write complete sentences to find out about the following people in spanish class. 1. Claudia y yo/estar/ cerca de la puerta? 2. La maestra/estar/contenta? 3. Los estudiantes/estar/ocupados? 4. Tu/estar/ delante de Ana? 5. Yo/estar/detras de Miguel? Can someone help me please
  3. Health

    There are many different ways to physically treat a medical condition rather than using prescribed drugs, select the method that apply below Answer Are Psychological Therapy*** Physical Therapy Cardiac Rehabilitation Massage Therapy*** there are three right answers. I think ...
  4. Health

    your exercise results will be better and you will be able to achieve your fitness goals if you change your routine every two to three weeks four to six weeks six months daily***
  5. Math

    A basement has 864 square feet. The width of the basement is 2/3 its length. What is the length of the basement?
  6. American history

    In his farewell address, Washington warned against permanent foreign alliances and? A. The unjust oppression of black slaves B. The formation of political factions. C. The power of the moneyed interests. D. Lowering the tariff on imported goods.
  7. physics

    A 1000-kg car traveling on a horizontal road at 24m/s sees a cow 50m ahead. Will the car be able to stop before reaching the cow? The maximum coefficient of friction between the car tires and the road is 0.60. Ignore the driver’s reaction time and assume that g=10m/s^2
  8. math expressions

    There are 89 students in a band. The number of boys in the band is 5 more than twice the number of girls.
  9. math expressions

    There are 89 students in a school band. The number of boys in the band is 5 more than twice the number of girls. What is the expression for the number of girls and an expression fornthe number of using the variables g to represent the girls.
  10. chemistry

    Suppose there are two known compunds containing the genetic elements X and Y. You have a 1.00-g sample of each compounds. One sample contains 0.33 g of X abd the other contains 0.42 g of X. Identify plausible sets of formulas for these two compounds.
  11. chem please help urgent due tomorrow

    I am having trouble on this please help Indicate which of these statements is true? For those that are false,.explain why a) addition reactions always involve compounds with multiple bonds b) all addition reactions produce polymers, but not all polymers are addition polymers c...
  12. LAC Help Question

    I Would Like Some One To Answer These Questions. ( How are these two memoirs similar? How are they different? In what ways are the authors’ choices and depictions related to the subject matter of their stories?)
  13. LAC Help Question

    1. Write a four paragraph literary essay in response to the following question. Be sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction, provide textual evidence in the body paragraphs, and end the essay with a strong conclusion. You may use your books and other notes you ...
  14. Chemistry

    How do I balance these equations? KOH + NHO3 → H20 + KOH HCl + NaOH → H20 + HCl Don't have to give me the answer, just tell me how. Please, thanks.
  15. Precalculus

  16. Economics

    What is the effect on the price of hotdogs and the quantity of hotdogs sold if: a.) The price of a hamburger rises? b.) The price of a hotdog bun rises? c.) The supply of hotdog sausages increases? d.) Consumers' incomes increase if hotdogs are a normal good? e.) The wage ...
  17. math 2nd grade

    I am inside the path 7,6,9,3. I am outside the difference of 2 numbers outside the path 7, 8, 6, 5. What number am I
  18. College Chem

    With a relative standard deviation of 32.51+_ 0.15. Cant the result of 32.14 and 32.75 be discarded because they are out of the .15 range?
  19. College Chem

    Is the percentage of sodium in pure table salt 39.34%?
  20. College Chem

    Yes, that does look better :)
  21. College Chem

    Please tell me if this is correct...Finding the mean, the average deviation from the mean, the standard deviation from the mean, and the relative deviation from the mean...of 10.1, 10.4 and 10.6 Mean-10.4 Average deviation-0.167 Standard deviation-0.25 Relative deviation-2%
  22. College Chem

    Impure sample of table salt that weighed 0.8421g, when dissolved in water and treated with excess AgNO3, formed 2.044g of AgCl. What is the percentage of NaCl in the impure sample? Do I need the molecular weight to start this equation? Where do I start?
  23. College Chem

    Thank you, that was so helpful
  24. College Chem

    Please do tell...
  25. College Chem

    When a0.269g sample of a barium compound was treated with excess H2SO4, 0.0891g of BaSO4 formed. What is the percentage of Barium in the compound?
  26. math

  27. math

  28. math

  29. math

    2radical10(radical5 +3radical2)
  30. math

    20radical2 + 10radical6
  31. math

    6radical45 + 2radical80
  32. math

    20radical + 10radical6
  33. math

    20a^2 + 10a^6
  34. math

    5radical8\2-radical 3
  35. 10th grade

    5radical8\2-radical 3
  36. math

  37. health care

    are health care companies and medical companies the same?
  38. social studies

    i am going to need more information than that.
  39. Finance

    You have decided to buy a car that costs $34,100. The dealer offers you a 5-year loan with monthly payments of $695 per month. What is the annual nominal interest rate on the loan?
  40. finance

    what is the present value of a perpetuity of $2500 per year given an interest rate of 8.25% p.a? (assume the first cash is four years from today)
  41. History

    This is an paragraph that was in are textbook. How would I sum this up but still capture what it is saying. I find it to be kind of confusing and I don't understand what it is saying. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You! Chesapeake tobacco and Caribbean and Brazilian ...
  42. geometry

  43. Science

    If the 2nd ice age happened, would dolphins be able to survive? I am doing research at the same time as asking this question so I'm not just depending on the site, but I do need an answer before tomorrow. Thanks so much, London Sure. They could just frequent waters further...
  44. English

    What is the word for, when to many things are happening at once? chaos? In romeo and juliet (act3 scene 1) how does benvolioconnect the weather to peoples fellings? This site will help you with this. "As they walk in the ...
  45. Geography

    how does weather and climate affect settlement patterns in New Brunswick? my ideaS: provinces with extreme climate such as Nunavut would obviously attract fewer immigrants since no one wants to live in such freezingly cold conditions but New Brunswick has a extremely mild ...
  46. Geography

    How are settlement trend infulenced by climate in New Brunswick. I thought St.John was near water that why there are a lot of people living there but that water, what does that have to do with climate? If the current along the coast of New Brunswick is warm, then that part of ...
  47. Geo

    If living in Canada you are called Canadians. If you are lving in the province of New Brunswick, then what are you called. Canadians.... New Brunswick is a province of Canada. But do they have a specific name like New Brunswickins. I can find nothing to indicate that they are ...
  48. Geography of Canada

    This is a multiple choice question. Please answer it. I want to know what the answer id therefore I know if I was wonr gor right on my test. New Brunswick mainly receives which type of precipitation: a.) relief or orographic b.) convectional c.) cyclonic or frontal
  49. Geo

    Just a quick question that will help me in my essay. I just need a quick answer not an explination, Im just using this answer as a quick refernce. Question: What is the most common precipitation in New Brunswick. I just need a quick answer. Rain When I say precepitation I mean...
  50. Geography

    After looking at multiple resourses I have concluded that New Brunswick is a martime and continential climate region. Is this correct? And If so, why is it both? It is correct. I will be happy to critique your thinking. Why is Florida Panhanndle a maritime climate region and a...
  51. Geo

    How does latitude and Longitude affect the climate in St.Jonh. I don't get it??? St.John New Brunswick I mean. The longitude doesn't affect St. John's climate since it measures distance from east and west from the Prime Meridian. However, its latitude, about 45 ...
  52. Geography

    I know that this hwk help forum has a policy not to give answers, therefore I will share what I know and I ask you tell me what you think. THE MODERATING EFFECT OF WATER ON FREDERICTON, N.B I searched through many resourses and most say that Fredericton is not effected by the ...
  53. Climate Graphs

    I need a climate graph of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada present time, so about 2000-2006. I have looked everywhere for stats or graph. I also need an older on for comparision perhaps the 1990s. Where can I find these. :( This site has climate graphs of New Brunswick. http...
  54. Mathematics

    How would you solve for: (the square root of 7-the square root of 3)^2 ^=the power of [sqrt(7) - sqrt(3)]^2 = 7 + 3 - 2sqrt(21) = 10 - 2sqrt(21)