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  1. algebra 2

    Your membership at a movie rental club costs $12.7 per year. The charge for members to rent a movie is $2.29. At the end of the year you figured that the average cost per movie (including the membership fee) was $2.46. How many movies did you rent?
  2. Science

    Yeah, that's why. Even thought they tend to think that, America still doesn't want GMO products in our food, that s^^^ is f******g disgusting. :(
  3. Algebra

    eh I mean I would if you tried to help me out by posting at least 1 question. ;3 sooooo xD
  4. algebra 2

    Hi Liz! We have the same name LOL. 12.7+2.46n= 15.16 .17n= 12.7 n= ? movies rented that year n is the movies rented. :)
  5. algebra 2

    Your membership at a movie rental club costs $12.7 per year. The charge for members to rent a movie is $2.29. At the end of the year you figured that the average cost per movie (including the membership fee) was $2.46. How many movies did you rent?
  6. algebra 2

    Your membership at a movie rental club costs $12.7 per year. The charge for members to rent a movie is $2.29. At the end of the year you figured that the average cost per movie (including the membership fee) was $2.46. How many movies did you rent?
  7. algebra 2

    A field goal kicker has made 21 out of 30 attempted field goals so far this season. His field goal average is 0.7. How many consecutive field goals must he make to increase his average to 0.8125?
  8. Language Arts

    Ms, sue shut the f^^^ up, please. Goodness gracious, if your not gonna at least help a little bit don't bother typing an answer.

    Sonar, short for Sound Navigation and Ranging, is helpful for exploring and mapping the ocean because sound waves travel farther in the water than do radar and light waves. NOAA scientists primarily use sonar to develop nautical charts, locate underwater hazards to navigation...
  10. Calc Desperate

    can anyone help me with the last problem # 14 Find the volume of the given solid generated by revolving the regions bounded by the graphs of the equations about the given lines. 14. y=6-2x-x^2, y=x+6 a. the x-axis b. the line y=3

    WHICH specifically have larger "cell" organella plant or animals?
  12. Science Biology

    Help please reviewing for test and in my notes I have a comment. Animal cell oraganella are larger than plant cell organella is this correct - I have searched everything and cant find an answer.
  13. Calculus

    Oh I see. I was dividing 12 by 24 and 1 by 2 to get the 1/2 + 1/2. I didn't even think of factoring out the 2. Thank you!
  14. Calculus

    Can someone check my work and answer? Evaluate the integral from -1 to 0 of (4x^6+2x)^3(12x^5+1)dx My work: let u=4x^6+2x dx=du/24x^5+2 now we have the integral from -1 to 0 of u^3(12x^5+1)(du/24x^5+2) Simplifies to the integral from -1 to 0 of u^3(1/2+1/2) simplifies to the ...
  15. Algebra 2

    According to a survey conducted in 1990 by Independent Sector, the percent of their incomes that Americans give to charities is related to their household incomes. For families with annual incomes between $5000 and $100,000, the percent is modeled by P = 0.0014x^2 ? 0.1529 x...
  16. Physics

    The radius of the Earth is about 6.37 × 106 m. a) What is the centripetal acceleration of a point on the equator due to the rotation of earth about its axis? Answer in units of m/s 2
  17. algebra

    The coordinate plane below represents a town. Points A through F are farms in the town. graph of coordinate plane. Point A is at 2, negative 3. Point B is at negative 3, negative 4. Point C is at negative 4, 2. Point D is at 2, 4. Point E is at 3, 1. Point F is at negative 2, ...
  18. Biology

    Which zone is home to some decomposers, but no producers?
  19. Statistics

    The class average on the quarterly exam was65% with a standard deviation of 7%. Is the probability that a student got 70% or higher 24%
  20. 11th Grade Math

    For k. I meant to put the cubed root of 64 in the parenthesis and for l. I meant to put the fourth root of 3.
  21. 11th Grade Math

    k. (64 to the root of 3)^4 l. (3 to the root of 4)^-8 f. (5^2/5/^2)^-1/2 4. The radius of a sphere r is given in terms of its volume V by the formula: r=(0.75V/?)^1/3 By how many inches has the radius of a spherical balloon increased when tthe amount of air in the ballon is ...
  22. Environmental Science

    I mean number 2 is True sorry
  23. Environmental Science

    2. F 6.F 7.T all the other answers are correct though I just took this.
  24. algebra

    22 +2g

  26. Can anyone speak Turkish Greek

    I am doing an a family tree I found a post card to my great great grandma dated 1920 it's from someone to her only two lines but from turkey can anyone help me translate
  27. physics

    1. The weight in the following diagram has a mass of 0.750 kg and the cart has a mass of 0.52 kg. There is a friction force of 2.1 N acting on the cart. What is the tension in the string? a. 4.4 N b. 4.3 N c. 4.1 N d. 4.2 N 2. An 8.5 kg block is attached to a weight. The ...
  28. Physics

    yes, there is a pulley between the weight and the block
  29. Physics

    1. The weight in the following diagram has a mass of 0.750 kg and the cart has a mass of 0.52 kg. There is a friction force of 2.1 N acting on the cart. What is the tension in the string? a. 4.4 N b. 4.3 N c. 4.1 N d. 4.2 N 2. An 8.5 kg block is attached to a weight. The ...
  30. physics

    A large truck with a mass of 3200 kg is pulling a trailer with a mass of 2400 kg. Both are accelerating at a rate of 0.45 m/s^2 . Determine the tension force between the truck and the trailer, and determine the force with which the truck is pulling. I'm not sure how to ...
  31. chemistry- morality

    To what volume should 1.19 ml of an 8.00 m acetic acid solution be diluted in order to obtain a final solution that is 1.50 M? show all work
  32. algerbra

    i did my question already but i was wondering if someone could double check my work. the question says to graph the following function on the grpah f(x)={|x|, -3 is equal to or less than x less than 2} {2x-8, x less than or equal to 2} i dont know if its possible to show a ...
  33. science

    lol what? hoi thats mean xd
  34. Math MS. SUE PLEASE HELP!!

    Rolinda’s first five Spanish test scores are 85, 85, 60, 62, and 59. a. Find the mean, the median, and the mode of Rolinda’s Spanish test scores. Round your answers to the nearest tenth, if necessary. b. Which of these measures best supports Rolinda’s claim that...
  35. Math MS. SUE PLEASE HELP!!

    Thank you sooo much fr answering so quickly!
  36. Math MS. SUE PLEASE HELP!!

    What is true of a random sample? A) it is the only way to sample a population. B)Each member of the sample is a volunteer. C) It is always the easiest way to sample a population. D) Each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. MS. SUE PLEASE HELP!!
  37. Social studies

  38. Math, Algebra

    A square and rectangle have the same area. The length of the rectangle is five inches more than twice the length of the side of the square. The width of the rectangle is 6 inches less than the side of the square. Find the length of the side of the square.
  39. algerbra

    am i correct on this? question: solve and check square of 5x+6 is equal to x work and answer: square each side 5x+6=x^2 subtract 5x-6 on both sides 0=x^2-5x-6 (x+1)(x-6) x+1=0 subtract -1 on each side x= -1 is a reject x-6=0 add 6 on each side x=6 and 6 was my answer and the ...
  40. algerbra

    could you please double check my work question:find the roots of the equation 2x^2+8x=12 by completing the square. leave answer in simplest radical form. work and answer: c=(b/2)^2 c(4/2)^2=4 2x^2 +8x=12 divide everything by 2 x^2 + 4x=6 x^2+4x+4=10 (x+2)(x+2) square root of (...
  41. careers

    i know right
  42. help Writeteacher

    help writeteacher
  43. careers

    When John asked Melanie to babysit Saturday night, he told her that he would pay $7 per hour. She accepted and did the work but has not yet received the money. What type of contract was this? a. implied contract b. unilateral contract c. bilateral contract d. sales contract I ...
  44. Physical Science

    Determine how long it will take given the scenario below (in time and in distance) to react to the car in front of you. Assume that the car in front of you takes 3 seconds to change speeds. Reaction time 1.6 seconds Speed: 75 mph Initial velocity: 33.53 Final velocity: 29.06 ...
  45. math (venn diagrams)

    70% of 7 graders have iPhone and 60%are in chorus. However, 15% of 7th graders are neither in chorus or own phone. What % of students have an iPhone and are not in chorus
  46. History

    Oh okay, never mind I can figure it out on my own. Thanks anyways
  47. History

    Which number labels Yasmin's native country of Spain? A 1 B 2 C 4 D 6 Which number labels Yasmin's current home in Sweden? A 1 B 3 C 4 D 5 (I am new also :))
  48. math

    4cos^2 x - cosx-3 =0 0 to 2pi SORRY TYPED THE QUESTION WRONG PLESSE HELP
  49. math

    nvm dont reply
  50. state & local government

    1. Why have the powers of the governor increased in modern times?
  51. geography

    New Zealand and Papua New Guinea have a. huge manufacturing industries. b. lush, tropical climates that produce many kinds of tropical fruit. c. valuable timber resources. d. very limited timber resources and poor soil.  
  52. Physics

    A father and son were both pulling a red wagon at a magnitude of 61 lbs. at 139 degrees . The son pulled at a magnitude of 22 lbs. What was the magnitude of the fathers force ( component vector ?
  53. riddle

  54. Math

    It takes 2 hours to travel 30 miles by long will it take to travel 105 miles?
  55. trigonometry

    The angles of elevation to an airplane from two points A and B on level ground are 50? and 67? , respectively. The points A and B are 3.9 miles apart, and the airplane is east of both points in the same vertical plane. Find the altitude of the plane. Answer in units of miles. ...
  56. statistics

    A music industry researcher wants to estimate, with a 90% confidence level, the proportion of young urban people (ages 21 to 35 years) who go to at least 3 concerts a year. Previous studies show that 21% of those people (21 to 35 year olds) interviewed go to at least 3 ...
  57. Math

    The triangle in the trapezoid share a 15 inch base and a height of 10 inches. The area of the trapezoid is less than twice the area of the triangle. Find the values of X. X is greater than --- and x is less than 15 inches.
  58. lang. arts

    What is a catchy title for an essay about greed?
  59. Calc One

    44 gord with the top part
  60. Calc One

    The function C(m) = -.41m^2 + 6.7m - 44/ .7m represents Miles Traveled per lb. of CO 2 released as a function of speed(in MPH) for a hyundai Sontana. the domain of this function is [10,90]. A) calculate C'(m) B)find the critical points of C(m). C)Where does C(m) have ...
  61. algebra

    if sin alpha is 0.28° where 0° is less than or equal to alpha less than or equal to 90°, evaluate cos alpha, tan alpha, sec alpha, cosec alpha and cot alpha. please help, it's urgent.
  62. Chemistry

    The compound copper(II) nitrate is a strong electrolyte. Write the reaction when solid copper(II) nitrate is put into water:
  63. math

    uncle gives baby 25 dollars on her first birthday, 50dollars on second doubling act each year. I need help with an equation
  64. chemistry

    A solution contains a mixture of pentane and hexane at room temperature. The solution has a vapor pressure of 252 torr . Pure pentane and hexane have vapor pressures of 425 torr and 151 torr, respectively, at room temperature. What is the mole fraction of hexane? (Assume ideal...
  65. english

    Netta and Jim argued over their views of free trade. 2. Netta and Jim had different views on free trade. 3. Netta and Jim were sharply split over the issue of free trade. 4. Netta and Jim refused to discuss the issue of free trade. 16. In these four sentences, the word that&#...
  66. Math

    Compare the values of each of the digits 337 The 3 in the tens place is ---------the value of the 3 in the hundreds place.
  67. math

    A point P is 500m from the base of a pole. If the angle of elevation of the top of the pole to the point P is 40 degrees, find the height of the pole
  68. Chemistry

  69. Maths - Year 10 - Simult. Equations

    50x + 20y = 310 x + y = 11 multiply bottom equation by 20 50x + 20y = 310 20x + 20y = 220 substitute into 1st equation via elimination 30x = 90 x = 90 ÷ 30 x = 3 solve for y 3 + y = 11 y = 11 - 3 y = 8 Answer: 3 50c pieces and 8 20c pieces
  70. Pre-Calculus

    Use Gaussian elimination to find the complete solution to the system of equations, or state that none exists. Show your work. 4x - y + 3z = 12 x + 4y + 6z = -32 5x + 3y + 9z = 20 Please help me..
  71. Pre-Calculus

    That is exactly what I had for my answer but I was confused that I had an answer of 2 solutions.
  72. Pre-Calculus

    Solve the system by the substitution method. Show your work. 2y - x = 5 x2 + y2 - 25 = 0 I solved the problem but I got it wrong for some reason..can you solve it step by step?
  73. Pre-Calculus

    Locate the foci of the ellipse. Show your work. x^2/36+y^2/11=1 c^2=a^2-b^2 c^2=36-11 c^2=25 c= ± sqrt25 c= ±sqrt5*5 is this correct?
  74. Pre-Calculus

    Find the vertical asymptotes, if any, of the graph of the rational function. Show your work. f(x) = (x-4)/(x(x-4)) (x-4)/x(x-4) the common factors cancel out and all is left is f(x)= 1/x... how do I solve this problem?
  75. History

    I think its b or c
  76. History

    Which factor contributed most to Florida becoming a U.S. territory? a. the outcome of the Seminole Wars b. the weakening of Spain's hold over its colonial possessions c. the desire of Southern politicians to expand slavery into new territories d. the development of the ...
  77. Pre-Calc

    Find the vertical asymptotes, if any, of the graph of the rational function. Show your work. f(x) = (x-4)/(x(x-4)) How would I show my work? the x-4 cancel out and I am left with 1/x. The vertical asymp. is x= 0
  78. Pre-Calc

    For the data set shown by the table, a. Create a scatter plot for the data. (You do not need to submit the scatter plot) b. Use the scatter plot to determine whether an exponential function or a logarithmic function is the best choice for modeling the data. Number of Homes ...
  79. Pre-Calc

    thank you!
  80. Pre-Calc

    Verify the identity. Show your work. cot2x + csc2x = 2csc2x - 1 1+cosec^2x +cosec^2x Cot^2x+cosec^x= 1+2 cosec^2x Would this be correct?
  81. Math

    Solve the equation on the interval [0, 2π). tan2x sin x = tan2x would it be 0, pi/2 ?
  82. Math

    Solve the equation on the interval [0, 2π). cos x + 2 cos x sin x = 0 would the answer be 7pi/6 , 11pi/6 ?
  83. Math

    The pH of a solution ranges from 0 to 14. An acid has a pH less than 7. Pure water is neutral and has a pH of 7. The pH of a solution is given by pH = -logx where x represents the concentration of the hydrogen ions in the solution in moles per liter. Find the pH if the ...
  84. Language Arts

    heretohelp stole that answer from brainly, smh. the cheating and laziness of giving answers has gotten even worse.
  85. Math

  86. Literacy

    once again, heretohelp is copying anwers from brainly. please.. just ignore that dumb boy.
  87. Math

    In the formula d=rt d represents distance in miles, r represents average speed in miles per hour, and t represents time in hours.What is an automobiles average speed if it travels 60 in 1 1/2 hours?
  88. Pre Algebra

    the advantages of scamming the internet. LOL
  89. maths

    ken has 4 times as much money as Jake. if Jake gave Ken £360 he would still have more money than Ken. whats the least money Ken will have?
  90. Math

    A car dealer makes a 12% commission on every car sold. If the dealer sells a car for $10,000, how much does he make in commission?
  91. Math

    If 100 students are surveyed, about how many students own 2 or more pets? Explain please 0 pets __________ 1/20 1 pet __________ 1/2 2 0r more _______ 9/20 Thank you very much
  92. Biology

    How do I set up a trihybrid punnett square if the cross is TTRRPp x TtRrPp?
  93. History Help???

    I believe the answer is D

    What mass of AgCl(143.32g/mol) is formed from the reaction of a 0.109 M MgCl2 solution with excess AgC2H3O2?
  95. Math

    The total income amount is about 983 because 59 is 6% of 983.
  96. Geometry

    How would one solve similar right triangles if the first triangle has y and x as legs and a (altitude) as hypotenuse, and the second triangle has one leg of 50, the other is a, and the hypotenuse is 100. I solved for a, and it came out to be 86.6? Is this correct? How do I ...
  97. Calculus

    x=0, pi/3, 5pi/3
  98. Algebra

    The sum of measures of angle X and angle Y is 90. If the measure of angle X is 30 less than twice the measure of angle Y, what is the measure of angle X?
  99. Math

    got it thank you
  100. Math

    inverse laplace transform of {5/(s-4)^3}
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