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programming c
Write a c program that will declare two dimensional array called of 5 row and 5 colum. The user will enter student marks for 25 student caculate and print the minimum and maximum average marks those students.

You measure 34 turtles' weights, and find they have a mean weight of 66 ounces. Assume the population standard deviation is 9.3 ounces. Based on this, construct a 90% confidence interval for the true population mean turtle weight. Give your answers as decimals, to two places

A political candidate has asked you to conduct a poll to determine what percentage of people support her. If the candidate only wants a 4% margin of error at a 99% confidence level, what size of sample is needed?

Math Calculus
Three sides of a fence and an existing wall form a rectangular enclosure. The total length of a fence used for the three sides is 240 ft. Let x be the length of two sides perpendicular to the wall as shown. Write an equation of area A of the enclosure as a function of the ...

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