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Math is this right?

Math is this right?
5/28 divided by 1/7 = ? 5 Do I flip the second fraction only when its division then times across? 5/28 x 7/1 = 35/28 or 28/5 x 7/1 = 196/5 = 5/196

I have to find the quotient of 6 divided by 1/5 So I write 1/6 x 1/5 to solve?

I need an idea of a simple machine that has the following: -needs to include atleast one of the 6 simple

I need an idea of a simple machine to build that is useful... I can't find any though.

it means that the O (oxygen) and the H (hydorgen)there are two of them.

ask the audience questions (that they don't anwer that will make them focus on your debate. e.g. Do you really think adverts and a load of music is all that interesting?

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