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What is the poem about? Consider what the poem is describing. Consider the title. What image is being painted with the descriptions? Why are certain words capitalized? What do certain words mean, and why were they specifically chosen? What does the poem reflect in regards to ...

In one aspect, Freedom constitutes an absence of hindrance towards one's ability to make choices and execute actions. One who is bound by circumstance cannot experience personal dignity, because of subservience to such circumstance. The person cannot grow beyond the chains.

You should specify what region or culture of the world this refers to.

social studies
Establish a time frame: are you looking at the immediate effects during the civil war, or are you examining a certain time following? If not specified, choose this yourself and be clear in stating this. Examine the possibilities of different effects and their relationships to ...

Earth/Space Science
Visit websites of periodicals like sciencemag or discover magazine, and have a look through their subject lists for marine-related articles.

Earth/Space Science
A good way to research your answer to this question would be to do a search on recent advances in marine technology. What is the technology used for? Knowing this, you can write about how it provides something that previous technology did not. Imaginary example: Google entry...

I forgot to mention: You wrote 'an earsplitting rumbling'. Change this to 'an earsplitting rumble'. After reading my correction on 'longing' again, I would replace it with 'reverie'. I feel like it would fit your intention perfectly, and it ...

Hello Zakkiya! I have made some corrections and alterations in your writing. There were a few points where I was unclear as to what you had intended to say, so I wrote comments in brackets. Some of your own words are in square brackets, and my comments are in regular brackets...

3) email exchange. Apostrophe is not necessary, and there was a typo in exchange.