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  1. Math

    kriss ate 3/8 of a pizza and kim are 4/8 of the same pizza.did they eat the whole pizza?
  2. Biology

    Well they explain what carrying capacity, resilience, stability and ecosystem services are. What I understand is that there are limiting factors wuch as water food space oxygen that when population increases they might be scarce, at this point some individuals die and then ...
  3. Biology

    How does biodiversity affect ecosystem functioning? How does biodiversity affect ecosystem stability and resilience? I need help with this please I do not understand anything of these questions.
  4. Math

    How do you draw the model and the number equations for this question: Kelly has 5 times as many stickers as Meiling. They have 300 stickers altogether. How many stickers does Kelly have? Pls help! Thnx
  5. Math

    A 6 ft tall person walks away from a 10 ft lamppost at a constant rate of 5 ft/s. What is the rate (in ft/s) that the tip of the shadow moves away from the pole when the person is 10 ft away from the pole? I have drawn out the picture, but I am not sure where in fact ot get ...
  6. English please help !!

    to be honest i think b am i right????
  7. English please help !!

    Which revision fixes the misplaced modifier in the sentence? Jace organizes his collection of coins from various countries sitting on the floor. A.His collection of coins from various countries sitting on the floor, Jace organizes. B.Sitting on the floor, Jace organizes his ...
  8. english help please!

    so is it B???
  9. english help please!

    Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier? A.This cake that has the chocolate icing is the bakery's best-selling item. B.The landlord put the key back on the counter that he uses to unlock the front door. C.The trainer whose dog obeys so well typically enters her dog in...
  10. Math

    find the constant of proporionality and the unit rate for the data in the table. Then write an equation to represent the relationship between time t and distance d. Time(hours) Distance(miles 2 90 3 135 5 225 6 270 I need help asap i'm in connexus its a workpad!
  11. Chemistry

    I don't understand why you're using NaOH? Isn't the buffer made by simply using NH4^+ and NH4Cl? My work: pH=pKa + log [A-]/[HA] 9.15=9.26 + log [NH4Cl]/[NH4^+] (got 9.26 from the table given by my prof.) 0.78 = [NH4Cl]/[NH4^+] (mole ratio) Found mol of NH4^+ by ...
  12. Chemistry

    You need to prepare 1.0 L of a buffer with a pH of 9.15. The concentration of the acid in the buffer needs to be 0.100 M. You have available to you a 1.00 M NH4Cl solution, a 6.00 M NaOH solution, and a 6.00 M HCl solution. Determine how to make this buffer. Write all the ...
  13. Science

    Could someone pls answer ASAAAAP
  14. Science

    Which is a better insulator of heat, a plastic spoon or a wooden Popsicle stick?
  15. Math

    Sally and Mercian each have some money,if sally spend$45perbday and mervin spent 15 each day,sally would have $120 left by the time mervin spent his money if sally spent$15each day,Marvin spent $45 each day,sally would have 1080 left by the time Marvin spent all his money how ...
  16. Math

    One mixture contains 6 fluid ounces of water and 10 fluid ounces of vinegar. A second mixture contains 9 fluid ounces of water and 12 fluid ounces of vinegar. Are the mixtures proportional? If not, how much water or vinegar would u add to the second mixture so that they are ...
  17. Math

    monica paid sales tax of 3.50 when she bought a new bike helmet if the sales tax was 7% how much did the store charge for the bike helmet before tax
  18. Maths

  19. Algebra

    (3x-2) (2x-3) put this back into standard form?
  20. algebra 1

    can someone help, instead of leaving a rude comment?
  21. algebra 1

    so i forgot how to get the variables on the same side in an equation such as x = y + 1 help?
  22. algebra 1

    so i forgot how to get the variables on the same side in an equation such as x = y + 1 can someone explain please?? thanks :)
  23. chemistry

    When molecular oxygen (O2) is converted to water (H2O). Is O2 being oxidized or reduced.
  24. physics

    Two forces whose resultant is 100newton are perpendicular to each other if one of them makes an angle of 60° with the resultant. calculate its magnitude
  25. Pre-Calculus

    Can you please help me to explain how to divide complex numbers by an imaginary number
  26. please help Pre-Calc

    The number of pounds of apples a cannery can produce and the processing cost are P(h) = 375h and C(n) = 0.35n + 1000 where P(h) is the number of pounds of apples that can be processed in h hours and C(n) is the cost of processing n pounds of apples. Use composition of ...
  27. Pre-Calc

    The intensity I of light received from a source varies inversely as the square of the distance d from the source. If the light intensity is 5 foot-candles at 17 feet, find the light intensity at 16 feet.
  28. Pre-Calc

    can you help me find the inverse of this function algebraically please? f(x) = 2x^3 + 1
  29. Pre-Calc

    Find (f/g)(x) for f(x) = 1/x and g(x) = x^3. Show work and state the domain of (f/g)(x)
  30. civics

    why do legislative districts vary so muc in size?
  31. Physics

    please help: "george drops a stone from atop a cliff of 25m. How long does it take to hit the ocean below, what velocity is it travelling when it gets there?"
  32. history

    "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men... Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it..." Which of the following historical persons would have been most likely ...
  33. Social Studies-Check my answers

    Oh okay. 1. b., c. 2. b. For number 1, it has to be b. because d. is completely false For number 2, it couldn't be c. nor could it be d. because those aren't true.
  34. History

    Thank you so much!
  35. History

    Oh okay, so would it be D.?
  36. History

    Sorry, just one more! Then I'll be done asking! How does the Constitution reflect the principle of popular sovereignty? A. By limiting the amount of power of the government B. By placing protections on the civil right of the nations citizens C. By implementing safeguards ...
  37. History

    Thx Brooklynn
  38. History

    Okay thanks for not answering me. :-/
  39. History

    He refused to sign the United States Constitution. My book says wrote the pamphlet saying against the bill of rights so wouldn't it be D.?
  40. History

    Oh okay. D. then?
  41. History

    K thanks
  42. History

    Hi I have another question. How did George Mason influence the creation of the Bill of Rights? A. He refused to sign the U.S. Constitution B. He encouraged others to oppose the ratification of the constitution C. He assembled an antifederalist convention in Virginia to discuss...
  43. History

    Oh whoops, i think it's B.?
  44. History

    7. How did the great compromise settle the problem of representation in congress? A. it allowed all states to have equal numbers of representatives in Congress gave each state two senators and a number or representatives based on population C. It gave each state two ...
  45. Math

    Rachel and Rena are sharing a bag of jellybeans. Rachel ate 1/5 of the jellybeans. Rena ate 1/6 of the jellybeans left. Rachel then ate 2/5 of the remaining beans. Rena then ate 2/3 of the ones left. Rachel then ate half which left them two yellow jellybeans which the girls ...
  46. math

    It took Esteban 1 minute and 20 seconds to travel one mile. If he then drives this one mile distance in 55 seconds, how much faster is he driving in miles per hour?
  47. physics

    A box is pushed along a surface with constant horizontal force. The surface is frictionless. The box starts from rest and travels 6.0m in 2.0s. if the experiment is repeated but with the box's mass doubled, how far will it travel?
  48. physics/calculus

    can someone explain to me why the derivative and second derivative of this position vector r=ax+bty is r'=ax' +by'+ bty' ( why is there a by'...?) and r''=ax'' + cy' +cy' +cty'' ( why is there 2 cy' 's?
  49. math

    a. 128 b.8 square root 2 c.16 square root 2 d.16
  50. math

    In ?DEF, DF=16 and m?F=45. Find the length of a leg. Leave your answer in simplest form.?
  51. physics

    where did the 45 come from ?
  52. physics

    Suppose an airplane is flying in air with a speed of u=100m/s . The wind is from the south west with a velocity of v= 70m/s what direction should the airplane head in order to fly directly north ( with respect to the ground)? Give the angle in degrees of west of north what is ...
  53. Math 4th grade

    I need help on how to work this problem out. I need step by step please. This is the word problem: On Monday, I rode 9 miles. On Sunday, I rode 4 fewer days than on Monday. On Tuesday I rode 2 times farther than Sunday. How far did I ride on those 3 days?
  54. Honors Algebra

    A biologist is researching a newly discovered species of bacteria. At time t=0 hours, she puts on hundred bacteria into a Petri dish. Six hours later, she measures 450 bacteria. Assuming exponential growth, what is the growth rate "k" for the bacteria? (Round your ...
  55. science

    2. Compare and contrast deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. Based on the information given here, answer the following questions about the experiment: • What are the qualities of deductive reasoning? • What are the qualities of inductive reasoning? • ...
  56. history

    thank you
  57. history

    oh,she also had the right to become independent and rule her own land of Aquitiane
  58. history

    Queen Eleanor was justified in helping her sons rebel against their father because,she had enough of his affairs, disagree with most of decisions and she helped her sons fight for what they deserve. Is this ok?
  59. history

    How was Queen Eleanor justified in helping her sons rebel against their father?
  60. History

    King Louis was more connected to the church as he couldn't bear being excommunicated and killing so many people therefore he fell into a spiritual crisis. However Eleanor was not as connected to the church as when she found out that her husband was excommunicated she found...
  61. History

    Both Eleanor and Louis were to closely related for the church to tolerate
  62. Science

    car 1 is moving at 10 m/s and hits car 2 if they have a perfectly elastic collision and the masses are 1700 kg and 3000kg respectively what is the final velocity of the second car ?
  63. Math

    You roll two fair dice. Let E be the event that an even total shows on the dice. Let F be the event that a six shows on at least one of the dice. Find P(F) and P(F|E). Choices: P(F)=1/3; P(F|E)=1/13 P(F)=1/3; P(F|E)=5/18 P(F)=11/36; P(F|E)=7/18 P(F)=11/36; P(F|E)=5/18? Would ...
  64. math

    The sum of two numbers is equal to 495. The last digit of one of them is zero. If you cross the zero off the first number you will get the second. What are the numbers?
  65. english

    each rhyme is made up of one possessive noun and one plural noun. Write the answer to each riddle
  66. science

    i don't now what to put for 24 and 25 ._. i also don't now what u guys r taking about u guys r talking about memes? what memes i did not see the word meme on my tet
  67. science

    i dont now what to put for 24 and 25 ._.
  68. Mathematics

  69. Science---Hurry Please Help!

    A) total solar eclipse i think

    At noon, Professor Simon has a petri dish with 10,000 cells of Bacteria A. In another petri dish, he has 33,000 cells of Bacteria B. Every hour, Bacteria A grows by 8%. Every hour Bacteria B cells die off, decreasing the number of cells by 6%. After how many hours will there ...
  71. Math- PLEASE HELP!!

    Please? Anyone? I'm really stuck :(
  72. Math- PLEASE HELP!!

    At noon, Professor Simon has a petri dish with 10,000 cells of Bacteria A. In another petri dish, he has 33,000 cells of Bacteria B. Every hour, Bacteria A grows by 8%. Every hour Bacteria B cells die off, decreasing the number of cells by 6%. After how many hours will there ...
  73. Algebra

    At noon, Professor Simon has a petri dish with 10,000 cells of Bacteria A. In another petri dish, he has 33,000 cells of Bacteria B. Every hour, Bacteria A grows by 8%. Every hour Bacteria B cells die off, decreasing the number of cells by 6%. After how many hours will there ...
  74. physics

    Considering the factors that affect gravitational pull, in which location would the gravitational pull from the earth be SMALLEST on you? A) visiting friends at the beach B) visiting Santa on the second floor of the mall C) visiting Uncle Chrissy in the Himalayan Mountains D) ...
  75. Science

    What abiotic and biotic factors might limit population size and mono lake?
  76. math

    I don't know
  77. Advanced Functions

    wait but why did reiny write 20 mins for the period?
  78. Advanced Functions

    Opss i didnt read that, i just refreshed the page! okok, so reiny did it in secs. but for cosine equation would it be 8 cos (pi/10) +9 or different
  79. Advanced Functions

    oh okay thank you makes sense now! would it just be 8 cos (pi/10) +9 for the cosine equation? and what would the period be in seconds? and would that effect the question? cause the next question what is her height after 25 secs
  80. Advanced Functions

    period 1/3 = 0.333 (1 revolution per a min) k=2pi/1/3 = 6 pi isnt that the k value why would it be 1/10 pi
  81. Advanced Functions

    PLEASE READ THE BOTTOM I ADDED ON!! :) the ferris wheel at an amusement park measures 16m in diameter. the wheel does 3 rotations every minute. the bottom of the wheel is 1m above the ground... a) determine the simplest equation that models Megan's height above that ground...
  82. Advanced Functions

    h = 8 sin [?/10(t-5) ] + 9 covert to cosine??
  83. Advanced Functions

    the ferris wheel at an amusement park measures 16m in diameter. the wheel does 3 rotations every minute. the bottom of the wheel is 1m above the ground... a) determine the simplest equation that models Megan's height above that ground(h) over time (t). give 2 more ...
  84. english help asap

    i think d
  85. english help asap

    Senator Warren states that women are "ready to fight back" against unequal pay. Is this a valid argument supported by accurate evidence? A.No; Warren weakens her point by noting that "Today, more young women go to college than men." B.Yes; Warren supports ...
  86. Chemistry

    The reaction of nitrogen dioxide with fluorine generates nitryl fluoride: 2NO2(g) + F2(g) --> 2NO2F(g) To determine the rate law for this reaction, a chemist performed several initial-rate experiments using different initial concentration, with the details tabulated below. ...
  87. math help quick please

    thank u -7 was the right answer
  88. math help quick please

    thank u soo much
  89. math help quick please

    so the answer for x is 2,-7
  90. math plzzz help quick

    yes i know how to say please but plzz is another short way for please
  91. math plzzz help quick

    really appreaciate it
  92. math plzzz help quick

    thank u alot
  93. math plzzz help quick

    ok thank u so much
  94. math help quick please

    soo b
  95. math help quick please

    solve {y=x-7 {5x+2y=7 Use the substitution method. A.(0, ?7) B.(7, 0) C.(3, ?4) D.(?1, ?8)
  96. math plzzz help quick

    thank u so much damon
  97. math plzzz help quick

    well its a short way to say please
  98. math plzzz help quick

    What is the y-coordinate of the solution of the system of equations? {y=2x+14 {-4x-y=4 Enter your answer in the box. y =
  99. math

    The radius of a circle is 17 feet. Using the formula A = r2, what is the area of the circle? Use 3.14 for pi.
  100. math plzzz help quick

    so y=5
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