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4th grade math Urgent
Hailey Has 11 shelves of cards she has 963 in all how much does she have ? I keep getting 23 Reminder 5!! I am not bad at math I am great at it mostly division I don't know what to do!!!

How many prime numbers are between 0-50? Prime Number= Only has factors of 1 and it's self. For example. 3, it has 3 and one for the factors.

What are the square numbers between 0-50?

What are all of the Constonant Blends?

you can go to google and say 'what are the contellations' because there are a lot of them..... hope I helped

How do you decide where to put the decimal's on the "decimal chart"? (tens, ones, tenths, hundrendths) These are the numbers I need to place.... .073, 1.9, .8, .225, .604