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find the heat energy needed to change 200 g of water at 4c to water at 88c

find the heat energy needed to change 150g of ice at -15c to ice at -63c

Social Studies
number 2????

in a classic study of problem solving, katona demonstrated that people whoa re required to figure out a problem on their own will learn more than people who are given the solution. One group of participants is presented with a series of problems that hey must figure out. ...

n=16 M=46 Sum of Squares=6000 Make a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean. I got 35.345 TO 56.655

The researcher wanted to test the hypothesis that Ho: μ=3, knowing the population, which was normal, had a variance of 1.00. -- How powerful would this test be against the alternative hypothesis that Ha: μ=4, given that n=15, α = .05

I realize the table looks off. X= the scores 93-95...etc. cf= 4,7,4,3,2,. %=20,35,20,15,10. c%=100,80,45,25,10.

The following frequency distribution presents a set of exam scores for a class of N= 20 students. X F CF % C% 90-99 4 20 20 100 80-89 7 16 35 80 70-79 4 9 20 45 60-69 3 5 15 25 50-89 2 2 10 10 a)Using interpolation find the 30th percentile. The answer I came up with was 72. B...