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  1. la

    Ms. Sue, what gives you the authority to do that?
  2. Philosophy

    I think she should! She is a rude know it all!
  3. math test help

    Writeacher, what gives you the authority to do that? She was seeking for help, not cheating.
  4. math

    Can someone give me all the test answers, and how u got them plz
  5. Language

    @davonte, no, Dani is right. If you go to connections academy, 7th grade, end of the first semester, then these are right: D A C
  6. Math

    So @Braden, what are the right answers?
  7. Math

    lol thanks @Anitisepticeye
  8. Math

    1 B 2 B 3 B 4 A 5 C
  9. Language

    CDD! 100% if ur in connections, im in Oregon Connections.
  10. Math ASAP

    If you go to connections academy, B A C B C is right
  11. Math

    EVERYONE!!!! Stop being rude, and unhelpful. Before you post something, think about how it will affect other people. I expect more from the people on here.
  12. math

    the answer should be D, 1 cm = 10.5 km :P
  13. Education and technology

    Florida girl, it's Ms. Sue, and she wasn't even answering. So why did you say that?
  14. maps and scale drawings math MATH HELP help !!!!

    For any one who goes to connections academy, the answers are B A B A 100%!!
  15. health

    Can someone please explain why?? I'm confused, and the text doesn't make sense to me. :(
  16. Math Help! ASAP!

    @Damon! How dare you! You answered the exact same question by a different person, and gave a different answer!!
  17. math

    Girly Girl, you have no proof in what you are saying. And, if you have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. It's a cliche for a reason. I'm a lesbian, and I am very well respected. My community is very nice about it, so stop. You are being rude.