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enferma o enfermo

A black bordering Sapphire St. is a right triangle. You start walking around the block, taking 125 paces on sapphire st. and 102 paces on Diamond st. a.) At what angle do Diamond and Sapphire Street Intersect ?

A ship is passing through the island of corregidor. At its closest point of approach radar determine that it is 2,400 m away. Later the radar determines that it is 2,650 m away . a.)By what angle did the ship's bearing from corregidor change ? b.)How far did the ship ...

a black bordering sapphire street is a right triangle. you start walking around the block, taking 125 places on sapphire street and 102 paces on diamond street. a.)At what angle do diamond and sapphire street interest ? b.)How Many Paces must you take on Gold Street to ...