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Please Help!!!! I do not understand and if someone could help that would be great! Thanks !! Problem #1: Find the total amount if you deposit $500 at a rate of 5% for two years using simple interest. Year 1 Year 2 Problem #2: Find the total amount if you deposit $300 at a rate...

there are 15 dogs and 5 cats what is the ratio for the dogs and the cats

A detailed explanation, with graphs,of how the price of milk would have been determined in the absence of government involvement in the market

If you lost some metal while transferring it from the balance to the evaporating dish, how would your empirical formula be affected?

algebra 1

english 1
what is the plot of 'new directions' by maya angelou?

So yes?

mass of evaporating dish 22.34 mass of evaporating dish +hydrate 24.64 mass of evaporating dish +anhydrous salt 23.85 CuS04XH2O=CuSO4+XH2O 1.determine the mass of the water lost 2.determine the number of moles of the water lost

5 gr math
Three centuries is the same has how many decades?

5 gr math
Misha had four hundred sixteen cards in her collection. Evelyn had two hundred seventy-two in her collection. Misha has how many more cards then evelyn?

5 gr math
How do you write this # in words 15.2

english story
Just for anyone still wondering it's 1. Bicycles 2. The Imperial Kitchens (The High Consorts were the ones that made the REAL food.)

transportation officials reported that 8.25 out every 1000 airline passengers lost luggage during their travels last year.if we randomly select 400 airline passengers,what is the probability that 5 lost some luggage?

Lost Luggage in Airlines Transportation officials reported that 8.25 out of every 1000 airline passengers lost luggage during their travels last year. If we randomly select 400 airline passengers, what is the probability that 5 lost some luggage?

1. Write the expression in symbols. The sum of 5u and v A) u + 5v B) 5u/v C) 5uv D) 5u + v

What is the difference/definitions of implicit and explicit theories? To be more specific, in social sciences, but I don't think that really matters.

If you are trying to ask the same thing from both questions, the 2nd is definitely better. If you are talking about quality of the questions, you may still want to be more specific in the first question (eg. what is the author trying to communicate in this chapter). If you do ...

You should first find the common factor and then divide all parts of the equation by it. For example, if it was 27x^3-12x+18, the factored equation would be 3(9x^3-4x+6). Hope that helps!

college math
so you would start with how much of the money is going to be charged interest. You are being offered a total of 3 installments, but one is being paid now. That means there won't be interest on that installment. Therefore, you have 2 installments that will have compounded ...

All you need to do is figure out the prices by both for each set. So for a set of ten by TIP you would do (3.5x10)+42. For Kurt's, you would do 10x10. However, when you go over 50 copies, Kurt's changes. So the equation for 100 copies would be (10x50)+(3x50). this is ...

4gr math

Math (Continued)
x = -115 ____ -2 Solve this to get: 57.5 So, your greatest value for x will be 57.5. Plug this in to your perimeter equation to determine the value of y. Remember: P(x) = 230 = 2x + 2y 230 = 2(57.5) + 2y 230 = 115 + 2y -115 -115 ___________________ 115 = 2y ___ ___ 2 2 57.5 = ...

Hi Crystal, Good question! I hope this explanation helps. :) You know your farmer has 230 feet of fencing, so we're going to keep that. You're looking for Area, so what is the area of a rectangle? Area = x * y But, first you need to define one of your variables in ...

Sentence Fragments

Business math
List Price. $3,000 Chain Discount. 9/4 To find the Net Price, we'll first need to find the complement of each discount by subtracting each one from 100%. 100%-9%=91% 100%-4%=96% 0.91*0.96=0.8736 Net Price=3,000*0.8736 Net Price = $2,620.80 Total Discount = 3000-2620.80=$...

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