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  1. Marketing

    The manager of the aluminum recycling division of Environmental Services wants a survey which will tell him how many households in the city of Seattle, Washington, will voluntarily wash out, store, and then transport all of their aluminum cans to a central recycling center ...
  2. Last One [Chemistry]

    When the Kelvin temperature of an enclosed gas doubles, the particles of the gas ___?
  3. Chemistry

    Oh the Ideal Law? Thank you so much!!
  4. Chemistry

    what is the pressure exerted by 32g of 0xygen(O2) in a 22.0 L container at 30.0`C? What Law do I use?
  5. Chemistry

    Which of the following atoms would have the greatest velocity if each atom had the same kinetic energy? Ammonia? Bromine? Hydrogen? Chlorine?
  6. Chemistry

    all I know is that Nitrogen and Helium are the one; but these I do not know
  7. Chemistry

    So it's between Argon and Neon right? and thank you for helping me
  8. Chemistry

    Which of the following gases is the best choice for inflating a balloon that must remain inflated for a long period of time? a) argon b) hydrogen c) neon d) oxygen
  9. 1st grade math

    find 4 ways to show 25 cents..
  10. stats

    4. 23.570
  11. physics

    m1= 1kg v1= 1.50 m/s ===== m2= 0.010kg v2= 100m/s ===== m1*v1= 1kg*1.50kg= 1.50kg-m/s m2*v2= 0.010kg*100m/s= 1.0kg-m/s ===== mTotal= 1.010kg Since the bullet is shot in a vertical movement, and the duck was flying horizontally, then we can use Pythagorean to solve for the ...
  12. Physics

    Two very long, straight, parallel wires separated by distance d carry currents of magnitude I in opposite directions. Find the magnetic field at a point equidistant from the lines, with a distance 2d from each line.
  13. chemistry

    Urgent. The melting point of pure acetylsalicylic acid is 135 degrees celsius. Comment on the purity of your product based on its melting point range. My melting point range was 105-115. I do not even know where to start for this question. Could you please help?
  14. chemistry

    Thank you that was very helpful!!!
  15. chemistry

    URGENT: If 2.24g of salicylic acid is reacted with 61mL methanol, what is the maximum mass of product that could be formed? The density of methanol is 0.791g/mL. Do I just multiply 61ml by 0.791g/ml to get 48.251 g methanol then multiply this by the 2.24g of salicylic acid?
  16. math

    A rectangular park measuring 35 yards by 24 yards is surrounded by a trail of uniform width. If the area of the park and the trail combined is 2420 square yards, what is the width of the path?
  17. kindergarten

    I need to know what a counter is in order to have my child draw a piece of yarn 3 counters long from the needle. What exactly is a counter?
  18. Math

    Amy paid 72.34 for a pair of running shoes during a 20%off sale. what was the regular price?
  19. chemistry 21

    13. Pure copper may be produced by the reaction of copper(I) sulfide with oxygen gas as follows: Cu2S(s) + O2(g) „_ 2Cu(s) + SO2(g) If the reaction of 0.540 kg of copper(I) sulfide with excess oxygen produces 0.140 kg of copper metal, what is the percent yield? A) 32.5% B...
  20. Math

    2 sqrt 7 is your surd a surd is a numerical expresion containing one or more irrational roots of numbers its the conventional way of saying sqrt 7 x 2
  21. economics

    testing procedures required by the US Food and Drug Administration raise the cost and price of drugs. Should we eliminate such requirements in order to ease inflationary pressures
  22. economics

    The Fed should simply increase the money supply at the same rate that the full employment economy grows, and the government should desist from any stabilizing urges." What school of thought would make this suggestion, and how do economists of that school justify that ...
  23. Trigonometry

    If someone could tell me if this is correct, it would really help me out. Problem: A statue 20 feet high stands on top of a base. From a point in front of the statue, the angle of elevation to the top of the statue is 48 degrees, and the angle of elevation to the bottom of the...
  24. Spanish

    Is this correct? "Accion de gracias feliz! Nosotros deseo ustedes tenidas unasvacaciones alegres! Feliz dia del pavo!" I am trying to say, "Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you all had a joyful holiday! Happy Turkey day!"
  25. Calc

    Thank you!
  26. Calc

    A sample of a radioactive substance decayed to 93.5% of its original amount after a year. a) What is the half-life of the substance? ? years (b) How long would it take the sample to decay to 10% of its original amount? ? years
  27. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?
  28. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?
  29. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?
  30. albebra

    whats the question guy?
  31. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?
  32. college

    Whenever Congress has a perceived need for ongoing control of an economic activity, it has tended to creat a: a. regulatory agency b. cabinet department c. presidential commission d. government corporation
  33. algebra 2

    you are making gift baskets.each basket will contain three different kinds of candles: tapers,pillars, and jar candles. Tapers cost $1 each, pillars cost $4 each, and jar candles cost $6 each. You put 8 candles costing a total of $24 in each basket, and you include as many ...
  34. BioChemistry

    pH =pka + log [A-]/[HA] 7.2 = 7.55 + log [A-]/[0.2M] [A-] = 0.4477M So using that concentration 0.4477M x 300mL = 134.32 moles NaOH / 1M NaOH = 134.32 mL NaOH amount needed right?
  35. circles

    the radius of a curvature is 10ft and the height of the segment is 2ft. What is the length of the chord
  36. physics

    A wave of amplitude .30 m interferes with a second wave of amplitude .20 m. What are the largest and smallest displeacements that can occur? What type of interference is demonstrated by each displacement?

  38. college

    solve by the elimination method 4x+8y=8 -4x+y=10 What is the solution of the system?
  39. math

    (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30)
  40. world Literature

    What are the primary aspects of the Renaissance WOrldview? How is it similar or differ from ancient and western worldviews? How is it present today?
  41. World History

    yes cant find the answer!! it's due tomorrow.. plz help me
  42. World History

    Compare matrilineal and patrilineal cultures.
  43. World History

    I know the differences but I can’t figure out the comparisons. Matrilineal- term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traced through the mother. Patrilineal- term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traced through the father.
  44. World History

    Compare matrilineal and patrilineal cultures.
  45. World History

    Compare matrillineal and patrilineal cultures.
  46. World History

    Provided social welfare Provided strict stationary guidelines and rules to contrast a unstable government system - morals/ how to live life unified communities through pride in architecture and common worship
  47. World History

    Describe three ways the Church shaped Medieval life.
  48. NWSS math

    v/v+11 + 1/v+19=1
  49. Math

    How many vertices does a cube have? How do you know for sure?
  50. english

    in the following words where is the stress?stress on the syllable - comfortable, fashionable, occasion and commercial?
  51. English

    Is there a silent letter in the word maintenance? one that is un voiced?
  52. English

    Where is the schwa sound in both the words comfortable and fashionable if it present?
  53. English

    In both the words commercial and occassion are there any silent letters that are not voiced when these words are pronounced?
  54. English

    Is there a silent letter in the words comfortable and fashionable?a silent letter that is not voiced when the these words are pronounced.
  55. english

    I agree, knowledge is more vaulable than ignorance or not knowing
  56. business

    A coffee shop sounds good with good selection of drinks, snacks ect.
  57. Grammar

    Use whom, which is correct.
  58. algebra

  59. science

    genotype ???
  60. Math

    The LCM of two numbers is 24. The GCF is 2. The numbers differ by 2. What are the numbers?
  61. Chemistry

    Methane molecule ch4 covalent bond
  62. math6

    o i got the ansewer already
  63. math6

    grrr that dosent help i need the ansewer pleaseplease
  64. math6

    put least to greatest 3.7,3.2,35/8
  65. math6

    thats sooooooo wrong
  66. math6

    the lcm is 30 the gcf is 2 whats the pair of numbers for each set of conditions
  67. Chemistry

    Sorry I mistyped. I meant to type aq. I don't feel so bad that it is confusing to others. The actual assignment states balance the equation for 1/2 of A, where A is FECl, is combined with 1/3 of K, where K is NaOH. I have no other information .
  68. Chemistry

    I have to balance a double replacement chemical reaction. I do not know if I am doing it right. The question is 1/2 of A combines with 1/3 of K. A = FeCl (ag) and K = NaOH Is the answer FeCl+NaOH = FeOH + ClNa?
  69. statistics

    The mean GPA (grade point averagE. of all male students at a college is 2.77 and the mean GPA of all female students at the same college is 2.89. Suppose we take one sample of 40 male students and another sample of 50 female students from this college. What is the mean of the ...
  70. Is this a metaphor?

    "Listen, your my prize pupil." Is he comparing the other person as a prize pupil without using like or as?
  71. math

    It is hard to type fractions here, but I will try. My book says I need to "tell why the ratio $0.37 $1.85 ______ and ______ 1 stamp 5 stamps is not a proportion." It looks like a correct proportion to me! Is the problem that there is a 1 as a denominator? Does the ...
  72. 8th grade tech

    Thank you so much guys, Ms. Sue, I'm g oing to take it in he stuff I've copied from that site, I'll tell you tomorrow if its right. Lee
  73. 8th grade tech

    I don't know but, It's Computer Tech, So I'm guessing Computers?
  74. 8th grade tech

    I need to find out what a Information Colour chart is. I've checked on internet but I can't find. Could anyone help me I need 3-5 facts about it to. Thank you.
  75. English

    My contention is that "affected" is a participle (a verb functioning as an adjective),describing the subject "students", and "be" is a linking verb.
  76. English

    "The students may be affected by the recent bus crash." What is the part of speech of "affected"?
  77. Math, not

    I received the answer of 93 and it was incorrect, that is why i am asking for help
  78. 7th grade

    There are at least 5 more than twice as many students taking algebra 1 than taking algebra 2. If there are 44 students taking algebra 2, what is the least number of students who could be taking algebra 1. Show all work
  79. Geography- Canada

    montreal is a city in quebec, not a province ontario is the biggest province
  80. physics

    Yes,I looked at the elavator theory but this question was places the man inside the building on the groundfloor of the looby-no elavator involved.
  81. physics

    I agree it seems odd, yet it really was posed as a real question (maybe by a mad scientist) but, I still owed it some thought and came up with nothing in my books. So again, A man compared his weight from outside the Empire State Building to inside which shows a loss of 350 ...
  82. physics

    If you weighed yourself on regular bathroom scale outside, then again inside the Empire State Building and inside your weigh about 350 grams less, why would this be?
  83. physics

    is the force of gravity stronger on a piece of iron than on a piece of wood, if both have the same mass?
  84. math

  85. Physics

    A particle leaves the origin with a velocity of 7.2 m/s in the positive y direction and moves in the xy plane with a constant acceleration of (3.0 – 2.0 ˆi ˆj ) m/s2. At the instant the particle moves back across the x axis (y = 0), what is the value of its x ...
  86. MATH

    z^2 – 18z – 37 = 0
  87. cutural diversity

    identify the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses of four hispanic groups living in the United States
  88. algebra

    what is the probability of getting a sum of 16 in tossing three standard cubical dice? answer as a common fraction. i don't get this how do i do it?
  89. international business

    what it is about regional trade blocs that puts small companies in particular at a disadvantage versus multinational companies.

    The case of the collapse of HIH insurance also involved in unethical situation that the impact of that failure was not limited to shareholders and unsecured creditors, it also affected employees, policy holders and claimants under polices. HIH comprised several separate ...

    I am going to intoduce the collapse of HIH insurance... The second case of the collapse of HIH insurance showed that the impact of that failure was not limited to shareholders and unsecured creditors, it also affected employees, policy holders and claimants under polices. HIH ...
  92. math

    equation of a line in slope intercept for that passes through (4,3) and (7,-2)

    I am looking for two relevant case of corportae ethical scandals that have occured over the past decade in Australia the case should be right in a legal way but..unethical
  94. CheckPoint: Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint

    If someone wants to "cheat" once, or here or there, it is up to that person and not for a negative person to judge. No one is a better person for putting someone else down, all it does is expose poor character. A "real educated" person will be consructive ...
  95. accounting

    Activity-based costing is: A)the process of identifying all activities and relating these activities to the events, circumstances, or conditions that create or drive the need for the activities and the resources consumed. B)a method of determining the most favorable decision ...
  96. accounting

    To reconcile total manufacturing costs with the total cost of goods manufactured during the period, A)subtract out all period costs from total manufacturing costs to arrive at cost of goods manufactured. B)add beginning and subtract ending finished goods inventory to total ...
  97. accounting

    In accounting for an immaterial amount of overapplied overhead, which of the following is part of the adjusting entry? a. A debit to the Work in Process Inventory account b. A debit to the Overhead account A debit to the Cost of Goods Sold account c. A credit to the Overhead ...
  98. accounting

    Activity-based costing is: A) the process of identifying all activities and relating these activities to the events, circumstances, or conditions that create or drive the need for the activities and the resources consumed. B) a method of determining the most favorable decision...
  99. English

    Help me with this sentence, please. He and his wife Elaine lives in town. Is that correct or should it be He and his wife Elaine live in town? Thanks, Lee
  100. Social Studies

    Who knows