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college algebra
Take the 15 and 1/2 and divide it by the 1.5=16

let f(x) = x^3 − 2 and g(x) = ^3√ x − 2 I can't figure out if these are inverses for each other, I don't know how to put in f(g(x)) or g(f(x)) and have an answer

write 9/5 as a decimal number

pre calc
Lighthouse B is 8 miles west of lighthouse A. A boat leaves A and sails 5 miles. At this time, it is sighted from B. If the bearing of the boat from B is N63E, how far from B is the boat? The boat is either ___ miles or ____ miles from lighthouse B, to the nearest tenth of a ...

Aparty has a $500,000 IRA. How should he divides the money into fund A for 5.2% annually, and Fund B for 7.7% annually, to produce an annual income of $30,000?

business math
If a parking meter has 100 coins in it that add up to $14.50, how man are dimes and how many are quarters?

Medical Records
it was worth the shot... thank you and have a great night!

Pls check my answers
I have given what I I correct?

Medical Records
I want to make sure I am correct.Can you check this for me? We need to have this in Middle Digit Order. I know I start with my primary. 534-01-38 535-01-38 536-01-38 534-10-36 222-10-37 534-10-38 600-11-37 535-11-38 Assignment due tonight

They will not give the answer, you have to submit an answer, and then ask them They cannot do the assignments for you... it happened with me.

Grammar again
clause is a part of a sentence which has its own subject and object. predicate is that part of a sentence which does not make a complete sense of its own but either has a subject or a predicate. noun clause and noun phrase both work as a noun in the sentence.

Since this is an Axia class, if you go to the library click on it, then go to APA format. From there you should get all questions answered. Always go to the library site for APA guidelines. Also there you can generate your references there. Your library is your friend.

Great Depression and Great Leveler/History
Good idea, thank you very much.

Great Depression and Great Leveler/History
Hi, I just want to know if I am correct on my answer about the Great Depression and Great Leveler. I wrote, "The reason why it was called the Great Leveler was because every person was affected regardless of race and gender. Americans underwent many testing, and these ...

History/9th grade
Hi Nanci, Please see my answer, it should help you.

Please, I am not looking for the answers, just how to determine revenue variance.

Do I do revenues and budgets to solve this problem. Please help me!

I also looked at the Microsoft website, and got confused.

I am going to post the Arcadia work sheet so you will have a better understanding for my question: Arcadia Hospital Income Statement YTD Dec 31, 2005 (Dollars in Millions) Operating Revenues 2005 % of rev Budget Over/(Under) Patient revenues 500 550 less: Allowance for ...

ETH125 cultural diversity
This is an Axia question. Check your chapter reading.

US History/ Ms. Sue
Thank you Sue. For some reason, I forgot about these! This was most important in African American history! Silly me!

US History/ Ms. Sue
I am working on a paper that is due this weekend on Jim Crow Laws and was wondering a few things: 1) What were some of the rights that was taken away from the African Americans 2) rights affecting their lives I do have information on Ida B Wells, Booker T. Washington, and Du ...

CRT 205
This is an Axia assignment. I remember this course. I received an A. You need to reread your Syllabus and Chapter readings for this assignment. I received full credit for this class.

Ms Sue
Thank you very much. I just needed a second opinion on this assignment. I will look into the website you provided. Have a great weekend!

U.S. History
I was wondering if you could help me again. I just finished reading my chapter assignment on City Culture. My instructor is asking us to describe the social, economic, and political changes that played a role in changing city culture and how such changes were significant to ...

health Care
Check your DQ questions, go to the facilities. This is an easy class. I took it and received an A.

History/Ms Sue
Thank you for the suggestions, but for some reason on Question 1 after looking at your suggestions, I am still stuck. Any more ideas?

Thank you again Ms. Sue. BTW I received an A for my Industrial paper. Those sites you gave were great.

1) What factors shaped the move from colonial, country life to modern, urban life? What was urban city life like during the rise of urbanization? How was it different or similar to modern urban life? 2) With the emergence of urban cities came the need for a distinct city ...

Accounting/Ms Sue
I have one more question. how are annuities guaranteed until death? Can it be passed to another person?

Accounting/Ms Sue
Thank you! This helps the paper. I am a tiny bit scrambled with this class. LOL!

Can you explain what exactly is financial gain? I am doing a research paper and it must include this?

Yes that is correct.

us history
Thank you!

us history
Sara, Sorry to bother you again, I read the websites you provided for me and I do thank you very much. I decided to do the interview on the coal mine workers, but where do I find the list of coal mines established in the 19th century that associates with the American ...

U.S. history
Sra You gave a website, I guess I was not too clear. What were some problems that the workers faced during the American Industrial Revolution?

U.S. history
Assume the role of a newspaper journalist covering a story on industrial workers in the late 19th Century.

second largest classification group