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  1. Calculus 1

    The height (in meters) of a projectile shot vertically upward from a point 3 m above ground level with an initial velocity of 21.5 m/s is h = 3 + 21.5t − 4.9t2 after t seconds. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) a. When does it hit the ground? I set the equation...
  2. Geometry

    If the area of the large rectangle is 147 units squared, what is the perimeter of the shaded area. There is a visual of a large rectangle divided into four smaller ones. One is shaded. The area is given for the other three: 48 and 15 along the top half of the large rectangle ...
  3. chemistry, biology

    Calculate the pH of a solution obtained by adding 20 mL of .2M KOH to 480 mL to .02M isoelectric glycine
  4. Art History

    Hello, I'm looking for any articles that relate to Michelangelo's Pieta in St. Peter's Rome. I would prefer .edu or .gov websites. I need to write a paper on the history and the meaning. Thanks so much!
  5. Computer Science

    write a program that will prompt the user for a value and print the value entered to the screen. The program stops when the user enters a value less than zero. I need an IPO chart, pseudocode and C++
  6. Chemistry

    Put P in the center. Double bond oxygen to P and put 4 electrons on its outer shell. Then have a regular bond connecting the three Br to the P and give them 6 electrons on the outside.
  7. Physics

    A 659g block is placed on a spring with a spring constant of 194N/m, compressing it 30cm. What height does the block reach when it is launched?
  8. Physics

    A 41g bullet is traveling at 499m/s when it strikes a block of wood. If the block of wood exerts a force of 50,000 N opposing the motion of the bullet, how far will the bullet penetrate the block of wood?
  9. Physics

    If the cart weighs 3.9kg and the cart starts at a height of 7.8m, what is the final velocity of the cart?
  10. Science

    One edge of a copper cube is carefully measured and found to be 2.162 cm. An atom of copper is a sphere 0.2560 nanometers in diameter. Assuming that the volume of the cube contains nothing but copper atoms, how many copper atoms are contained in the cube? (the volume of a cube...
  11. Science

    When 4.44 calories of heat was added to 5.40 degrees C, the temperature rose. What was the final temperature of the mercury? In factor label method.
  12. Life orientation

    Activity 3
  13. Confidentiality in Allied Health

    I just received my grade for this paper (95) and I found it frustrating too. Make sure you really read the directions in the grading criteria section. You need AT LEAST 6 sentences per question. 1 intro, 4 in the body and 1 closing. So you can't submit it like this with ...
  14. Confidentiality in Allied Health Essay

    I found the most help in the Penn Foster online library. There are links to several useful sources on allied health and confidentiality. That's where most of my sources came from. Easybib is helpful for MLA citation. I submitted my paper today and received it back graded ...
  15. nutrition

    I got a case study about a woman with ulcerative colitis and i need help finding information on UC and prednisone and sulfasalzine from .o r g cites , im not allowed to use .c o m cites . its stupid. help please
  16. science

    Does anyone have some good info about plant and animal cells?
  17. math

    Thanks for all of the math help!!
  18. math

    THanks for your help with the last question, but now I have anew one. Can 2 consecutive whole numbers be prime factors. THanks to all who answer. Laurel
  19. math

    What are consecutive numbers? I don't get this question, "Is it possible that 3 consecutive numbers can be prime factors?
  20. english

    What is the difference between a play and prose fiction? (at least three)
  21. chemistry

    Would the density of a person be the same on the surface of the Earth and on the surface of the moon? Explain.
  22. chemistry conversions

    16 miles/gal= ___?____km/kL
  23. american government

    How do six principles of the constitution make the U.S. different than other countries?
  24. french

    How do you say in french: No,I don't visit them on vacation. I have: Non, je ne leur rends pas visite a vacances.
  25. French 3

    How do you say: It was the neighbor. He asked for Armelle to turn down the volume. This is what I have: C'est le voisin. Il a demande Armell de baisser le volume.
  26. american government

    Who lead the revolutionary war?
  27. algebra

    (x+6)(x^2-6x+36) thanks!
  28. algebra

    factor: x^3+216
  29. math

  30. math

  31. math

    What is 1-1865=
  32. math

    What is 1 +1000546466
  33. science

    Why are hetercysts in cyanobactiria critical components of the nitrogen cycle?
  34. science

    What is the "Oxygen Catastrophe" Why was it so important for life on this planet? Most articles are hard to understand. Thank you
  35. Science

    what is the importace of heterocysts in cyanobacteria?
  36. please help me paraphrase

    A second reason for learning Spanish is pure econonmics. Among the few booming occupations are jobs where Spanish is construction worker and the whilte-collar marketing manager are learning that it's smart to know the difference between lo siento and claro que se. In these...
  37. please help me paraphrase

    Can someone please help me paraphrase my sentences