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social studies
what battle was the turning point in the war of 1812?

social studies
what did british ships do to americans during the war of 1812

social studies
who is the seneca leader who opposed the sale of any land to settlers in the big tree treaty?

4th grade
what wasthe name of the road once used by native americans that led thousands of american settlers to western new york

true or false: The cosmological redshift is a direct measure of the expansion of the universe, thus independent of direction

algebra 2
t=-7/2 1.84 per sec

debit and credit journal entries- Sold merchandise with retail value of $6,000 and a cost of $4,080 to Chang Corp., invoice dated Jan. 13.

What are some examples of competitive advantages Korea possesses? I've tried searching, but didn't really find anything

Help needed on a homework problem - solution of HCN and CN- , Ka 6.2x10^-10 . Is this a buffered solution? Shouldn't the pH be greater than 7, and [OH] >[H]? Does adding a strong acid have more effect than adding a strong base? Thanks.

what is 3 equivalent fractions for 4 2/3

At an altitude of 50.00 km, the average atmospheric temperature is essentially 0 degrees C. What is the average number of air molecules per cubic centimeter of air at this altitude?

Calculate the mass percent of methanol, ethanol, and MTBE (answers must be received in that order) that must be present in gasoline to yield a mixture of 1.3 % oxygen by weight.

What is the fraction of NTA present after HT2- has been brought to equilibrium with solid PbCO3 at pH 7.00, in a medium in which [HCO3-] = 1.25E-3 M?

At an altitude of 50.00 km, the average atmospheric temperature is essentially 0 degrees C. What is the average number of air molecules per cubic centimeter of air at this altitude?

What is the calculated value of the partial pressure (atm) of O2 in acid mine water of pH 2.500, in which [Fe3+] = [Fe2+]?

I asked the professor, he said I didn't need it to solve the problem.

A stoppered flask at 25 C contains 250 mL water, 200 mL octanol, and 50 mL of air. An unknown mass of o-xylene is added to the 
flask and allowed to partition among the phases. After equilibrium has been established, 5.0 mg of o-xylene are measured in the water. 

The half-life of tritium is approximately 12 years. What will be the molar ratio of tritium to helium-3 in a sealed sampel after 25 years?

In manufacturing a fruit drink, citric acid is added to water in the amount of 0.1 mol/L. What is the pH of the resulting 

An analytical chemist determines that an estuarine water sample contains 1.5 g/L of sulfate ion. What is the 
concentration in terms of (a) g/L of S (b) molar concentration of sulfate (c) normality (d) parts per million of sulfate

a) Photosynthesis is estimated to produce 360.0 g (dry weight) of plant matter per square meter, 50% of which is carbon. Calculate the total number of grams of carbon "fixed" each year by 1000 square meters.
 b) The photosynthetic reaction can be represented ...

How much Fe++ could be present in water containing 1 x 1e-02 M HCO3-
(bicarbonate) without causing the precipitation of FeCO3 (Ksp=10**(-10.7))

Taking the mass of the atmosphere to be 4.6E15 metric tons, what mass of carbon must 
be burned in order to increase the average carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere
 by 130ppm by volume (in metric tons)?

Calculate the concentration of SO2(ppm) that must be reached in polluted air (in ppm) if the dissolved gas is to produce a pH of 3.2 in raindrops without any oxidation of the gas.

Hello, I was considering to drop economics since i find it useless. My friends and my parents say its an easy subject and that if i drop it i will have one less subject which looks bad on my permanent reconrd. i find it very hard to concentrate in economics, i think u have to ...

John wants a $200,000 house. He is 40 and he retires at 65. He believes he earns 9% annually after taxes. How much must John invest at the end of each of the next 25 years to have the cash purchase price of the house when he retires?

idk can you show me how please

Could you check these thanks Directions: Vrai or faux? Part 1 1. Aux Etats-Unis chaque municipalité a son bureau de poste. Answer: Vrai 2. L'employé(e) des postes distribue le courrier et le facteur travaille au bureau de poste. Answer: faux 3. On ne peut pas...

help plz
which word is a synonym of verbiage? a}terse b}wordiness c}curt d}concise

1}select the synonym of the word flamboyant. a}ordinary b}plain c}extravagant d}conventional 2}select the definition for the word senile. a}pre-eminent b}priority c}old age d}clear help plz:)

Social Studies
Well, I was thinking maybe it can be a representation of the 2. Dorothy could be referring to the fact that when you look at who is really an illegal or legal immigrant, you can make a quick judgment. We assume that since people look a certain way and just because they aren&#...

Social Studies
Bernstein writes that today, "debates about immigration often included the claim that 'my relatives came the legal way,' Hom's daughter, Dorothy responded that "'one's status being legal or illegal, it's two seconds apart at any point" ...

A cereal company finds that the number of people who will buy one of its products in the first month that it is introduced is linearly related to the amount of money it spends on advertising. If it spends $40,000 on advertising then 100,000 boxes of cereal will be sold, and if...

oh k i thought it meant a rough copy

what does it mean when ur teacher says include a revised and proofread copy

what is a god teacher

compare and contrast the characters Natty Bumppo in The Prairie and John in Hospital sketches thanks for the help

which statement does NOT describe prescriptivists? A} language should be rocorded, not judged. B} language use should follow strict rules. C} language use should never change. D} language use should be judged and evaluted. .The answer i choose is C.

help plz
umm my next answer will be d cause as i read it over it makes more sense am i right now?

help plz
ok so say you were what answer will you choose?:)

help plz
Which statement is NOT a requirement for an adequate definition? A}A definitinshould not be expressed in the negative B}A definition should be complex. C}A definition should use a noun, a verb to define a verb,etc. D}A definition should not give an opinion or make a statement...

hi I am having trouble with this question Why is it important to adjust the shelves to the correct position before lighting the oven ?

When Dr. Farrell was a graduate student, he prepared a buffer of pH = 8.0 from Sodium Acetate. Why would the casual observer to this buffering faux pas think he had the intellectual agility of a small soap dish?

INDO european languages
The Indo-european parent language was first spoken by a pre-historic people in: A} Western europe B} Middle east C} Northern india D} Southeastern europe .The answer i choose is C. Am i correct?

Astronauts on the Moon look back at Earth, a distance of about 400,000 km away. If the cities of Washington, D.C. and New York are separated by 300 km, what will be the angle between them when viewed from the Moon?

help plz
yea u r kerry

help plz
Which of the following is an acronym? A} MADD B} FCC C} NBA D} EKG .the answer i choose is b. Am i correct?

the latin bases
kerry thx for yrsturdays help

the latin bases
thank you for your help

What detector is used to pick up the x-rays in hospitals?

Help plz

Help plz
The first indo-language to arrive on the british isles was: A} Italic B} Balto-Slavic C}Celtic D}Gothic .I choose c.

thank you ms.sue :}

ok but is my answer currect?

The indo-european parent language was first spoken by a pre-historic people in: A}western europe B}Middle east C}Northern india D}Southastern europe .i choose d.

help plz
cognate languages are those languages which: A}Derive from a single parent language. B}Borrow words from each other C}Use the same alphabet D}Are spoken in the same country .The answer i choose is B.

u should of learned that in school ahh

4 divided by 5.12

american literature
what are three features of a lyric poem ? explain how "Song Concerning a Dream of the Thunderbirds uses these features. Imagination, Emotion, and Melody how are they used

i don't know i need help on the homework can you give me an answer..!

thank you =)

how do I solde this equation? pls help.. 1. 3/2x + 2 = 1/2 - 1/2x

grade 11 physics
PLEASE HELP - NOBODY ANSWERED MY QUESTION YESTERDAY. sue drives her 1452 kg car along a straight road at a constant velocity of 30 m/s [E]. Ger brakes suddently give out. she puts the car in neutral and lets it coast for 25 seconds. The air drag decelerates the car to a ...

grade 11 physics
sue drives her 1452 kg car along a straight road at a constant velocity of 30 m/s [E]. Ger brakes suddently give out. she puts the car in neutral and lets it coast for 25 seconds. The air drag decelerates the car to a velocityof 25 m/s [E]. assume a frictionless surface. PART ...


Middle School Math
How do you solve this problem? 5/6-1/3+7/8 divided by (1/2)^3

Hi Sue, how can i research each of these question in on the internet, using the most efficent way. I learn diffrently and my deceptive reasoning is weak in this area. if i know the ansswer,i can learn where how it originated, thanks

simple machines
A box with a force of 100N is pushed up an inclined plane. It takes a force os 75N to push it to the top. What is the efficiency of the inclined plane?

Decrease a number by 5, divide the result by 2, then add 17 and multiply by 5. If the final result is 100, with what number did you start?

that actually is wrong because i found the answer to that in the back of my book and the answer is 5/12, but i have no idea how to get to that answer

AP Statistics
Of all U.S. fourth graders, 71% are assigned mathematics homework three or more times per week. If 5 fouth graders are randomly selected to be checked for this frequency of homework assignment during a randomly chosen week, find the probability that A.) exactly one fourth ...

Can you please tell me what this means? Thank you. humans come and go in the continuous transformation of the universe. Indeed, entire towns and peoples come and go.

10th grade world history
why do religions that have common geographic origins tend to share common code of behavior and views of the nature and reason for existence?

please help, i have done the part a and b but i don't know how to do part c. An air-track glider attached to a spring oscillates between the 3.00 cm mark and the 50.0 cm mark on the track. The glider completes 10.0 oscillations in 36.0 s. What is the period of the ...

7th grade science

Not sure

Multiply or divide to find an equivalent fraction: 11/22

How to find a number sentence other than 10989 x 9 = 98901 that is the same when you read its digits from either direction

college algebra
Solve for x: -(4x+4)/5= (5x-1)/2 - x/3

Lauren has a normal deck of 52 playing cards. If she draws a random card from the deck, what is the probability that it will be a red Jack, a red Queen, or a red King?

personal finance
After a protracted legal case, Joe won a settlement that will pay him $11,000 each year at the end of the year for the next ten years. If the market interest rates are currently 5%, exactly how much should the court invest today, assuming end of year payments, so there will be...

Can someone explain 'simply' what Particle theory and Brownian motion are. I'm finding alot of websites hard to understand. Thanks

United States government
If the issue is whether a person's civil rights were violated in a court decision,through what levels of courts might that person appeal

prove:(cscx-cotx)^4 x (cscx+cotx)^4 = 1

9th grade
I kinda made it sound like she was schizopfrenic LAMB TO SLAUGHTER: MONOLOGUE Mary: Did he just divorce me? Voice: Uh yes obviously he did. Mary: Well from the way I see it he’s just afraid of being a father. Voice: Wow you are so dumb. It’s because there’s ...

prove:(cscx-cotx)^4 x (cscx+cotx)^4 = 1

Advanced Functions
to solve system of equations you solve for one variable and plug into the next in this case you have an equation for I so plug into the next equation and solve (23/w) + w = 32

earth science
time and space grown is also a factor

// calculus - trig derivatives
how do i do i do y=cos(radt)+ rad(cost)? ---- f(x) = (3x^2) (csc4x)^4 // f'(x)=? my notes say : f'(x) = (3x^2)5(csc4x)^4(-csc(4x)(tan4x)(4)+(csc4x)^5(6) I redid it and i got : f'(x) = (3x^2)5(csc4x)^4(-csc4x)(cot4x)(4) + (csc4x)^5(6x) which is correct? if its my ...

assuming it drops from rest you know: vo=0 t=2.8 a=9.8 (gravity assuming down is +) v=? use the equation v=vot+at^2 then you want to find height. x= vot+.5at^2

// calculus - derivatives
y = sec(5x) / x^2 my notes say y' = 5x^2sec5xtan5x-2xsec5x i get y'= sec5x(-2x^-3)+sec5xtan5x(5)(x^-2) when i change it to (sec5x)(x^-2) or by quotient rule [ (x^2)(sec5x)(tan5x)(5)-(sec5x)(2x) ] / (x^4) which is correct?

chris - do your own homework. at least try it first, show some work or where youre stuck on.

f(x) = (3x^2) (csc4x)^4 // f'(x)=? my notes say : f'(x) = (3x^2)5(csc4x)^4(-csc(4x)(tan4x)(4)+(csc4x)^5(6) I redid it and i got : f'(x) = (3x^2)5(csc4x)^4(-csc4x)(cot4x)(4) + (csc4x)^5(6x) which is correct? if its my notes why?

perpendicular lines have negative reciprocal slopes such as 3 and -1/3 so put them into y=mx+b form and see.

In a sentence or two can you please tell me what Marbury vs. Madison was?

how do you write a response recommendation anaylsis for a large and small firm for the demands of growing technology and more, but I am lost how to write it

How to explain 4/34 (34 divided by 4) to a 4th grader?

Decision Making
I can't decide on an event that would have been a rational decision at one time but now is considered to be an irrational decision. I have been looking at the different wars but still don't see it.

4th Grade Math
Arrays and an expanded algorithm: 23 x 17

com 140
Thank you Ms. Sue. I have found the answer's to this question but I do appreciate how quickly you got back to me

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