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  1. Theology 10 - HELP .... URGENT!!!

    ohh ok
  2. Theology 10 - HELP .... URGENT!!!

    what is your greatest talents? how has it helped the community any ideas... or topics i don't know what to write nor do i know how to start this essay
  3. English 10R - HELP!

    What's the importance of the simile: "We can't let them kill us like that, like cattle in the slaughterhouse" in Night by Elie Wiesel
  4. isnt it 500 calories?

    isnt it 500 calories?
  5. 1lb equal 3,500 calories?????

    1lb equal 3,500 calories?????

    thank you and i know :)

    Plus psychology and sociology?

    I want to become an ER nurse. Do you think taking Forensic Science and Criminal Justice is helpful? Be honest.
  9. Nursing

    thats nice :)
  10. Kim

    I want to become an ER nurse. Do you think taking Forensic Science and Criminal Justice is helpful? Be honest.
  11. Theology 10

    Ok now I understand, thank you! :)
  12. Theology 10

    Yes. I'm not asking you to answer this question I just.. don't know what to write. Please help me I'll really appreciate that.
  13. Theology 10

    When have you asked to respond in faith to a situation you did not fully understand?
  14. English 10R - HELP!!!

    Thank you!!! :)
  15. English 10R - HELP!!!

    What five other people that was buried Westminster Abbey, City of Westminster, United Kingdom.
  16. English 10R - HELP!!!!

    Thank you sooo much Ms. Sue. I really appreciate that because I was having a really hard time answering this question. Have a nice night! :)
  17. English 10R - HELP!!!!

    What does 'will no one rid me of this troublesome priest' means?
  18. HELP!

    ohh ok so people usually get a degree in BSN?
  19. HELP!

    is nursing a science major?
  20. Earth Science Regents!!!

    Thank You Steve!!!! :)
  21. Please help but not only teachers anyone!?!?

    Please help but not only teachers anyone!?!?
  22. Earth Science Regents!!!

    Two students in different parts of New York State measure the altitude of Polaris is above the horizon. The student near New York City finds the angle to be 41 degrees. The student near Massena finds the angle to be 45 degrees. Which state is best supported by this information...
  23. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What GPA (percentage not on 4.0 scale) makes the top five percent at your high school class? Out of 225 students
  24. ENGLISH 9R - HELP!!!!

    The neck.
  25. ENGLISH 9R - HELP!!!!

    _ _ _
  26. ENGLISH 9R - HELP!!!!

    Is there a website when you type in a word and they create an acrostic poem for you. My English teacher wants us to find a website that creates it for us and then try doing it by ourself. I'M NOT LYING!!!!!
  27. ENGLISH 9R - HELP!!!!

    acrostic poem for the word pagan
  28. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it's an academic program (honors program) at a catholic high school base on grades and they give you a Substantial scholarship
  29. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok thanks steve and thank ms. sue Merry Christmas and happy new year!!! :)
  30. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ohhh meaning they will give a scholarship and I don't have to pay the tuition
  32. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aquinas Scholars receive a substantial scholarship which is renewable, as long as they remain in the program. What does substantial scholarship means??
  33. Physics 221

    happy new yr

    On my TI-83 plus graphing calculator it says "ERR: WINDOW RANGE" When I type in the equation and click graph that what it says. Please help!!!!

    Is AP Psychology and introduction to psychology (college course) the same?
  36. World History and Geography 9R - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hinduism VS Buddhism?? Similarities and differences Please help and something for a 9th grader to UNDERSTAND.
  37. Algebra 9R (NYS) - HELP!!!!

    A hotel charges $20 for the use of its dining room plus $2.50 for each lunch. An association is using the hotel for a meeting and charges its members $3 per person to attend. Four non-paying members are invited as honorees. How many paying members must attend in order for the ...
  38. English 9R

    that make sense and eagle fly when necessary any others examples (just as back up in case my english teacher doesn't like it)
  39. English 9R - HELP!

    the poem is about a eagle on the rock and "like a thunderbolt he falls" meaning he fly. I need something that connects to my poem
  40. English 9R

    connect your poem to something in the world, i.e. a song, film, current event, etc. Play the song or just mention the connection to the class. Have the students guess why this relates to your poem. My group and I read "The Eagle" by Alfred Lord Tennyson I'm ...
  41. Social Worker - help!

    I want to become a social worker when I grow up. I love to help people with their problems. When I'm an adult I want to live in a nice house or condo with a wonderful husband and 2 kids. I really don't want to struggle in life. How much does social worker earn? (do ...
  42. HELP!

    Is there any scholarships for high school freshman??? (any that you heard of). I live in NY. All I know is the Best Buy Scholarship and Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. Please help and thank you! (I couldn't find much).
  43. Biology

    Is there any biology websites for teens??? (NOT games! notes and quizzes to practice). The Science of Biology The Chemistry of Life Cell Structure and Function Photosynthesis & Respiration Something REALLY easy to understand(btw I'm going to the 9TH GRADE). please help (...
  44. English 8R - HW CHECK (PLZZZ READ!)

    Please read my essay to see if it's good. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ANY OTHER DETAILS I COULD ADD! I REALLY want to get a good grade for assignment and this is my FINAL GRADE! Should the story of Anne Frank and the Holocaust be taught in Middle School? The story of Anne ...
  45. English 8R - HELP!!!!!

    because i can writeacher! I'M TALKING ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST!!!! ughhh!!! and wow NOW you reply my post! you do realize I was sleeping at that time.... anyways thanks Janette
  46. English 8R - HELP!!!!!

    i'm really going through some stress lately ..... and i really want to get a good grade on this project
  47. plz help! I'm really going to have a panic attack (NOT lying)

    this is my essay so far The story of Anne Frank and The Holocaust should not be taught in middle school. It should be saved for high school when students are more mature. The students would be able to handle it better when they are older. When I was in sixth grade, we watched ...
  48. English 8R - HELP!!!!!

    yes and no in my class we watched the movie I need other reasons why the holocaust should not be taught in middle schools
  49. English 8R - HELP!!!!!

    Why anne frank and the holocaust SHOULD NOT be taught in the middle schools? answers: - students won't be able to handle it (due to immaturity) that's all I got, please help!!!!! I need other reasons
  50. English 8R - HELP1

    Should the story of Anne Frank be taught in middle school?
  51. Technology Skills class???? Grade 9???

    I did.... not there it has something to do with computers
  52. Technology Skills class???? Grade 9???

    So I got accept to this Catholic private high school. So we are required to take "Technology Skills". What am I going to learn in this class??????
  53. Science 8R - help!

    this website is really resourceful! :)
  54. Science 8R - help!

    lol never mind thank you ms. sue!
  55. Science 8R - help!

    What is consumers???
  56. School (Plz read, really important)

    I want YOUR OPINION base on my grades and stuff and since your a teacher
  57. School (Plz read, really important)

    Am I eligible to get a President's Award for Educational Excellence or the President's Award for Educational Achievement and Daughters of the American Revolution??? Here are my grades from last year and this year so far and everything else I accomplish: 7th Grade - 93....
  58. COOP Exam?? (practice)

    yes there is time My dad just talk to the admission director
  59. COOP Exam?? (practice)

    Is there any online COOP exam I can practice to pass that COOP exam I'm taking (I'm applying to catholic high school. It's a private school). This what it will be on the exam: Test 1 Sequences This test measures the student’s ability to comprehend a rule or ...
  60. Health 8R - HELP!

    Can Exercise Improve Your Child's Test Scores? a) yes b) no why??? please help
  61. ENGLISH/MATH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ummm... no
  62. ENGLISH/MATH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NYS ELA 7 Score - Level 2 (high two so I was seven points away to a three) My Scale Scare - 658 Level Two: 642-664 (scale score) Level Three: 665-697 (scale score) NYS Math 7 Score - Level 3 My Scale Score - 678 Level Three - 670-693 (scale score) I really want to know my ...
  63. MATH 8 HELP!!!

    i tried looking it for it but I CAN'T FIND IT! please help
  64. MATH 8 HELP!!!

    NYS 8th grade math curriculum 2013???? This year we have a BRAND NEW curriculum. I just want a list of units and topics in each unit because I want to know what I'm learning and what will I learn next (long story....) please help!!!!
  65. Health

    Do you need a facebook and/or twitter account to have a socialGO?

    btw - im in the 8th grade

    Is there any websites for teens to read short stories (or long), then you answer ONLY multiple choice questions, grade you, and to have a profile or something to see all of your grades if your making progress each time (to see if your improving). I want to improve my reading ...

    HW - Bring in a weather map plz i have to get an old one or .... idk please help
  69. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!!!

    ms. sue is my answer correct????
  70. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!!!

    90 days? (180/2) In problem is says that having an elective is for a semester from September to the end of January and you have health for a semester but the school did some changes and have health on a days.
  71. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!!!

    If there was 180 days of school and you have Health on A days and Gym on B days. How many days will you have health? please help!
  72. NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important)

    and thank you for checking my letter Ms. Sue! :)
  73. NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important)

  74. NJHS Letter Check (plz read it's really important)

    I'm writing a letter to the adviser of the NJHS in my school. Please read to see if it's good. If your confused about my post, just read the letter and you'll understand why I'm writing a letter to the adviser and why I post this post. Dear Ms. L, I'd been ...
  75. Math 8 - Qs. Check

    thank you and don't just say right so I can leave you alone...! (just saying) you can delete my other post
  76. ms. sue please reply my math post

    ms. sue please reply my math post
  77. Math 8 - Qs. Check

    Ratio, Proportions, and Similarity Similar Figures The White House, built 1792, is the oldest federal building in Washington, D.C. The building has undergone extensive remodeling over the years. The main building is four stories high and is about 170 ft long by 85 ft wide. If ...
  78. ms. sue please reply my math post

    please reply my math post
  79. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    oh ok THANK YOU! :) please reply my other math post thank you! :)
  80. Math 8 - HELP!!!!! (question)

    why can you just multiply 3/4 and 10 to get the answer? why 3/4 * 8 = 24/4 = 6...??
  81. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    7 1/2?
  82. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    Ratio, Proportions, and Similarity Similar Figures Clyde makes a copy of an 8 in. x 10 in. photo, reducing it to 3/4 of its size. What are the dimensions of the new photo? Ok... I REALLY don't get this question.. Please help...
  83. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    the second one
  84. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    or... 12 x 24 = 288/8 = 36
  85. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    12 x 8 = 96/24 = 4 right...?
  86. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    Ratio, Proportions, and Similarity Similar Figures A photo that is 8 in. wide and 12 in. long is enlarged to a poster. If the width is enlarged to 24 in., what is the length of the poster? 24 x 4 = 48/12 = 4 right....????
  87. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    Ratio, Proportions, and Similarity Similar Figures An isosceles triangle has a base of 8 inches and legs measuring 12 inches. How wide is the base of a similar triangle with legs measuring 36 inches? 36 x 8 = 288/12 = 24 right...???
  88. Math 8 - HELP!!!!!

    Ratio, Proportions, and Similarity Similar Figures A room is 36 ft long and 18 ft wide. What is the length to width ratio?
  89. Spanish: Please Help

    oh lol sorry it's A
  90. Spanish: Please Help

    1. B 2. ????
  91. English 8R - HELP!

    THANK YOU! :)
  92. English 8R - HELP!

    im referring to the ELA shOrt response qs.
  93. English 8R - HELP!

    im referring to the ELA shirt response questions
  94. English 8R - HELP!

    active reading.... make connections, visualize, ask questions, infer, determine importance, predict, etc.
  95. English 8R - HELP!

    does it help? why or why not?
  96. English 8R - HELP!

    How did Active Reading lend itself to the ELA Short Response Questions?
  97. Science 8R - HELP!

    THANK YOU! :)
  98. Science 8R - HELP!

    what is the difference between weathering and erosion???
  99. MATH HELP!

    homeroom is after 1st period.....
  100. MATH HELP!

    lunch is for 40 minutes....
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