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Group A's average weight is 162 pounds .Group B's average weight is 156 pounds.There are twice as many people in group B AS IN group A.What is the over all average weight ?

tan75/2 degree

A horizontal force 10 N is necessary to just hold a block stationary against a wall . The coefficient of friction between the block and the wall is 0.2 . The weight of the block will be ?

What will happen to the cell potential if the concentration of the anodic solution is increased in a concentration cell. Explain?

The following data were obtained at 25° C for the reaction C2H5Br + OH- ->C2H5OH + Br- Determine the rate law for the reaction from these data. [C2H5Br] [OH-] Rate 0.150 0.200 4.8 x 10-5 0.300 0.200 9.6 x 10-5 0.450 0.200 14.4 x 10-5 0.300 0.600 28.8 x 10-5



software enge.
What are the task of system enginering and system analyst?