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  1. Possessive form

    Cross out each incorrect possessive noun. Write correct possessive form. .......Small acts of kindness made the outcast's lives better. Answer Cross out outcast's Replace outcasts'
  2. Latin

    Quid est Quintus?
  3. Grammar

  4. Grammar

    Please help me
  5. Grammar

    What does personal , reflexive ,and intensive mean
  6. English

    Thank you so much
  7. English

    Is the word humor abstract or concrete

    describe the preparation of 100mls of 1,0M from concentrated HCL?
  9. English / Literature

    Choose one archetype that is illustrated by two or more of the stories you have read, and write a brief essay explaining what an archetype is, what archetype you’ve chosen to discuss, and how the archetype is demonstrated in at least two different pieces of literature you...
  10. Math

    Sarah spends 2/5 of her monthly income on rent. Sarah's rent is $750. What is sarah's montly income? Write an equation to solve this problem.
  11. Math

    a long distance phone company charges $3 for a phone call plus $0.75 for each minute of the call. What fuction does this situation give rise to? Find the formula and make a table for this function.
  12. Math

    A candy bowl contained 723 candies. Some of the candies were red and the rest were green. There were twice as many green candies as red candies. How many red candies were in the candy bowl? Write an equation to solve this problem.
  13. Math

    Describe how this could happen that three different animals could each be claimed - rightfully - to be the largest of the three. Discuss the implications of this kind of situation for teaching students about measurement.
  14. business

    . Theory and origin of the separation of powers II. The division of powers among the branches of government A. The executive branch B. The legislative branch III. The separation of church and state IV. The judicial branch V. Current ideas about the separation of powers most ...
  15. english

    What does Thomas Paine value highly in the excerpt from his essay “The Crisis”? Freedom Solitude Individuality Spirituality Equality
  16. MATH

    x+y=-4 (x-2)^2+(y+7)^2=13 solve by substitution
  17. MATH

    The sum of the squares of two numbers is 2. The product of the two numbers is 1. Find the numbers. xy=1 x^2+y^2=2 x^4+1=2x^2 x^4-2x^2+1=0 I don't think you can factor that unless its (x^2+1)(x^2-1) but I don't know where to go from there
  18. exercise

    What specific recommendations would you give on fuel selections and hydration to successfully run a 10 K race
  19. MATH

    y = sin (x - Pi sign) amplitude: period: phase shift:
  20. Math

    How do I solve: log6 (x^2-5x) = 1 1/2log5(r-2)-log5 r) log2 (x-1/x^8) I really don't know how to do these or even start
  21. Math

    Solve the polynomial equation, to obtain the first root. x^3+7x^2+19x+13 and 2x^4-19x^3+74x^2-127x=0 I don't know how to start these, or finish them
  22. Math

    2 square root -50 + 5 square root -32 i got 30i square root 2 is this right
  23. Math

    x/x+3 > or equal 2 (-3,6] or [-6,-3) or does it have an infinity in the answer
  24. Math

    Solve the polynomial inequality x^2+5x >or= -6 (-infinity, -3]u [-2, infinity) or [-3,-2]
  25. Math

    Doesnt i^2 equal -1
  26. Math

    For the second one i got 1+3i is this correct
  27. Math

    How do I figure these 2 out. Find standard form a +bi (4 square root -9) ( -3 square root -5) x^2 -3x+4 evaluated for x=1+i
  28. Math

    Determine whether the function x^3+x^2-1 is even, odd or neither. I thought it was odd because it has one negative sign is this correct
  29. Math

    Find all values satisfying x f(x) 3x-1 g(x) x^2-5x+12 (f*g)(x) = 17
  30. PE

    Why is it important to know an accurate VO2 max value when prescribing exercise?
  31. Math

    is the answer 5 thats what i got
  32. Math

    (X+1)/2 = 4 - (X+2)/7
  33. Math

    (square root of x+7)-5 = x Only the x+7 is square rooted how do I find the solution set???
  34. Reading

    My teacher is asking me to "Create a two-part answer for the concepts below" what is a two part answer
  35. English

    Thx I had that 2
  36. Math

    i don't have the height would i use 82 the slanted side
  37. Math

    how do i find the height of a triangle the base is 18 inches, the angled side is 82 inches and it is a right triangle
  38. Math

    66 ft/sec
  39. Math

    x = 6.7
  40. Math

    If the ratio of two pulleys, A and B is 4:3, and pulley B has a length of 13.5 inches, how long is pulley A? [a] inches how do i figure this
  41. math

    i don't get lateral area either
  42. math

    ok i found how to do the surface area but i still don't know what to use for the lateral area
  43. Chemistry

    man this sucks well hold on 2Fe3+ + Sn2+ --> 2Fe2+ + Sn4+ +0.62 V Sn2+ + I2 --> Sn4+ + 2I– +0.38 V i hope this is better
  44. Chemistry

    2Fe3+ + Sn2+ ¡ú 2Fe2+ + Sn4+ +0.62 V Sn2+ + I2 ¡ú Sn4+ + 2I¨C +0.38 V
  45. Chemistry

    For there reaction system involving the species in the table below, what conclusion is justified for standard state conditions? Standard Reduction Potentials E0 2Fe3+ + Sn2+ ¡ú 2Fe2+ + Sn4+ +0.62 V Sn2+ + I2 ¡ú Sn4+ + 2I¨C +0.38 V (A) I¨C ...
  46. Chemistry

    is an electrode through which (positive) electric current flows into a polarized electrical device
  47. Chemistry

    I know that the electrons float over to the cataod SO i think it would be C
  48. Chemistry

    In every electrolytic and galvanic (voltaic) cell the anode is that electrode (A) at which oxidation occurs. (B) which attracts cations. (C) at which electrons are supplied to the solution. (D) at which reduction occurs.
  49. Chemistry

    what do you mean by plated
  50. Chemistry

    During the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of CuSO4 with inert electrodes (A) the anode loses mass and the cathode gains mass. (B) the mass of the anode remains the same but the cathode gains mass. (C) the mass of the anode decreases but the mass of the cathode remains ...
  51. Chemistry

    Ni2+(aq) + 2e¨C ¡ú Ni(s) ¨C0.25 V Sn4+(aq) + 2e¨C ¡ú Sn2+(aq) +0.15 V Br2(l) + 2e¨C ¡ú 2Br¨C(aq) +1.07 V
  52. Chemistry

    I left out this with the problem Ni2+(aq) + 2e¨C ¡ú Ni(s) ¨C0.25 V Sn4+(aq) + 2e¨C ¡ú Sn2+(aq) +0.15 V Br2(l) + 2e¨C ¡ú 2Br¨C(aq) +1.07 V so it says: Which process represents a general method for the preparation of a ...
  53. Chemistry

    Which process represents a general method for the preparation of a metal from its compounds? . (A) neutralization (D) fusion (B) reduction (E) sublimation (C) oxidation
  54. Chemistry

    well it cant be A or C so i think that it would be B
  55. Chemistry

    never mind that wouldnt be right i was looking at the wrong thing
  56. Chemistry

    would it be A because it is going from Zn to Zn^+2
  57. Chemistry

    Which statement is true for the cell as it discharges? Zn | Zn2+(1 .0 M) || Sn2+(1.0 M) | Sn (A) Oxidation occurs at the tin electrode. (B) Electrons will flow from the tin electrode to the zinc electrode. (C) The concentration of Zn2+ will increase. (D) The mass of the tin ...
  58. Chemistry

    Which reaction will occur if each substance is in its standard state? (A) Ni2+ will oxidize Sn2+ to give Sn4+ (B) Sn4+ will oxidize Br– to give Br2 (C) Br2 will oxidize Ni(s) to give Ni2+ (D) Ni2+ will oxidize Br2 to give Br–
  59. Chemistry

    Then A because its going from 0 to +2
  60. Chemistry

    is the answer C
  61. Chemistry

    In the chemical reaction, . Zn(s) + CuSO4(aq) ¨ ZnSO4(aq) + Cu(s), (A) metallic zinc is the reducing agent. (B) metallic zinc in reduced. (C) copper ion is oxidized. (D) sulfate ion is the oxidizing agent.
  62. Chemistry

    well then the question asks later on what the theoretical explanation would be so you choose A or D could the theoretical explanation be one of those and then the experimental be the other
  63. Chemistry

    Free sulfur may act as either an oxidizing agent or a reducing agent. What is the best experimental evidence for this statement? (A) Sulfur forms sulfur dioxide as well as calcium sulfide. (B) Sulfur is a nonmetal. (C) Sulfur forms both organic and inorganic compounds. (D) ...
  64. Chemistry

    Manganese has the oxidation number of +5 in ______ . . (A) [MnF6]3– (C) [MnO4]2– (B) Mn2O7 (D) [Mn(CN)6]–
  65. Anthropology

    Create at least two arguments each pro- and contra the establishment of a Global Culture does any one know about global culture or what it is
  66. Dr. Bob Chemistry question

    1.136/.2068=5.5 .5976/.2068= 2.88 so 3 .2068/.2068 = 1 .3923/.2068 = 1.89 so 2 now do i do it to all four with different denominators like 1.136/1.136= 1 .5976/1.136 = and so on or do i do it by just that one
  67. Dr. Bob Chemistry question

    ok i did all the mols of those numbers and came out with H2O = (20.51/18.051)=1.136 C2O4 = (52.60/88.016)=.5976 Fe 3+ = (11.55/55.845)= .2068 K + = (15.34/39.098)=.3923 Ive gotten that far... now im a little confused on how you do the rest of the question because they don'...
  68. Dr. Bob Chemistry question

    Ok this is what i got for the grams part now.... Total mass is 20.14 + 51.64 + 11.34 + 15.06 = 98.18 %H2O = (20.14/98.18)*100 = 20.51% %C2O4 = (51.64/98.18)*100 = 52.60% % Fe 3+ = (11.34/98.15) * 100= 11.55% % K + = (15.06/98.15) * 100 = 15.43 % 20.51 g H2O, 52.60 g C2O4 11.55...
  69. Chemistry

    How do i write a good discussion/conclusion for a lab report.
  70. Chemisty

    Ok this is what i got for the grams part now.... Total mass is 20.14 + 51.64 + 11.34 + 15.06 = 98.18 %H2O = (20.14/98.18)*100 = 20.51% %C2O4 = (51.64/98.18)*100 = 52.60% % Fe 3+ = (11.34/98.15) * 100= 11.55% % K + = (15.06/98.15) * 100 = 15.43 % 20.51 g H2O, 52.60 g C2O4 11.55...
  71. Chemistry

    Dr. Bob ok well here is what i have gotten so far: on the problem H2O: 1.118 mol C2O4: .58681 mol Fe 3+: .2025 mol K^+: .3862 mol That is what ive gotten doing 20.14 g(1 mol / 18 g) = 1.118 mol and so on with the rest of them Did i do that wrong
  72. Chemistry

    ok well here is what i have gotten so far: H2O: 1.118 mol C2O4: .58681 mol Fe 3+: .2025 mol K^+: .3862 mol That is what ive gotten doing 20.14 g(1 mol / 18 g) = 1.118 mol and so on with the rest of them Did i do that wrong
  73. Chemistry

    How do I find the percent composition of H2O: 20.14grams C2O4: 51.64grams Fe 3+: 11.34grams K^+: 15.06 grams and the empirical formula with these numbers
  74. Anthropology

    what is an Incipient Civilizations
  75. Question for a Teacher

    well are you dr. bob can i ask you some questions... kinda like an interview
  76. Question for a Teacher

    Are any of you a teacher... I have an important question that has to a teacher
  77. Chemistry

    Enough water is added to 0.35 g of benzoic acid to make 1000 mL of solution. What is the pH? Ionization Constant for Benzoic Acid Ka = 6.5 × 10–5 Molar Mass Benzoic Acid 122. g·mol–1 (A) 1.9 (B) 2.6 (C) 3.4 (D) 4.2
  78. Chemistry

    What is the molar concentration of silver ion in a solution containing 1.3 × 10–4 M CrO42–, saturated with Ag2CrO4? The Solubility Product Constant, Ksp for Ag2CrO4 is 9 × 10–12 (A) 1.3 × 10–16 (B) 7 × 10–16 (C) 9 × 10&#...
  79. Chemistry

    The ionization constant of an acid, HX is 1 x 10^-5. When a mixture of 0.100 mol HXand 0.100 mol of NaX is diluted to a volume of one liter by addition of wate, the pH of the resulting solution is very nearly a. 7 b. 6 c. 5 d. 4
  80. Chemistry

    BaSO4 less soluble so answer D
  81. Chemistry

    Equal volumes of 1 M BaCl2 and 1 M NaSO4 are mixed. What effect will the addition of more Na2SO4 solution have on the concentration of Ba^2+ remaining in solution? *No effect *increase the concentration of Ba^2+ ions *Decreases the concentration of Ba^2+ *Ba^2+ will remain the...
  82. Chemistry

    Which one of the following salts is obtained by the reation of a weak acid with a strong base. MgCl2 NH4F LiClO4 NaCl K2SO3
  83. Chemistry

    All of the following species would be expected to be able to function a Lewis bases EXCEPT a. F- b. O2- c. OH+ d. H2O BF3
  84. Chemistry

    How do you calculate the pH, pOH, [H3O] and [OH] for a 0.067 M solution of sodium iodate
  85. Chemistry

    What is the OH^- concentraton of a solution that is 0.10M in Na2C2O4? I have a couple of these concentration questions asking different things but I don't know how to do them
  86. Chemistry

    I got the pH how do i turn that into (H+)
  87. Chemistry

    constant sorry :(
  88. Chemistry

    The dissociation for a weak base BOH in water found to be 1.25 x 10^-6. What is the concentration of H+ in a 3.2M soluton of BOH.
  89. Chemistry

    well C says AX is less than BX2 and it is so i thought it would be that one.
  90. Chemistry

    If two salts AX and BX2, have the same Ksp values of 4.0x10^-12 at a given temperature, then A. their molar solubilities in water are the same B. the salts are more soluble in 0.1 M NaX than in water C. the molar solubility of AX in water is less than that of BX2 D. addition ...
  91. Chemistry

    that makes better sense now thank you
  92. Chemistry

    well i do understand what you did to solve the problem... and i did find the answer... its just that all this stuff im looking at is sqrt everything that's all and i didn't see you do that
  93. Chemistry

    where i am pulling this is if you pull up google and type in molar solubility the first website shows you how to do it... that is what i am following and it shows me that in the book too
  94. Chemistry

    Ksp = 4.0E-5 = (x)(3x) is the (3x) squared ??
  95. Chemistry

    If the concentration of a saturated solution of SrCO3 is 0.000040 mol*L^-1, what is the value for the solubility product constant of this salt. How do I start this please
  96. Chemistry

    i subtracted 1E-3 from the 1.8E-8 and it got me a -9.999E-4 then i took the sqrt cause (X)(X) is x^2 and then the calculator told me an error
  97. Chemistry

    ok I got x^2 = 1.8 x 10^-8 = 1.34 x 10^-4 for PbSO4 is this right
  98. Chemistry

    So im solving for two expressions... is that it.
  99. Chemistry

    So what do i do then to solve for the ksp
  100. Chemistry

    what is the molar solubility of lead sulfate in 1.0 X 10^-3 M Na2SO4? The Solubility Product Constant PbSO4 Ksp= 1.8 x 10^-8 The Ksp expression is: Na2SO4 = [2Na][SO4^-2] [2Na]=2x [SO4^-2]=x Ksp= 1.8 x 10^-8 = (x)(2x) Ksp= 1.8 x 10^-8 /4x^3 1.8 x 10^-8/4 = x^3 4.5 x 10^-9 = x^...
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