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Language Arts
Thank you sooooo muchhhhhhhh Duckkkkk

Yall are bad at cheating.....go cheat off of people from other classes or maybe break into Ms.Sue's cabinet and find it........idjits.....

ms. sue go kill yourself


Social Studies
what are the answers then?

social studies
more supporrt, share more space,creates team environment,emotional and physical support

history help plzzzzzz
@Ms.Sue are you even an adult? Why would you say something so petty and obnoxious? If you were really a teacher of any sort, you would willingly help him through this work... I am not saying that it is O.K to give out answers, because it's not, but you could be a little ...

I hate connections

Thanks bro :3

idk as well

7th grade math Ms. Sue please
I think she is correct in all except 7 anyone disagree?

Physics. please help! due tomorrow!
Prof. Brian Zullkosky questions all over the web lol

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