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  1. or southwest?
  2. is georgia to florida southeast?
  3. georgia to florida northeast? georgia to tennessee southwest? georgia to texas southwest? georgia to colorado northwest?
  4. Social Studies

    what general direction would you travel to go from georgia to florida? georgia to tennessee? georgia to texas? georgia to colorado?
  5. Please Read

    how many seasons are in a school year
  6. medals like an olympic metal
  7. Science

    what are the effects of oxygen on medal.
  8. Algebra

    Suppose f is a polynomial such that f(0)=47, f(1)=32, f(2)=-13, and f(3)=16. What is the sum of the coefficients of f?
  9. math

    How do you find the area and perimeter of your room floor?
  10. kempston

    i spent 1/4 of my money in one shop and 1/3 of my money in another shop. what fraction was left?
  11. Organic Chemistry

    Consider the weak organic base n-propylamine. The Kb value for this base is 1.3-10^-5, and its pKa is 10.6. At what pH are the "proton on" and "proton off" forms present in equal concentrations? At what pH values would the "proton on" form have ...
  12. Math

    Tiffany is constructing a fence around a rectangular tennis court. She must use 300 feet of fencing. The fence must enclose all four sides of the court. Regulation states that the length of the fence enclosure must be at least 80 feet and the width must be at least 40 feet. ...
  13. The area itself consist of length x width. The formula for a rectangular prism is length x width x height . So , the question already give you all the hints and you just have to multiply all of them ; 25 x 10 = 250
  14. Chemistry

    Electron configuration for phosphorus is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p3. So the number of electron must be 15 , right ? But , what if m = 1 ? Does it effect the number of electron ?
  15. math

    What number is the sum of 8 numbers whose average is 13
  16. Is $5.00 enough money to buy 1 pound of peanut
  17. Math

    Finish the following to make a perfect square. 1.) x^2+sqrt3x+______ 2.) x^2+4x+_____
  18. Math

    A Voting Poll: Candidate A: 30% Candidate B: 50% Undecided: 20% The Table above summarizes the results of an election poll in which 4000 voters participated. In the actual election, all 4000 of these people voted and those people who chose a candidate in the poll voted for ...
  19. Ok, or I could find the slope correct? Thank you!
  20. that wasn't my intention. um sorry
  21. c?
  22. lanugage

    what is the prepositional phrase in the sentence? The family drove to the store. a. the family drove b. drove to the store c. the family d. to the store a?
  23. Okay thank you
  24. Social Studies

    what is the problem with arabia and iraqs dependency on oil?
  25. ss

    why was the migration of the Aryans to India significant
  26. Social Studies

    Farmers in the northern Indo-Gangetic plain of south Asia rely mostly on: A. Water carried by rivers that drain from the Himalayas B. Cool air that brings drenching rain C. Monsoons that bring needed moisture D. Desert wind that balances the cold moist air from the Himalayas A?
  27. Math

    How would you factor (x+y)^2-(x-y)^2
  28. analytical chemistry

    In generating the synchronous spectrum, it is not necessary to specify the wavelength range, why?
  29. Science

    How do two tissue types work together to improve organ function
  30. Social Studies

    What are the causes of the water pollution that threaten South Asia today? overpopulation, growing cities, damming of rivers, and the need for more irrigation burning down of forests, building of new factories, and more cars the use of major rivers in religious festivals ...
  31. Math

    How do you find the quadratic equation, in standard form, that has the roots x= (2±√5)/3
  32. Math

    Apply the following transformations to this parabola. Y=2(x+3)^2-1 A) reflection in the x-axis, followed by a translation 5 units down. I got : y = -2(x+3)^2-6 But the answer is y= -2(x+3)^2-4 Why is it -4 And also. How odd you do reflections in the y axis without drawing the ...
  33. Math

    Determine one of the zeros of the quadratic realtion: y=(x-(k/2))^2-[(k-2)^2/4] I tried to do this by expanding and got to y=x^2-mx-k+1 How are you suppose to do this
  34. Math

    A tangent is a line that touches a circle at exactly one point. For what values of k will the line y= x+k be tangent to the circle x^2+ y^2 = 25? I know I'm suppose to use the properties of a discrimminate. But how
  35. Math

    in the relation y=4x^2+24x-5, for which values of y will the corresponding equation have no solutions The answer is y<-41. But I got that y>656 by using d=b^2-4ac
  36. Math

    The equation x^2 + k = 6 x has two distinct real roots. Find the range of values of k. I know that you do 36 -4k > 0 -4k > -36 k < 9 But I don't get why you switch the signs. So. When do u switch signs
  37. With your descriptions, yes the Canadian government was very similar to American governments.But how do they negotiate?
  38. Socials

    I am writing an essay for socials and the topic is: To what extent was the treatment of First Nations by the Canadian government justified? So far, I plan to explain both sides but lean more to the unjustified side(2 body paragraphs on that). My points are: the treaties and ...
  39. education

    Just want to know what these questions are asking for. thanks What view do you have of the children's skills and competencies? In what ways do you need to transform your view of children to see them in a more positive light? what skills do you want to strengthen in ...
  40. -1150.75
  41. 1. b 2. a 3. d 4. c
  42. A C D 100% :D
  43. How about you read your books?
  44. B. ;-)
  45. Just took the practice, these are the answers. In this order 1 - 14. 1. A 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. C 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. A 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. A [true]
  46. math

    In quadrilateral QRTS, we have QR = 11, QS = 9, and ST=2. Sides line RQ and line ST are extended past Q and S, respectively, to meet at point P. If PS = 8 and PQ = 5, then what is RT?
  47. I don't get why number 4 is D. I thought it would be B. Caan someone please explain?
  48. Yes you were! Good job! Glad I could help. :)
  49. v=20√(273+t) 329 = 20*sqrt(273+t) 16.45 = sqrt(273+t) 273+t = 16.45^2 t- 16.45^2-273 t = -2.4 degrees celsius Hope that helps? :)
  50. Glad I could help! :)
  51. I don't think C is right. D. is the correct answer.
  52. Algebra

    1. Solve log(4/x) (x^2 - 6) = 2. (note: the (4/x) is underscored) 2. Show that loga [(x + {sqrtx^2-5}) / 5] = -loga (x - (sqrtx^2-5))
  53. Algebra

    1. Solve: log (y-1) = -log(y-9) 2. Find the inverse of the logarithmic function f defined by f(y)= 2log5 (2y-8)+3.
  54. Math

    1. Solve: log (y-1) = -log(y-9) 2. Find the inverse of the logarithmic function f defined by f(y)= 2log5 (2y-8)+3.
  55. Thank you very much. Very clear explanation.:)
  56. Math

    1. Solve for y in the equation 15 * 3^(y+1) - 243 * 5^(y-2) = 0. 2. Solve: log y-1 = -log(y-9)
  57. Math

    1. Find the inverse of the logarithmic function f defined by f(y) = 2 log5 (2y-8) + 3. 2. If x > y > 1, what is the largest possible value of logx (x/y) + logy (y/x)?
  58. Math

    1. The sequence log2 32, log2 y, log2 128, ... forms an arithmetic sequence. What is the value of y? 2. If log a^2 b^3 = x and log (a/b) = y, what are the values of log a and log b?
  59. Math

    1. Find all values of p so that 6p, 4p-1, p^2 - 1 will be an arithmetic sequence. 2. The common ration of a geometric sequence is -3. IF the terms of this sequence are 3y, y+6, z+1, ..... respectively, what is the value of z?
  60. Chemistry

    A chemist reacts 112 g of iron with 72 g of water. State which reactant is the limiting reagent. Calculate what is the maximum yield in grams of Fe3O4 that could be produced in this reaction. For the substance that is not the limiting reagent, calculate the amount in excess.
  61. Health

    1:According to MyPlate which two food groups should you consume in the largest amounts? A:Fruits And Grains B:Grains and Protein C:Protein and Veggies D:Veggies and Grains
  62. Geometry

    1. If triangles EIO = UAN, EI = 3x-4, IO = 2x+5, UA = 2x+3 and UN = 3x+1, solve for the value of x, find the perimeter of triangle UAN and identify the smallest angle in triangle EIO. 2. If triangle FAT is equal to triangle GRC, FA = 24cm and the ratio of GR, RC and GC is 2:1:...
  63. Algebra

    True or False and please explain so that I can understand. Thank you. 1. (1,0) is always a point on the graphy of y = logb (x). 2. If x=b^2y for b > 1, then y = 1/2 logb (x).
  64. Yes, that is correct.
  65. math

    There are 6,975 folders if 1,735 folders were handed out . How many will I have left? 6,975- 1,735=
  66. math

    11/21 or 9/17. which one is greater and what is the work/common denominaters
  67. oh and how much does elizabeth get paid for her jobs? Like 1 pound a week? or..
  68. Also, how much would ship tickets cost? How would this family "pay" for them?
  69. Oh nice! Thank you so much Reed, I really appreciate your help. I am reading the links right now! I guess since land grants were discontinued in 1827 my character would immigrate before this date?
  70. Socials

    A few days ago I posted a question about an immigration diary during the great migration period(I will link it in a comment below) in which Ms Sue and Reed replied with some tips- thank you. I am starting to write some of the diary and I still have a few questions that I have ...
  71. 1???
  72. algebra

    A package of modeling clay was shaped like a cone with a radius of 25 cm and a height of 7.2 cm. Miriam used all the clay to make a cylinder with a radius of 15 cm. What was the height of the cylinder? Express the answer to one decimal place and use 3.14 to approximate pi. cm
  73. algebra

    A package of modeling clay was shaped like a cone with a radius of 25 cm and a height of 7.2 cm. Miriam used all the clay to make a cylinder with a radius of 15 cm. What was the height of the cylinder? Express the answer to one decimal place and use 3.14 to approximate pi. cm
  74. Oh but my expectation vs reality question wasn't answered! Were they really shocked when they got there and why were they shocked? Any other factors other than eavily forested areas?
  75. O wow! Thank you all so much, great suggestions!! And yes Reed I actually picked Liverpool too so yay!
  76. Socials

    Note: My questions are below mostly in brackets and at the very end! I have to do an immigration diary assignment and I am to portray a young 12 year old girl(any English name suggestions?) from a city in England(what is a realistic city during that time?) who is migrating to ...
  77. Math

    How do you find the component form AND the magnitude of the vector v with initial point (1, 11) and terminal point (9, 3)?
  78. Oh yeah, I'm sorry about that. It is suppose to be d^2; I made a typo error. So would you say that #1 and #2 are done right?
  79. Oh and this a worksheet. It's called "Pod Racing" and it's on Google if you need to see it up close. :)
  80. Math Check

    I need someone to please check this for me. Thanks! :) Question: Tonto Pagalies (brother to vaporized racer Teento), an observer at Bindy Bend, is 14285’ from Desert Plain. He knows that there is a right angle between the lines of sight from Bindy Bend to Desert Plain and...
  81. I really don't know I need help on this question
  82. HI is correct! 100% Tysm!
  83. Math

    If x and y are positive integers such that x^2+y^2=13 and x>y, what is the value of x-y?
  84. Wait how do you get that first part?
  85. Math Question

    Hello! I need help with this question. I have an answer but I wanted to make sure it's correct. Thanks! Question: Which of the following is NOT a trigonometric identity? Answers Given: A.) 1-cos^2x=sin^2x B.) sin^2x+1=cos^2x C.) 1+cot^2x=csc^2x D.) sec^2x-1=tan^2x My ...
  86. Thank you! But does this have anything to do with ratios?
  87. Percentages ques 2

    car A costs 20 percent less than car B. Car B costs twice as much as Car C. The cost of Car C is what percent of the cost of Car A? How do I set up this question? What should the process of thinking be for these questions?
  88. Percentages

    A team has won 60 percent of the games it has played so far. If the team wins the 15 remaining games in the season, it will have won 80 percent of the season's games. How many games will the team play over the entire season?
  89. Science - chemistry

    Hi Im in year 7 and to get a level 6 we have to explain the big idea of energy. Our project is about the reation of iron and sulphur to make iron sulphide. We have been told to explain using the big idea of energy. pls help me asap!!!!
  90. math

    where the parentheses in 4=3-1+4/2
  91. [4/1]
  92. math

    where are the parentheses in 3 times 2 minus 4 divided by 1
  93. chemistry(limiting reagent)

    Al2(SO3)3 + 6NaOH ----> 3Na2SO3 = 2 Al9OH)3 If 10.0g of Al2(SO3)3 is reacted with 10.0g of NaOH, determine the limiting reagent? help!!!
  94. math

    does anyone know how could you use an area model to identify the binomial factors of a trinomial? explain
  95. Math-polynomials

    1/2n^2 - 3/2n factorization, i got : n/2 (n-3) am i right or wrong?
  96. does anyone know how could you use an area model to identify the binomial factors of a trinomial? explain
  97. It is B, trust me. It IS B.
  98. Calculus

    A balloon is rising at a constant speed of 5 ft/sec. A boy is cycling along a straight road at a constant speed of 15 ft/sec. When he passes under the balloon, it is 5 feet above him. Determine how fast the distance between the boy and the balloon is increasing 3 seconds after...
  99. science Help

    How did the discovery of the electron change the atomic model? disaproved the earlier idea of an indivisible atom. confirm that atom are very tiny. C. It exposed fraudulent experiments conducted by unqualified scientists. D. It proved that atom are easier to see than...
  100. math

    the number line below shows an estimate for the sum of 6/13 and 1/8. explain why the sum is greater than 1/2.