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  1. spanish

    El profesor _____,y el estudiante _____. a. termina las clase/empieza la clase b. ensena/estudia c. ensenar mucho/estudiar d. empieza la clase/terminar I think B? There are squiggly things over the N's in ensena and ensenar.
  2. geometry

    Right triangle ABC is similar to triangle XYZ, because angle B is congruent to angle Y. If side AB equals 12 inches, side BC equals 27 inches, and side YZ equals 9 inches, then what is the length of side XY?
  3. chemistry

    How many grams of glacial acetic acid should be used to make 250 mL of 2.00 M acetic acid? Show all your work.
  4. chemistry

    How many grams of glacial acetic acid should be used to make 250 mL of 2.00 M acetic acid? Show all your work.
  5. Chemistry -

    create a balanced chemical equation and state the type of reaction. Zinc metal reacts with aqueous silver nitrate to produce solid silver and an aqueous solution of zinc nitrate. please go step by step, would be very helpful.
  6. spanish, again

    Thanks! I'll try that!
  7. spanish, again

    Thank you! I have a Windows PC. I would really appreciate the chart.
  8. spanish, again

    (upside down question mark) Que ____ hacer tu y yo para su cumpleanos? a.puedo b.puedes c.podemos d.pueden Is it C?
  9. spanish

    Thank you!
  10. spanish

    (upside down question mark)De quien es _____ sueter? a. este b. esta c. su d. esos A?
  11. chemistry

    change 120 ml to l .120 L then divide M by L to get moles 2.80 M/.120 L then take this and multiply it by the atomic weight or mass of NO
  12. Chemistry

    The most abundant isotope of the element nobellum has a half-life of 58 minutes. After 174 minutes the sample has a mass of .300 mg. What was the orignal mass of the sample? A. 1.20 mg B. 4.80 mg C. .600mg D. 2.40 mg
  13. chemistry

    Ba-140 has a half life of 13.0 days. What fraction of a sample will remain after 39 days?
  14. Chemistry

    The half-life of xe-133 is 126 hours. Starting with 250 mg, after 500 hours around how many mg remain?
  15. 6th Grade Math

  16. social studies

  17. science

  18. algebra

    how would you solve the follwing equation? (2c/c-4)-2=(4/c+5)
  19. math

    628. if there is more than 6 ones, its 628. if it says more than 6 ones, inclusive than it could be both.
  20. Geometry

    i believe it would be 56.52 (not 100% positive though) because if the radius is 6, then the circumference would be 3.14(6^2)= 3.14(36) which is 113.04 then you would put that over 360 and set up a proportion: 113.04/360 = x/180 (simplified to 20347.2/360) which gives you a ...
  21. math

    i think it would be 8 to 1 because 4000 -> 500 so 400->50 and 40->5 which would be 8->1
  22. algebra

    each week, mandy's algebra teacher gives a 10 point math quiz. after 5 weeks, mandy has earned a total of 36 points for an average of 7.2 points per quiz. she would like to raise her average to 9 points. on how many quizzes must she score 10 points in order to reach her goal?
  23. Social Studies

    india and china
  24. pyschology 1

    How would you use classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning to improve your academic performance? Give one example for each type of learning.

    given di=145, do=38,hi=-97 formula: hi/ho=-di/do how do i rearrange this?? i do not want the answer. need help rearranging equation please help!!
  26. English

    It's A, because demonstrative pronouns = this, that, these, those.
  27. biology

    In mitosis, what is the size of a daughter cell relative to the size of the parent cell? If an onion cell has 10 chromosomes, how many double chromosomes does an onion cell have at the start of metaphase? Thanks!
  28. Chemistry

    Which of these is true about the following reaction? NaOH + HCl ¡æ NaCl + H2O A. NaOH is the proton acceptor. B. HCl acts as the Br©ªnsted-Lowry acid. C. NaOH and HCl are the products. D. This is an example of a neutralization reaction. E. The products ...
  29. Chemistry

    How much heat is given off when 24.0 g of methane is burned in air? The equation for the reaction is: CH4 + 2O2 => CO2 + 2H2O + 890 kJ What equation or formula should I use to solve this? Thanks!

    A convex security mirror has a focal length of -0.25m. A person with a height of 1.5m is 4m from the mirror. calculate the image distance and image height. AND An object 0.4m tall is placed 2.5m in front of a convex mirror that has a focal length of -90cm. Calculate image ...
  31. science optics

    A cosmetic mirror is 50cm from your face and the magnified image of your face is upright. You are told that the focal length of the mirror is 45cm. Explain why this focal length is not possible. I understand that the image would be magnified and upright...that's about it
  32. Math

    What is the product of the sum of 1.3 and 0.9 and the difference of 1.2 and 0.8
  33. p.e theory

    explain how stregths and weaknessess can affect your health and efficency in sport?
  34. Physics

    Thank you.
  35. Physics

    A rectangular piece of gold is 3.1 cm long and 3 cm wide. Resistivity of gold is 2.4*10^-8. How deep is the piece when it displays a resistance of R = 1.65 μω for a current that flows along the depth-direction? I used R=(p*l)/A and solved for l. I got the answer ...
  36. MATH

    how do you change metric units
  37. Math

    The formula for Simple Interest is Interest= Principle x Rate x Time. You fill in the formula- ?= 7540 x 4.5% x 10. Then, you turn the rate into a fraction- 0.045. Fill in the formula again, 7540 x 0.045 x 10, you multiply. 7540 x 0.045 x 10 = 3393. The interest after ten ...
  38. Science

    If my project is about a lie detecting project waht would be my independent, dependent, and controlled variable?
  39. biology

    Which objective (4x, 10x, or 40x) has the shortest depth of focus? Thanks for the help!!
  40. 5th grade

    look in the dictionary
  41. viking age

    who are the vikings and what are their daily life, thank you
  42. music

  43. Math

    what is the total cost of the rechargeable batteries and battery chager?
  44. English - Mari Djata

    i think C
  45. Chemistry

    Approximately how many grams of NaNo3 will dissolve in 100g of water at 20 degrees Celsius?
  46. algebra

    Write a word phrase for 5p
  47. math

    Thank you! :)
  48. math

    So it would be half of his piece?
  49. math

    I'm doing a problem, and it says "Robert has a piece of twine that is 3/4 yard long. He needs a piece of twine that is 2/3 of this length. How long of a piece of twine does robert need?" Help?
  50. math

    How do you write repeating decimals as fractions? There's directions in my book,but I don't understand it? For example, how would you write as a fraction 0.81 with the 81 repeating?
  51. Physics

    To suck water up a straw to a maximum height of 187 mm, what minimum gauge pressure must be produced in the lungs? Note that in order to be able to suck up water, the pressure in the lungs must be lower than the pressure outside by the exact amount of pressure created by the ...
  52. crt 205

    I need to identify two arguments and define the premises and conclusion. I have to tell weather it is deductivly valid or inductivlely strong or in valid or weak and why. In the appendix 1 article Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11. Can you help with this.
  53. math

    It becomes 17? But usually with problems like these aren't you supposed to subtract since it's an addition problem?
  54. math

    So the problem is 9 = w + (-8) I know the answer is 17. But I don't know how I solve it/show work.
  55. Writing

    Ooops! I'll try to find a word to substitute that.
  56. Writing

    Is "confidentialationalize" spelled like that?
  57. URGENT Grammar

    I think it is mental. Am I correct?
  58. URGENT Grammar

    Are you absolutely sure? You might be correct.
  59. URGENT Grammar

    In the sentence "She approved the apposed marriage" is approved a: (a)linking verb (b)action verb (mental) (c)action verb (physical)
  60. Grammar

    Then it must be an action verb mental.Right?
  61. Algebra

    For each function, find three ordered pairs that lie on the graph of the function. -6=3x+2y
  62. travel and tourism

  63. math

    Solved both!
  64. math

    I figured out the first one. Still trying number 2.
  65. math

    1.Explain why there is no number that can replace N to make the equation |n| = -1 true. 2. List the integers that can replace N to make the statement -|8| < n < -|-5| true. I don't really get what am I supposed to do?
  66. Chemistry

    @LostChemist, For part b: (16.0g O/1 mol O) x (2.90g M/1g O) = 46.4g M/1 mol O
  67. to kill a mockingbird

    I'm reviewing for my test about the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird". There's this question I can't answer: 1. What are the generalizations (like stereotyping) made about black people? Who makes them? And how are black people affected by it? The same ...
  68. math

    In my book, it says to use a number line to find the sum of the equations. Should I draw a numberline on my paper, or just write down the answer on the paper?
  69. physics

    Work= force * distance Multiply 12.0 m and 25 N and that's your answer
  70. math

    15 ***********--------- *********/| | ********/ | | 20 *****25/ | | ******/ | | *****/____|________| *****15*******15
  71. math

    Ahh. The shape didn't show. Basically, it's a rectangle with like a triangle on the side of it. 15 on the top, 25 on the side with the triangle point, 20 on the right side, 15 on the bottom, where the triangle is. and 15 on the bottom of the rectangle
  72. math

    So, I need to find the area of this shape. It's an irregular shape, and I don't know how to figure it out. The shape looks like, 15 -------- /| | 25 / | | 20 / | | / | | /____|______| 15 15 I was told the answer was 450. Though I don't know how to figure 450 out?
  73. math

    i still don't get what a prime number is?
  74. math

    The formula for the area A of the triangle is A=1/2BH, where B is the length of the base, and H is the height. Solve the equation for B. I don't know how I'm supposed to be able to figure this out?
  75. math

    What are algebraic models? There's a problem and it says to use an algebraic models to answer the questions. I don't know what those are?
  76. math

    What is 7(y+3)+2y simplified? and if possible, can you break down how you got it? Simplifying equations confuses me easily.
  77. Math

    sue correctly answered 42 of the 50 questions. what percent of the questions dud she answer correctly?
  78. Science

  79. Science

    What is the difference between direct and indirect sunlight?
  80. social studies,word unscrambler

    what???? :)
  81. art(need help)

    i know these are a few questions but i just can't find them anywhere.i really need to know why the bauta mask was made,how you make one,who made it, and it's texture.if you could help me with any of these,i would be so thankful.
  82. art

    I just need to know who made the'bauta mask"?
  83. biology

    which animals eat butterflies? i know that birds do feed on butterflies even though they are hard to catch, but what else? please tell me any other animals that feed on butterflies. thanks you.
  84. CRT 205

    Taking a position
  85. Advanced Mathematics

    find the distance bewteen points at (6,-3) and (-1,4). The answer I got was 9.9 and it was wrong. please help!
  86. physics

    what is the distance traveled by a vehicle in 12 minutes, if it's speed is 35km/h? And the answer I got was 7km but I got it wrong. Please help!
  87. Math (ratio)

    5 4900
  88. Advanced Mathematics

    verify that cos(90+A)=-sinA is an identity.
  89. digital design

    How can you utilize contrast in your designs, yet still retain an overall sense of balance?
  90. english

    thank you
  91. english

    Does anyone know where to go for information on breast cancer?
  92. Math

    I want to find out how a hexagon and a square tessallate together?
  93. Math

    Can you wait till tomorrow? or do you need the answers now?
  94. Math

    Sure no problem. The probability is 1 out of 2.
  95. Math

    I believe the probability of rolling a 6 would be 1 out of 8.
  96. math

    Do you need to find the ? as well?
  97. math

    What is the y-intercept?
  98. English

    Can you please proofread: Aging is something that everyone will experience. Having the opportunity to explore four different types of living facilities, really was an eye opening experience, about how genuine life really is. Being able to gain educational background about the ...
  99. Proofread

    I did cite my sources in my final essay.
  100. Proofread

    Can you please proofread this for me for grammar mistakes thank you. British American novelist Amelia Barr once stated “old age is the verdict of life”. Aging is a natural process of life that effects all of us. Sociologists see aging as a process of socialization or...
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