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  1. chem

    a mixture of 50g of S & 1x10^2g of Cl2 reacts completely to form S2Cl2 &SCl2. Find the mass of S2Cl2 formed. (ans:20.2g) i need the calculation work bcus i got diff. from the ans which is 70.2g.
  2. geometry

    i think that the 31 and 49 are the angle measures and the NW and SW are just what direction its pointed toward :)
  3. phy

    Pulling up on a rope, you lift a 4.05 kg bucket of water from a well with an acceleration of 2.50 m/s^2. 1-What is the tension in the rope?
  4. phy

    A force of magnitude 7.50 N pushes three boxes with masses m_1 = 1.30 kg,m_2 = 3.20 kg, and m_3 = 4.90 kg .The mass is side by side. 1-Find the magnitude of the contact force between boxes 1 and 2, and 2-Find the magnitude of the contact force between boxes 2 and 3.
  5. phy

    A major-league catcher gloves a 92 mi/h pitch and brings it to rest in 0.15 m. 1-If the force exerted by the catcher is 803 N, what is the mass of the ball?
  6. Chemistry 2

    I have to calculate the Ccal using the following info: Initial Temp of water outside calorimeter=22.6 C Initial Temp of water inside the calorimeter= 100 C Volume of water in calorimeter= 50mL Volume of water outside calorimeter= 300mL Final Temp of water in calorimeter=27.9 C...
  7. Algebra

    earned 1000 in 2 mutual funds. one earned 5% profit and the other 2% profit. total profit was $29 how much invested in each mutual fund
  8. Chem balancing equation

    C5H602+O2 ---> CO2+H2O what is the coefficient of O2?
  9. english

    Like the popular belief that older adults do poorer in schools than their younger counterparts, the midlife crisis
  10. World History

    Thank you
  11. World History

    Who was an English philosopher who believed all people have natural rights? My best guess is John Locke.
  12. Math

    Lower and upper confidence interval estimate ahead of two months for cod catch (no trend in cod catch but it is changing slowly) for smoothing constant á=0.225 was found 300 and 477.12 tons. If the estimate of ó2 from the monthly catch of two years is s2=900. The...
  13. math

    How can I find the length of a right triangles leg?
  14. Religious Studies

    From an academic perspective, when does the Job text first emerge in history?
  15. Religious Studies

    1. What is “the problem of evil,” and why is it particularly problematic for Western, monotheistic religious traditions?
  16. World History

    Thanks for the link!
  17. World History

    One cause of the Peloponnesian War was a. invasion of Athens by the Persians. b. invasion of Crete by the Mycenaens. c. conflict over control of the Delian League. d. economic and commercial rivalries among the city-states. D?
  18. World History

    The Peloponnesian War began, in part, because of a. economic rivalries among Greek city-states. b. threats of invasion by the Mycenaens. c. alliances formed among Sparta, Persia, and Crete. d. arguments over control of the Delian League. A?
  19. Chemistry

  20. chemistry- can you check my answers?

    So for a and d are you saying there is no effect?
  21. chemistry- can you check my answers?

    can you please check my answers?? 9. For the following reaction delta H=2816 kj. 6 CO2(g) + 6 H2O(l) -> C6H12O6(s) + 6O2(g) how is the equilibrium yeild of C6H12O6(s)affected by each of the following? a) increasing pressure of CO2 increase decrease no effect Answer: ...
  22. MATH URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    SIMPLIFY: s^2+4s-4 SIMPLIFY: x^2-4x-3


    Madison is standing on the roof of a building that is 350 feet above the floor. She throws a ball straight up with a velocity of 20 feet per second. How long will the ball be in the air before it hits the ground?
  25. math urgent!

    Tyler is on the 15th floor of a building. She throws a ball straight down from the window, which is 220 feet above the ground. How fast must she throw the ball(in feet per second) for it to hit the ground in 3 seconds?
  26. math

    So, its 3000grams, because 500g+500g=1000g and 1000g+1000g=2000g and 1000+2000=300grams
  27. math

    1 kg = 1000 g So, 1000+500=1500 grams
  28. Math 8th Grade

    Jane's garden is in the shape of a right triangle. One leg of the right triangle is longer than the other leg. The area of the garden is 63 square meters. What is the length of the longer leg?
  29. Math

    Jane's garden is in the shape of a right triangle. One leg of the right triangle is longer than the other leg. The area of the garden is 63 square meters. What is the length of the longer leg?
  30. math

    5 combos you idiot
  31. Math

    =10c+c^2-4c =c^2+6c
  32. Math--Proportions

    Solve for x: 2 to x+1=x+2 to 3 or 2 to x+3= x+2 to x+5 (the proportions end up being the same in the end) I keep getting to the part after you FOIL, and then I get stuck
  33. Math

    10^-8 comes out to be a fraction so its smallest 10^-6 is next, also a fraction anything^0=1, so 10^0=1 then they just keep going up, so its 10^5 and 10^9
  34. math

    a square with perimeter 5 less then the area. perimeter and area equal 45
  35. Physics

    Find the speed at which Superman (mass=88.0 kg) must fly into a train (mass = 17998 kg) traveling at 60.0 km/hr to stop it. Running into the train at that speed would severely damage both train and passengers. Calculate the minimum time Superman must take to stop the train, if...
  36. Health

    Thanks again!
  37. Health

    Smoking marijuana over a long period of time can cause a. chronic bronchitis and damaged lung tissue. b. Alzheimer's Disease. c. tongue cancer. d. all of the above. D?
  38. Health

    Thank you!
  39. Health

    Indirect pressure is a. a strategy to avoid doing something you don't want to do. b. being swayed to do something because people you look up to are doing it. c. someone trying to convince you to do something you normally wouldn't do. d. none of the above. B?
  40. science

    A 3.00- flask is filled with gaseous ammonia, . The gas pressure measured at 28.0 is 1.25 . Assuming ideal gas behavior, how many grams of ammonia are in the flask?
  41. physics

    2Tsin16.9=mg=0 2Tsin16.9=mg T=mg/2sin16.9 T=54(9.8)/2sin16.9 T=529.2/sin16.9 T=529.2/.581 T=912
  42. physics

    a ball dropped from a window strikes the ground 2.99s later. how high is the window?
  43. geometry

    given constant perimeter (people),Irene made a rectangle with an area (tables) of 196 sq. units. she finds that this is the largest area (greatest number of tables) possible for the given perimeter. Irene drew a rectangle with an area of 196 sq. units. she finds that this i ...
  44. geometry

    A parallelogram has sides of length 3 and 5 and a diagonal length 10. is the quadrilateral a rectangle? please explain
  45. politics

    Which president closed the tunnel between his country and palestine? The tunnel was a secret passage way in which the palestinies got food and other helpful sources.
  46. politics

    what are some famous dictators that were either removed or killed and what did they do?
  47. Politics

    Why was it necessary to remove Hosni Mubarak as the president of Egypt?
  48. math?

    9/54 ito percent
  49. math?

    39/40 ino percent
  50. math?

    4/11 into a prcnt
  51. chemistry

    H2 (g) is made when 8.5 grams of Li is placed in water. The reaction also creates Lithium Hydroxide. Li + H2O --> LiOH + H2 How much H2 (g) is made? (the (g) means gas!)
  52. Chemistry

    How many moles of ethanol is contained in 250.0 ml of a 1.90M ethanol solution? A. none of these B. 7.60 C. 475 D. 0.475
  53. Math

  54. English

    If I wanted to say--This is Jos's backpack. Would the comma go between the s's as I have included, or would there just be a comma after the s?
  55. math

    jada baked 4 trays of cookies with a dozen on each tray. she and her brother ate 6 of the cookies while they were still warm. otis baked 4 trays of cookies . he started with one dozen on each tray then his mom removed 6 cookies from each tray to send to otis's grandmother ...
  56. reading

    what are parts of a poem?
  57. math please help

    temperature before change = 40 degrees temperature change =up 7 degrees identify the number model below that is correct. then cross out the incorrect model and complete the correct one. 40+7=? or 40+(-7)=?
  58. math please help!!

    i will make it more clear 10-_?_= 20
  59. math please help!!

  60. 6th grade science fair project

  61. math

  62. math

    2.5/30 is your scale so 2.5/30=8/x a proportion, so cross multiply 2.5x=240 x=96 yeah i think you're right
  63. Math

    distribute 12x-3<2 add 3 12x<5 divide by 12 x<5/12
  64. geometry

    the lengths of the diagonal of a rhombus are 2 in and 5 in. find the measure of the angles of the rhombus to the nearest degree. if it helps, we are learning how to use tangent right now!
  65. Writing

    Hi! Try this Look up the Song, "How do you like me NOW" see how they say it. Then you will know which one to use. Hope I helped! :-)
  66. US history

    To what extent and for what reasons did the policies of the federal government from 1865 1900 violate the principles of Laissez-Fair which advocated minimal government intervention in the economy?
  67. calculus

    assume f(x)=-2x+8 and g(x)=5x. What is the value of (f-g)(2)? i got -6 but i don't think that's it?
  68. Elementary Math

    What if we made a pattern by joining pentagons? If the length of each side of the pentagon is 1 unit, then what would be the perimeter of n pentagons joined together? Note: The perimeter is the distance around the outside of the figure.
  69. Math

    poo poo
  70. Math

    maia i hoped your right p.s. answer is H
  71. Math

    30 plus 30
  72. physics

    I have for about an hour and a half and I am still not getting the right answer.
  73. physics

    a 10.0-g object moving to the right at 20.0 cm/s makes a elastic head-on collision with a 15-g object moving in the opposite direction at 30.0 cm/s find the velocity of each object after the collision.
  74. math

    Is x<z<y what you are looking for?
  75. AP chemistry

    If 25.0g of water are decomposed at RTP how would you find the volume of hydrogen gas produced?
  76. math

    i have a math competition next saturday can some please give me advice on how to study. some sites snd stuff i really need help for algebra thank you in advance
  77. math

    i have a math competition next saturday can some please give me advice on how to study. some sites snd stuff i really need help for algebra thank you in advance
  78. math

    thank you
  79. math

    i don't understand
  80. math

    in algebra if you have a problem like -2+2 will the answer be negative or positive? can you please explain why
  81. 7th grade social studies

    1. what are coureur de bois? 2. what are mjssionary jobs? 3. what was louisiana named after? 4. if new amsterdam is now new york-then what is new nethrlands called today?
  82. spanish

    Thank you! I am going to pursue this!
  83. spanish

    "Mi abuela está en el hospital." "Qué lástima! ____" a. No vale la pena. b. ¿Qué te duele? c. No lo sabía. d. ¿Qué tienes? D? My teacher says A, but it doesn't make sense to me.
  84. spanish

    Thanks for checking this over!
  85. spanish

    She says the doctor is talking about parts of the leg.
  86. spanish

    "Doctor Pérez, me duele mucho la pierna. ¡Ay!" "Miguel, ¿te duele _____ ?" a. la derecha o la izquierda b. el derecho o el izquierda c. la morada o la rosada d. la quinta o la séptima A? My teacher says it is D. What do you think?
  87. Math help

    It has been found that 60 percent of homes subscribe to a cable service including the program "Cooking with Math". However, of these subscribers, 18 percent never watch "Cooking with Math", while 15 percent claim to watch it more than 5 times per week. Find...
  88. english

    Thank you!
  89. english

    The essayist's role is to a. study a subject from various points of view. b. put together a believable plot. c. present an accurate account of an event. d. ridicule those who disagree with his or her opinions. A?
  90. Physics

    There is a 1.2 m distance between a crest and an adjacent trough in a series of waves on the surface of a lake. In 30s, 35 crests pass a buoy anchored in the lake. What is the speed of these waves?
  91. Physics

    There is a 1.2 m distance between a crest and an adjacent trough in a series of waves on the surface of a lake. In 30s, 35 crests pass a buoy anchored in the lake. What is the speed of these waves?
  92. Chemistry

    describe how you would make a 2.5L of a .100M KCL solution from a 5.5M stock solution
  93. biology

  94. biology

    Which of the following is NOT a function of hormones? a. initiate behavior and reproduction b. coordinate the production and use of energy c. maintain nutrition and metabolism d. react to stimuli from outside the body B?
  95. 5th grade

    what are some features geographers can use to define a region?
  96. biology

    Thank you
  97. biology

    The brain stem is responsible for a. directing information in the brain and secreting hormones. b. regulating vital functions and memory. c. motor processing and regulating homeostatic functions. d. sensory processing and regulating balance. B?
  98. biology

    OK, thanks!
  99. biology

    When an impulse moves down the axon, a. sodium ions first rush out of the cell. b. a small part of the axon momentarily reverses its polarity. c. the resting potential of the cell does not change. d. potassium ions are pumped into the axon. B?
  100. biology

    Thank you, again
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