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One crew can frame a single story house in 7 days, while a second crew can do it in 5 days. how long will it take to frame a single house if the second crew arrived 2 days after the first. Im having problems setting it up with the 2 days after the first

life orientation
write your personal mission state that clearly indicates your own position in engaging in service delivery protests that will model correctly to the youth

Language Arts
Based off the story, I don't think he was, so is it C?

Language Arts
It's asking about the political climate of Boston after April 20 1775. From the book Johnny Tremain.

Language Arts
A. Bostians find themselves at odds with colonists in the other colonies as a result of the conflict in Lexington. B. Despite the lost of life in Lexington, Governor Gage continues to be a conciliatory and lenient presence in Boston. C. After shots are fired in Lexington and ...

route surveying
a driver traveling at 50 mph is 80 m from the wall ahead. if the driver applies the brakes immediately and begins slowing the vehicle at 10 m/s squared, find the distance from the stopping point to the wall.

I don't think it is correct but i am myself not sure what is the right answer.

Suppose an urn contains 8 red,5 white and 7 blue marbles.a.If 3 marbles are drawn at random from the urn with replacement,what is the probability that three marbles are red?

A small object of mass m= 30 kg slides down a spherical dome of radius R=12 m without any friction. It starts off at the top (polar angle θ=0) at zero speed. Use g=10 m/s2. What is the magnitude of the force (in Newton) exerted by the dome on the mass when it is at θ...

The range R=23^2*sin(2*42)/9.8=53.68m

nice explanation. It should also be noted that the period and velocity are the same for any two points on earth through the tunnel. This concept is called "gravity train"

IT Shows us that the relationship between the distance and the time is linear and it tells us that the speed of the plane is constant

A bead of mass m slides without friction on a vertical hoop of radius R . The bead moves under the combined action of gravity and a spring, with spring constant k , attached to the bottom of the hoop. Assume that the equilibrium (relaxed) length of the spring is R. The bead is...

A person is riding on a flatcar traveling at a constant speed v1= 15 m/s with respect to the ground. He wishes to throw a ball through a stationary hoop in such a manner that the ball will move horizontally as it passes through the hoop. The hoop is at a height h=4 m above his...

What will the angle of refraction be for a ray of light passing from air into a sodium chloride crystal, if the angle of incidence is 60.0°? The index of refraction of sodium chloride is 1.53.

3m/sec*2m/sec= 6 m^2/sec^2 ??? Is this right??

The difference between consumption spending and disposable income is:

if investment increases by $100 and, as a result, GDP ultimately increases by $200, the multiplier equals?

How do I use the sigma notation to express the series : 1+5+25+125+625+3125?

In your opinion does the HIPPA 837 form have more pertinent information than CMS-1500 form when submiting.

11th grade
what grade do you work on geography?


business law
2) Britain has issued the following regulation. “Whereas E. Coli and various other bacteria have caused an outbreak of disease worldwide and whereas beef products are prone to illness causing bacteria and whereas children often consume beef products it is hereby declared ...

It was to an extent beneficial to the States because they secured their interest for the oil of the Persian Gulf but it crippled the 3 continents on which they fought because they watched them crash and burn.

what is drugs?

i guess the correct answer is 9.3 kg. but i don't know how to get this answer?

environmental science
you can figure out the impact they had on the world by looking it up online or finding it in encyclopedias/your science textbook/or if you have a freind and your in the same class or even learning the same thing you can call them up and ask.