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Social Studies 8
The president was pressured to declare war on Great Britain by the....? Barbary pirates. Prophet. War Hawks. Peace Doves. I want to say either Barbary Pirates or Prophet (mostly Prophet), but I honestly have no idea.

Social Studies 8
I know because I have LiveLessons with you.

Social Studies 8
And by the way, you're wrong. It's D.

Social Studies 8
Yeah. Is your name Jeremiah? and thanks

Social Studies 8
3. The Democratic-Republicans believed in strong state governments and (1 point) rule by the wealthy class. a national bank. a strong federal government. rule by the people. I believe it is either A or B, but I am not sure. Help?

Don't listen to "Jman". Marijuana has many medical and non-medical purposes, of which is to treat cancer, ease pain, and destress. The cons are that it is considered a "gateway drug" because someday it won't work anymore and you'll start doing ...

7th grade math Ms. Sue please
To be honest, the majority of people here are from Connections. I'm PRETTY sure.

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