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  1. Math

    Which set of numbers best describes the displayed weight on a digital scale that showe each weight to the nearest half pound?
  2. Math

    Suppose h(x)= sqrt(f(x)) and the equation of the tangent line to f(x) at x=1 is y=4+5(x−1). Find h′(1).
  3. science

    why did a portion of the table top get cold when Natasha placed her cold drink on the table
  4. science

  5. science

    a I think
  6. science

    not relly
  7. science

    they are a heterogeneous mixer vaporization a chemical change an amorphous solid
  8. science

    a banana turning brown when exposed to the air is an example of what
  9. science

    an ice cube, a glass of cold water, and a swimming pool are each exposed to the same amount of sunlight on a hot day. after five minutes, the ice cube is melted and the cold drink is two degrees warmer, but the temperature of the swimming pool remains unchanged. what is the ...
  10. science

    a blank property of matter describes an ability to change into different substances
  11. science

    a bananan turning brown when exposed to the air is an example of
  12. science

    how can a swimming pool be unchangd
  13. science

    an ice cube a glass of cold water in a
  14. science

    a 54-gram sample of an unknown material has a volume equal to 20cm3 what is the identity of the substance
  15. Math

    Thank you very much! I was stuck and needed this.
  16. Math

    Consider the function f(x)=7x^(2)+9. Its tangent line at x=5 goes through the points (1,y1) and (−7,y2) where y1= ___ , and y2= ___
  17. Precal

    Use row reduction to solve this x+4y=-22 -2X-2y=14
  18. Math

    A drawing has a scale of 1cm=2ft.If the object drawn has a length that measures 8.5cm, what is the objects actual length. The answer I have is 17ft. Is this correct?
  19. Math

    Nevermind, I figured it out! I got 209/16 and it's correct.
  20. Math

    If h(t) represents the height of an object in feet above ground level at time t and h(t) is given by h(t)=−16t^(2)+14t+10 find the height of the object at the time when the speed is zero. The height of the object is h(t)= ___ feet.
  21. Science

    100% got them all right
  22. Language

    11. thiss question has two parts 1. list some important ideas The watsons go to birmingham-1963 includes. Why did you choose those ideas? 2. Tell us how using a reading role helped you understand the book.
  23. Math

    What I meant was I am converting gallons to pints. Is this correct 80 gallons= 640 pints
  24. Math

    I am stuck on this problem: Would 80 gallons > 350 pints? because i know i gallon=8 pints
  25. Math

    Sorry Damon. Is this right now: .62 < .622 < .625 < .626? Is it right now
  26. Math

    So would this be it: .62 < .622 < .6262 < .625
  27. Math

    For this problem I have to order these numbers from least to greatest. Would this be correct: .62< .622 < .6262 < 5/8
  28. math help..STEVE

    what are the answer
  29. Math

    So how would I put the numbers in order now?
  30. Math

    Sure. I believe the answer is .309, .363, .333, and .33. Am I right?
  31. Math

    Thanks Ms. Sue. Would the decimals be .3 repeating and .36363
  32. Math

    I am having trouble putting these numbers from greatest to least. Here are the numbers: .33, 1/3, 4/11, .309
  33. math

    For what values of a and b is the line 4x + y = b tangent to the parabola y = ax2 when x = 5?
  34. calculus

    Find a cubic function y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d whose graph has horizontal tangents at the points
  35. math

    Draw a diagram to show that there are two tangent lines to the parabola y = x2 that pass through the point (0, −25). Find the coordinates of the points where these tangent lines intersect the parabola.
  36. Math

    Suppose that y varies directly as the square root of X and that y=39 when X = 169 what is y when X =80? Round your answer to 2 decimal places.
  37. Ath

    A cup holds 1 5/8 gallons of water. How many quarts does it hold ?
  38. Chemistry (Help)

    I'm having trouble figuring out this one. Can you please help? I haven't gotten a response to any of my questions. Chemical formula: Na Name: Sodium Bond Type (intramolecular FOA): metallic bond VSEPR molecular shape: none Central Atom Hybridization: none? Molecular ...
  39. Chemistry (Check)

    Are these right? Chemical formula: NaCl Name: Sodium chloride Bond Type (intramolecular FOA): ionic bonding VSEPR molecular shape: none Central Atom Hybridization: sp3 Molecular Polarity: polar Interparticle force of attraction (IPFOA): London, dipole-dipole, ion-dipole State ...
  40. Chemistry Help

    Which of the following exhibits the highest boiling point? HF, HCl, HBr, or HI Which of the following exhibits the highest boiling point? CH3CH3, CH3COOH, or CH3OCH3 How can you determine the highest boiling point of these?
  41. Chemistry

    Which of the following exhibits the highest boiling point? Ne, Ar, Kr, or Xe My answer: Xe Which of the following exhibits the highest boiling point? F2, Cl2, Br2, or I2 My answer: HI Which of the following exhibits the highest boiling point? NaCl, SO2, or N2 My answer: SO2 ...
  42. Chemistry

    An aqueous antifreeze solution is 40.0% ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) by mass. The density of the solution is 1.05 g/cm3. Calculate the molality, molarity, and mole fraction of the ethylene glycol. molality I actually can do this whole problem EXCEPT for one part I'm stuck on. ...
  43. physics

    A car of mass 800kg is climbing an incline at 10 degrees to the horizontal. Determine the increase in potential energy of the car mass s it moves a distance of 50m up the incline
  44. Math

    The table below represents the velocity of a car as a function of time: Time (hour) x Velocity (miles/hours) y 0 50 1 52 2 54 3 56 Part A: What is the y-intercept of the function, and what does this tell you about the car? (4 points) Part B: Calculate the average rate of ...
  45. Physics

    A small sphere has a hole drilled in it and it is placed onto a wire. The wire is bent into a circle of radius 15 centimeters. The sphere can slide freely without friction around the circular wire. The circular wire is held vertically. (a) If the circular loop of wire is spun ...
  46. Math

    The question is: The area of a rectangle is given by the expression 8x+44y. Length is 2x+11y. What is width? I answered 4x & 4y, yet that was wrong. Can you help explain why? Thanks
  47. 4th grade math

    Mary purchased incredients needed to cookies. a table shows the cost for each batch of 5 dozen cookies. ($10.00 total) and the price of cookies = 1/2 dozen = $5; 1 dozen = $8 and 5 dozen = $35. question is if mary sells 3 dozen cookies. what is her profit??
  48. Chemistry 102

    The average human body contains 6.00 L of blood with a Fe2+ concentration of 2.00×10−5 M . If a person ingests 6.00 mL of 16.0 mM NaCN, what percentage of iron(II) in the blood would be sequestered by the cyanide ion?
  49. Physics

    A plane landing on a small tropical island has just 80 m of runway on which to stop. If its initial speed is 65 m/s, what is the maximum acceleration of the plane during landing, assuming it to be constant? Answer in units of m/s 2
  50. georgia state history

    Which of the following was an advantage of the south at the beginning of the civil war A. The south had agriculture products to provide food for the army B. The south had many factories that created superior machinery C. The south had a more advanced fleet of ships than the ...
  51. Math

    Thanks Ms. Sue you are the greatest.
  52. Math

    Please check my answer. 11 1/9% of what number is 600? I have 5400.54
  53. algebra 2 A

    Did you ever get the answer to this???
  54. English and Vocabulary

    My Vocab Words: 1. Degenerate 2. Implausible 3. incoherent 4. intercede 5. intricate 6. sanctuary 7. scrutiny 8. sinister 9. suffice 10. vulnerable need help 1-2 Birds feel ___ to attack when they are out in the open where shrubbery is sparse. To attract them to your bird ...
  55. language arts HELP PLZ

    Thank you! You're the real MVP!
  56. Math Word Problem

    Ms. Sue I am still getting -3.88. Are you subtracting?
  57. Physics

    A pitched ball is hit by a batter at a 40° angle and just clears the outfield fence, 106 m away. If the fence is at the same height as the pitch, find the velocity of the ball when it left the bat. (Ignore air resistance)
  58. Physics

    Oh wait I think I figured it out from a video. Total force is equal to mass time centripetal acceleration Total-F(c) = m*a(c) Where Total-F(c) = m* v^2/r T - mg = m * v^2/r where v^2 = 2gh and h = l and r = l so you get T-mg = m * (2*g*l)/l from that you get T-mg = 2mg then ...
  59. Physics

    A simple pendulum has a bob of mass M. The bob is on a light string of length l. The string is fixed at C. At position A, the string if horizontal and the bob is at rest. The bob is released from A and swings to B, where the string is vertical. The tension in the string when ...
  60. Math

    So the answer is just 36?
  61. Physics

    A 0.050 kg cart has a spherical dome that is charged to +1.0 x 10–5 C. The cart is at the top of a 2.0-m long inclined plane that makes a 30° angle with the horizontal. The cart and the plane are placed in an upward pointing vertical uniform 4000N/C E-field. How long ...
  62. Phy

    In the figure, a block of mass m = 3.09 kg is pulled along a horizontal frictionless floor by a cord that exerts a force of magnitude F = 13.7 N at an angle θ = 23.0°. (a) What is the magnitude of the block's acceleration? (b) The force magnitude F is slowly ...
  63. Math

    I need help with this math problem. From the reciprocal of 1/9 take 3 2/5.
  64. math

    Describe two ways you could evaluate 37% of the sum of 27 3/5 and 15.9. Tell which method you would use and why? THANK YOU!
  65. civics

    A big city newspaper prints a story containing untrue statements about the city's mayor that describe him as having stolen a lage amount of money from the public. The story is completely untrue and was invented by the writer of the story. --Why is it necessary to limit ...
  66. Physics

    vector r and s lie on an xy plane. magnitudes of 4.5 and 7.25, respecectively directions are 320 degrees and 685 degrees. What is vector r cross product of vector s?
  67. Fraction

    4friemds ate 3 large pizzas. Shawn ate 3/4, will ate 1/4 and Mattate 3/4. How much pizza is left
  68. Tourism,business studies,maths literacy

    A tour guide
  69. Pre Algebra

    I have a rectangle that represents one whole. There are three sections that equal 1/3 each. I want to subdivide those sections into even & uneven squares. EX: 1/3 divided by 2 = 1/6 I am having trouble identifying the uneven squares. Could you please show me a few examples ...
  70. reading

    what is the sequence of components in the following sentence listless and depressed by vistas of snow and grey sky's, Dieter left the cabin and walked toward the frozen pond . (A).subject modifier verb (B).modifier subject modifier verb (C)modifier subject verb (D)subject ...
  71. English

    Identify the verbs and verb phrases in the following sentences. Then, classify each verb or verb phrase as transitive action, intransitive action, or intransitive linking. Give the object(s) of each transitive action verb and the subject complement(s) of each linking verb. 2. ...
  72. Language

    2.sounds transitive. object familiar 3. will spell - transitive. object word. 4. hides - transitive. object wrong. 5. might have come - instransitive
  73. Language

    Thank You! 2. borrowed--instransitive 3. will spell -- instransitive 4. hides - transitive. Object spelling 5. might have - instransitive
  74. Language

    Identify the verbs and verb phrases in the following sentences. Then, classify each verb or verb phrase as transitive action, intransitive action, or intransitive linking. Give the object(s) of each transitive action verb and the subject complement(s) of each linking verb. 1. ...
  75. Algebra

    negative numbers closed under subtraction. True or false My answer is false, is this correct
  76. Math

    Thank You Anonymous for your help.
  77. Math

    No, it's not a three digit number. I hardly listen to him anyway. So, What is the smallest three digit number that is divisible by exactly three different prime numbers and how do you get this? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  78. Math

    How would I find the smallest three digit number that is divisible by exactly three different prime numbers? My friend says the answer is 2 - 3 - 17 but won't tell me how he got it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You.
  79. Math

    what is a real life example of 3/4 divided by 1/2
  80. Math

    So, anything over the difference you divide in half and give each team a half? I tried this with different numbers and it seemed to work. I think I have it now. Thank You again Ms. Sue, for all your help.
  81. Math

    Hi Ms. Sue. I was glad to see you out there. 24 is not the answer is it? That sounds too easy! I guess I do need the answer but I truly want to know how to get to it. Thank You sooooo much Ms. Sue
  82. Math

    I have finished Summer Work all but this one. Denver beat the Giants in a game. The sum of their scores was 44. The difference of their scores was 20. How many points did Denver score? I don't want the answer, I just want to know how to figure it out. Thank You for any ...
  83. math

    I don't know!
  84. psychology

    what happens to the brain as an individual grows older? a. what happens to the billions of nerve cells in the cortex as one becomes older? b. will the dead neurons be replaced? c. why is memory affected as one grows old?
  85. Art please help!

    thanks 100%
  86. Math

    Thank you Jai - I wish I had the nerve to tell her she was wrong, I tried that once and oh boy, let's just say things did not work out after that. I'll just know I was right and accept the 2 points off. Thank You again Kyle
  87. Math

    Problem is: 58,000.000 KM being converted to light-years I did 58,000,000 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 and came up with 0.0000006131 and converted that to 6 x 10 to the negative 6. My teacher says it should have been 6 x 10 to the negative 5? Could you explain where I went wrong? ...
  88. Math

    Thank You for the help.
  89. Math

    Could someone show me the formula to convert KM to Light-Years? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  90. Math

    THANK YOU AGAIN MS. SUE looks like I'm getting pretty good with your help LOL Thank you again Kyle
  91. Math

    The cost of one swimming lesson for various numbers of students is given in the table below. How much would each student have to pay for a swimming lesson in a group of 6 students? # of students Total Cost 1 $40.00 2 $50.00 3 $60.00 4 $70.00 I think the answer is total $90.00 ...
  92. Math

    Tickets for children cost $3.00, adult tickets cost $5.00. I am responsible for selling 6 tickets. How would I figure out all the possible dollar amounts that my ticket sales could total? SOOOO confused, please, any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank You
  93. Chemistry

    If 0.176 g of pure sodium hydroxide was dissolved in water and the solution titrated with 5.05 mL of hydrochloric acid solution to a phenolphthalein end point, calculate each of the following of the hydrochloric acid solution. (a) the molarity = .871 (b) the percent by mass (...
  94. Language Arts

    is it D
  95. Language Arts

    In Dragonwings for this question: From this text: Why I daresay they make better neighbors than some other folk, whom I won't name because I'm a Christian woman. Miss Whitlaw glared a poisonous glance at the demon, who had guided the soldiers over here. The demon ...
  96. Language Arts

    Need help with this question: Which of the following word pairs best shows in the novel shows how the people of San Francisco were affected by the earthquake in the book DragonWings? A. shocked and tired B. angered and violent C. traumatizing but hopeful d exhausted but ...
  97. math

    Would the solution be just 40?
  98. math

    We did the question (And how many combinations are possible if digits may be repeated?)
  99. math

    Answer the following questions below that go with the following: Let's say that a locker combination lock uses numbers 0 through 39 for a 3 digit combination. 1.) Exactly how many combinations are possible if NO digit may be repeated? And how many combinations are possible...
  100. science

    Could you please check my answers? Question one: When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence as support? A. Observations of nature. B. lab experiments. C. extensive fossil collections, D. genetic sequences. I chose answer C. Second Question: ...
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