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  1. geography

    What is the name of the island country off the NE coast of Venezuela? Trinidad and Tobago?
  2. geography

    Name the countries that border India? Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan??? Is Afghanistan correct ?
  3. Pre-Algebra

    The cost y (in dollars0 to provide food for guests at a dinner party is proportional to the number x of guests attending the party. it costs $30 to provide food for 4 guests. a. Write an equation that represents the situation. b. Interpret the slope. c. How much does it cost ...
  4. History

    What impact did World War I have on Russia? a.Russia’s territorial losses in the Baltic region led it to sign the Versailles Treaty to end its involvement. b.Russia’s high casualty rate led Czar Nicholas II to abandon the war effort to save civilian lives. c.Russia&#...
  5. History

    What impact did technology have during World War I? a.Guerrilla warfare became more prevalent with advances in surveillance technology. b.The use of iron created the first battleships in the history of warfare. c.Military advancement on the western front made the German ...
  6. History

    ok I looked back at my text, is it c?
  7. History

    What was the Battle of the Somme? A.It was the longest battle that occurred during World War I. B.It was a battle that opened a second World War I front in Turkey. C.It was a months-long battle resulting in massive British casualties. D.It was a battle that halted Germany’...
  8. History

  9. History

    What was a main cause of the Italian Independence War in the 1860s? A.opposition of the Italians against King Victor Emmanuel B.Austrian occupation and rule of northern Italy C.Napoleon’s conquest of the Italian peninsula D.a mutiny by Italian soldiers against the Papal ...
  10. Physics

    The ink drops have a radius of 18.0 ?m and leave the nozzle and travel toward the paper at a velocity of 20.0 m/s . The drops pass through a charging unit that gives each drop a positive charge q by causing it to lose some electrons. The drops then pass between parallel ...
  11. physical science

    Thanks a lot, really helped!
  12. algebra

  13. math

    In a random sample of 80 ears of corn, farmer Carl finds that 11 of them have worms. Carl claims that less than 20% of all his corn has worms. Test this claim at the 0.05 significance level. (a) What is the test statistic? zp? = (b) What is the P-value of the test statistic? ...
  14. Math

    A manufacturer claims that the mean amount of juice in its 16 ounce bottles is 16.2 ounces. A consumer advocacy group wants to determine whether the mean amount is actually less than this. The mean volume of juice for a random sample of 70 bottles was 16.04 ounces with a ...
  15. Statistics

    Suppose the weights of Farmer Carl's potatoes are normally distributed with a mean of 7.9 ounces and a standard deviation of 1.1 ounces. Suppose Carl bags his potatoes in randomly selected groups of 6. What percentage of these bags should have a mean potato weight between ...
  16. Statistics

    A manufacturer claims that the mean amount of juice in its 16 ounce bottles is 16.2 ounces. A consumer advocacy group wants to determine whether the mean amount is actually less than this. The mean volume of juice for a random sample of 70 bottles was 16.04 ounces with a ...
  17. Math

    A page out of a magazine had a 15 by 15 sheet of 225 stickers. How many of these stickers are not on the border of the page?
  18. Social Studies

    After identifying the problem, which of the following is the next step an engineer usually takes A. Explore what other people have done about the problem B. Build a prototype to solve the problem C. Identify related problems D. Communicate the results of prototype testing
  19. History

    2. What kinds of tools and material would Native Americans have used at Scull Shoals that did not last long enough for archaeologists to find?
  20. Math

    Gina was training for a marathon. On the first day of her training, she ran 10 yards. On the second day of her training, she ran 10,000 inches. On the last day of her training, she ran 1000 feet. How much did Gina run in all
  21. math

    if x is zero, are the following problems equal? 9x-3x-4, 12x-4, 5x+x-4?
  22. math

    Brianna says 3 equations equal -4 if x is zero. Brianna's thinking is wrong
  23. algebra

    Solve: 4/s = -2/9 The answer is -18 Show work of how to get -18 Thank you!!
  24. Math

    Thank you!
  25. Math

    The results of a survey are shown. In the survey, 28 students said their favorite dessert is ice cream. a. How many students were surveyed? b. How many students said their favorite dessert is pie? Favorite Dessert Pie: 15% Candy: 23% Cake: 27% Ice Cream: 35% *show your work so...
  26. Math

    the answers are 1B 2C 3B 4C 5C Thank me later
  27. SS

    Why did Britain and France adopt a policy of appeasement when meeting with Hitler at the Munich conference A They knew he had an agreement with the Soviet union over Poland B they were led to believe he wouldn't try to take any more territory in Europe Cthey assumed the ...
  28. math (precalc)

    Find a polynomial with integer coefficients that satisfies the given conditions. R has degree 4 and zeros 3 ? 4i and 5, with 5 a zero of multiplicity 2.
  29. Math (calc)

    An open box with a square base is to have a volume of 12ft^3. Find the box dimensions that minimize the amount of material used. (round to two decimal places). it asks for the side length and the height. Please help asap due in a few hours. Thank you
  30. math (precalc)

    I am confused by the multiplication of 1/h.
  31. math (precalc)

    yes sorry let F(x)=(x-1)/(3x) find f(a+h)-f(a)/h. f(x)=(x-1) over (3x) find f(a+h)-f(a) all over h.
  32. math (precalc)

    let F(x)=x-1/3x find f(a+h)-f(a)/h sorry if this is difficult to understand.
  33. Social studies

    hi im kyle follow me on instagram @kyle_crums69
  34. algebra

    Twice Bill's age plus 2 is equal to 4 times Bill's age less 46. Let Bill's age =b
  35. physics

    During a storm, a tree limb breaks off and comes to rest across a barbed wire fence at a point that is not in the middle between two fence posts. The limb exerts a downward force of 253 N on the wire. The left section of the wire makes an angle of 15.4° ...
  36. physics

    One block rests upon a horizontal surface. A second identical block rests upon the first one. The coefficient of static friction between the blocks is the same as the coefficient of static friction between the lower block and the horizontal surface. A horizontal force is ...
  37. physics

    Traveling at a speed of 18.0 m/s, the driver of an automobile suddenly locks the wheels by slamming on the brakes. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the tires and the road is 0.580. What is the speed of the automobile after 1.44 s have ...
  38. physics

    A person pushes on a 55-kg refrigerator with a horizontal force of -250 N; the minus sign indicates that the force points in the -x direction. The coefficient of static friction is 0.56. (a) If the refrigerator does not move, what are the magnitude and direction...
  39. physics

    A car is traveling up a hill that is inclined at an angle ? above the horizontal. Determine the ratio of the magnitude of the normal force to the weight of the car when (a)  ? = 17o and (b)  ? = 30o
  40. physics

    A car is traveling up a hill that is inclined at an angle ? above the horizontal. Determine the ratio of the magnitude of the normal force to the weight of the car when (a)  ? = 17o and (b)  ? = 30o.
  41. Physics

    A 70.0-kg astronaut pushes to the left on a spacecraft with a force   in "gravity-free" space. The spacecraft has a total mass of 1.0 × 104 kg. During the push, the astronaut accelerates to the right with an acceleration of 0.36 m/s2. Determine the ...
  42. American Government

    ANON is 100% right
  43. math

    x^1/2-6=x^1/4 please explain steps to solving!
  44. math

    ((2)/(x-2))^(2)-3((2)/(x-2))+2=0 please explain the steps!
  45. College Calc

    Hi, Im sorry Im not understanding i keep getting 144 as my answer
  46. College Calc

    What is the minimum number of feet of fencing needed to create a rectangular garden with an area of 576ft? Please help!!
  47. Math

    Manuel bought 9 pounds of apples. He has eaten three fourths of a pound so far and has? $15 worth of apples left. Write and solve an equation to find the cost of the apples per pound to the nearest dollar. How much did the apples cost per? pound?
  48. Algebra

    Thank Scott but I did figure out the answer I just don't know how to write the equation for it, can you show me the equation? Thank You again
  49. Algebra

    2 cyclists start from the same point and ride in opposite directions. 1 rides twice as fast as the other. In 3 hours they are 90km apart. What is the rate of each cyclist? I figured out the answer is 20km/h and 10km/h. What I don't know and need help with is how to write ...
  50. maths

    no reaction look at it you cant add kci to h2o so theres no reaction if there was not a h2o i would be a reaction hope that helps im in 12 grade so i think i know what your doing i learned this in 9th grade thats what i remaeber
  51. College Calc

    The average daily metabolic rate for rodents can be expressed by the function m=85.65w^0.54, where w is the weight in kg and m is the metabolic rate in kcal/day. Determine the rate of change in the metabolic rate with respect to time for a 0.25kg rodent that is gaining weight ...
  52. Math

    write the base 10 numeral for twenty five thousand nine hundred?
  53. math

    Suppose y varies directly with x and y = 72 when x = 6. What direct variation equation relates x and y? What is the value of y when x = 10?
  54. Physics algebra and trig

    A pair of fuzzy dice is hanging from the rearview mirror of a race car. As the car accelerates smoothly, the strings of the dice are tilted slightly toward the rear of the car. From the perspective of the driver, which one of the following statements is true, if the dice are ...
  55. Physics/Science

    Thank You Ms. Sue - you always help me out. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again Kyle
  56. Physics/Science

    I'm in 7th grade and I have a writing assignment that our teacher said "do your best" as an explanation. My best would be to call out sick the rest of the year! Hear goes. Explain the scientific accomplishments of Stephen Hawking. How dis his accomplishments ...
  57. Physics

    A hydroxide ion (OH−) in a glass of water has an average speed of about 600 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the electrical force between the hydroxide ion (charge −e) and a positive ion (charge +e) that is 1.0 × 10−8 m away (about the separation of 30 ...
  58. Art

  59. Social Studies

    which of these actions would most help a worker improve their productivity? A: Finding a new job in a different field. B: Taking a training course related to her job. ****** C: Buying a laptop computer for home use. D: asking her employer to give her a raise. The answer is B, ...
  60. Math HELP!

  61. Math HELP!

    So im right?
  62. Math HELP!

    Jayden opens a savings account with $100.00. His account pays 4% simple interest. How much money will be in his account one year later if he makes no deposits or withdrawals? A.) $96.00 B.) $100.00 C.) $104.00 D.) $148.00
  63. Social Studies

    Answer is B
  64. Math

    A number has 6 in the hundredths place. The number also contains a digit whose value is 1/10 the value of 6 in the hundredths place.
  65. math

    Three faucets fill a 100-gallon tub in 6 minutes. How long, in seconds, does it take six faucets to fill a 25-gallon tub? Assume that all faucets dispense water at the same rate.
  66. physics

    a person uses a slingshot to launch a rock upward with a velocity of 30m/s how long does it take to reach a height of 20m what maximum height does the rock reach, what is the velocity of the rock at this height, what is the velocity of the rock just before it lands
  67. physics

    a driver starting from rest accelerates at a rate of 1.5m/s^2 for 20s until reaching a certain speed she then continues driving at this constant speed for an additional 20s what maximum speed does the driver attain what total distance does the driver cover during the 40s that ...
  68. Algebra 2

    (a+3)^2/a-3/5/(a^2-9)= Pls help have no idea where to start
  69. math

    Kyle opened a bank account with $450. He deposits $58.50 each week. Write a function that shows the amount he has after w weeks. What is the function.
  70. math

    if a tax meter registers 20 pesos plus 5 pesos per kilometer covered. express the amount T registered in the taxi meter as a function of the number of kilometers covered
  71. Social studies

    How about, tell me if there wrong 2. d 3. c
  72. Social studies

    But I need someone to check the other ones now!!
  73. Social studies

    Mexico's economy is based largely on? a.) oil exports b.) mining c.) agriculture and live stock •• d.) industry ___________________________________ 2. Many indigenous people in Guatemala live in the mountains because? a.) it is the only land available to them &#...
  74. Language Arts

    Sal likes Chickens. The Chicken's name is Blackberry. Blackberry's remind Sal of her mother. Her mother likes Chickens. Simple.
  75. Math

    33. A bag of marbles contains 5 red, 3 blue, 2 green, and 2 yellow marbles. What is the probability that you choose a red marble and then a green marble assuming you replace the first marble? A) 1/24 B) 5/72 C) 5/66 D) 5/6
  76. Physics

    On the Round Up at the amusement park, people stand in a cylindical "room" of radius 6.18 m and the room rotates until it reaches a rotational frequency of 0.89 revolutions per second. At this point, the floor drops out. What is the minimum coefficient of static ...
  77. Math

    @Ms. Sue can you answer theses...... plzzz
  78. science

    the African plate is moving toward the Eurasian plate at a rate of a few centimeters per year. how will this area change in 100 million years? in your answer, consider how continents will change and how the Mediterranean sea will change.
  79. science

    a geologist working in a national park finds a mineral. He is caring a kit that contains a Penney, a hand lens, a geologist hammer, and a jackknife. describe how the geologist can use these items determine some of the minerals chartist
  80. science

    tom is marking the locations of active volcanos on a world map. explain how the locations of the volcanoes are related to earths plates
  81. geometry

    in an isosceles trapezoid, ABCD, AD congruent BC. diagonal AC bisects angle DAB. if the measure of angle CAB = 15, find: the measure of angle b, measure of angle BCA, measure of ACD, and the measure of angle D
  82. science

    Tom is markina locations of active volcanoes on a world map explain how the locations of the volcanoes are related to Earth's plates
  83. Algebra

    A field is six times as long as it is wide. If the perimeter is 420 FT, find the dimensions of the feild.
  84. Trigonometry Help please

    Write each expression in the standard form for a complex number, a + bi. A. [3(cos(27°)) + isin(27°)]^5 B. [2(cos(40°)) + isin(40°)]^6 For A i got 2.67+1.36i and for B i got 1.53+1.29i
  85. Trigonometry

    Write each expression in the standard form for a complex number, a + bi. A. [3(cos(27°)) + isin(27°)]^5 B. [2(cos(40°)) + isin(40°)]^6 For A i got 2.67+1.36i and for B i got 1.53+1.29i
  86. Math help please

    Prove this identity using the product-to-sum identity for sine: sin^2 x=1-cos(2x)/2
  87. Math

    Keep adding 3/4 to 3/4 until you reach 7 1/2. Then count how many times you added and that will be your answer.
  88. Math

  89. Math

    I did 2/3 x 8/1 and got 16/3. I then simplified it into 5 1/3, is that correct?
  90. Math

    I just need help how to solve it.
  91. Math

    What is two thirds of eight?
  92. calculus

    Find the solution of the differential equation that satisfies the given initial condition. dp/dt=2 sqrt(pt), P(1)=5 my answer: P=(2/3t^(3/2)+(15sqrt(5)-10)/15)^2 how is it wrong?
  93. Math

    MY son is in pre k and i like puuting out 10 objects he loves candy and toys and ill put out for example 6 he will count it to 6 he will get it right he is now in first grade and can count to 500 i think that helped him i also did abc mouse and youtube and we would go to the ...
  94. Geometry

    How would I find the ratio of the lengths of corresponding sides in two similar triangles?
  95. Physics

    A solid sphere of uniform density starts from rest and rolls without slipping a distance of d = 4.8 m down a θ = 36° incline. The sphere has a mass M = 3.2 kg and a radius R = 0.28 m. If there is no frictional force, what is the translational kinetic energy of the ...
  96. life orientation

    Propose 6 practical actions that you can take to address human rights violations of xenophobia in your community
  97. English

    Analogies: Circle the analogy that best matches the word below. Photon : Light a.) small : invisible b.) molecule : visible c.) home : kitchen d.) page : book I'm thinking c maybe? None of them really make sense to me.
  98. math help pls pls

    its not D, Ms. Sue. my guess would be A.
  99. Math

    If an amount of x dollars is invested at 3% interest compounded continuously, and at the end of 6 years the value of the investment is $4000, find x. x=___
  100. Math

    Hugh bought some magazines that cost $3.95 each and some books that cost $8.95 each. He spent a total of $47.65. If Hugh bought 3 magazines, how many books did he buy? The equation that models the problem is 3.95m + 8.95b = 47.65, where m is the number of magazines and b is ...
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