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Then why does the new silicon kilogram prototype need to be made out of pure isotope silicon-28?

Does the lattice constant of a unit cell vary over isotopes? e.g Si 28 and Si 29

what do the phrases "Je veux me battre" and "voulu mettre ton destin à genou" (there not related).?

Do you know any good, free audio dictionary-type websites that speack chinese?

Then, in the light intensity equation E=L/r^2, where E is illumination, L is luminous intensity and r is distance, what are the units of each factor?

Does one Candela (SI Unit for lumious intesnity) = lumens per metre squared, i.e. 1 Cd = 1 lum/m^2 if not, what is the relationship between candela and lumens?

HOw would I say "Dear son" and "Love from" in German?

do converging/diverging lenses work because of refraction?

When would one use the term ressentir as opposed to sentir?

I am doing a project on Isaac Newton. Ive looked at his impact on the development of the telescope, in particular, the reflecting telescope. Ive researed this a bit and have found conflicting dates. Some sources say he built the first relflecting telescope in 1671 but others ...

the sacred scriptures is more than a pile of old stories. Any websites you can give me to help with this?

translate this Le bonheur ici bas n'a pas de prix Am I right in saying"happiness here doesn't have a price". If not, what is the translation and two, what does "bas" mean in this context?

Sorry - are you being sarcastic or serious (its a bit hard to tell from text)

Then, do isotopes have different atomic radii? since they all have different numbers of neutrons. Even if they only differ by 10^-23 m, there is still some diff right?

With isotopes, is it fair to say that each isotope has a slightly differnent volume due to the differing numbers of neutrons in the nucleus? i.e. carbon-12 is slightly smaller in volume than carbon-13. If not, why?

Chem history
Why was carbon chosen over silicon in defining the mole?

How many ways and what are that in to say "that" in french?