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A 20 kg block is placed on a 35 degree ramp. What is its true metric weight?

At the amusement park, you decide to ride the Ferris wheel, which has a maximum height of 100 meters and a diameter of 50 meters. It takes the wheel seven minutes to make one revolution. If you start your ride at the midline and the ferris wheel rotates counter clockwise, how ...


Carlos invested his savings in two investment funds. The amount he invested in Fund A was $8000 less than the amount he invested in Fund B. Fund A returned a 8% profit and Fund B returned a 4% profit. How much did he invest in Fund B, if the total profit from the two funds ...

f(x)=4-x^2 simplify completly. Use difference quotient.

A manufacturer of sports equipment claims that the new fishing line has a mean breaking strength of at least 8 kilograms. Test this claim if a sample of 28 lines found that the mean breaking strength is 7.8 Kg with sample standard deviation 0.5 Kg. The distribution is ...

I have fraction 39/13 I have to write three fractions that are equal to I calculated 1 1/3 3/1 3 would this be correct?

solving systems of equations with 3 variables
What is the solution to the system? x-2y=1 x-3y+z=0 2x-2z=18

Algebra II
What is the solution to the system? 2x+y=9 x-2z=-3 2y+3z=15

Solving systems of equations with three variables? What is the solution to the system? 1] x+y+z=-3 2] 3y-z=4 3] 2x-y-2z=-5

psy, PHI 103
Disagree on wheather a believable solution is required for the enjoyment of a mystery novel.

5th grade
write a real word problem where you would multipy 120 and 75

s/a=4.5,D/A=4.5, N/E =.80 & A=D+Emsolve for N/S

how do I write a persuasive thesis statement to this.... gun control. I just need a persuasive thesis statement and I do not know how to write one. help please?

geography: easy
thanks a lot!!1

geography: easy
what is the latitude and longitude of Daytona, Florida


(m+5/6)= -19

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