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Equations and Inequalities Unit Test
What's for Algebra 1

Question:In the field of telecommunications, sound waves are sent to faraway places with the help of a kind of electromagnetic wave. Explain, by using a block diagram, how sound waves can be transmitted over long distances.

Bran a thin brown skin covers rice what does verb or verb group

Small parts on a conveyor belt moving with a constant speed of 1m/s are allowed to drop into a bin. The radius R is .5m. The coefficient of friction is .25. What is the angle at which the parts start sliding off the belt???? Don't even know where to begin.

Dynamics, Please Help
A car is climbing a hill and accelerating at a constant rate of 0.3 g and at an angle of 10 degrees. What is the steady state value of the ANGLE made by a mass hung from a cord that's attached to the rearview mirror. Please Help don't know how to start.

1 digit number = 5 3 digit number = 200 200+5=205 200-5=195 200x5=1000 200/5=40