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Fundi, Halima and Gitonga are employed in a firm. Fundi's monthly salary is $50 more than that of Gitonga. Halima’s monthly salary is $90 more than half of the total amount earned by Fundi and Gitonga. If Fundi's salary is $n, write the equation that represents ...

finance and cost management
house corporation makes credit sales of 2160 000 per annum. the average age of accounts receivable is 30 days. management considers shortening credit terms by 10 days. cost of money is 18% assume 360 day year how much will the company save from financing

finance and cost management
Diazstar corporation sells on terms of 2/10, n/30. 70% of costumers normally avail of the discounts. annual sales are $900,000. 80% of which is made on credit. Cost is approximately 75% of sales. required: 1. average balance in accounts receivable. 2. average investment in ...

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In 1991, the life expectancy of males in ceetain country's was 73.3 years. n 1996, it was 75.8 years. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t reprsent the number of years since 1991. The linear fuction E(t) that fits the data is E(t)= ______ t + ______. ...


a bullet of mass 0.06kg is fired into a block of wood. if the bullet is moving at 330 m/s as it enters the block and takes 0.15m to stop, find: A) the avg force required to stop the mullet b) the impulse exerted by the wood on the bullet c)change in momentum of bullet

what kind of monetary policy is the FED using now