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Business Math
Deduct Social Security, Medicare and FIT (by percentage method) from earnings. SS rate is 6.2% on 97,500 and 1.45% for Medicare. Richard is $1000 below the maximum level for SS earnings. He is married, paid weekly and claims 2 exemptions. What is Richard's ner pay for the ...

social studies
Define democracy and address the following in 200 to 300 words: What does American democracy mean to you as an individual? What are some of the criticisms of this style of government?

Social Studies
Formaldahyde. (Sometimes ethanol and methanol).

Explain in your own words why the line x = 4 is a vertical line.

I need help with these questions please. Could someone please check them for me? Thank You. 1. Jane Hilman went to her bank. She had a balance of $1,009.88 in her savings account. She withdrew $130.00 and the teller credited her account with $6.19 What is her new balance. is ...

If you can cut three logs in six minutes. How many minutes will it take to cut 8? 16 is not the answer.

Each corner is always a 90 degree angle.

how does the use of other organisms help science?

critical thinking
Choose from the following three topics from the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Note that there is one article in support and one in opposition listed for each topic. Immigration: Immigration Should Be Restricted. Paul Craig Roberts. Opposing Viewpoints: Race Relations. ...

what is prime after 20? PLEASE HELP.

6 grade math
you can ust repesent a variable to the problem& you just find it easier with a variable

social studies
thier were many trees and very large bodies of water. thier are alot of montains too

social studies
what is the geographic features of the eastern woodlands

english II
Errors in the use of punctuation marks - Use of Quotation Marks and Terminal Punctuation Answer Several universities in the city offer the following degrees: B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Must students write a research paper and pass a written examination in order to receive an M.A.? ...

I think I got it...can someone please tell me if I am right?... is it (r,s)(3,9)?

using the elimination method ...does this problem have an answer?...if so how do you get it... 5r - 4s = -21 4r + 5s = 57


To determine what effect the salespeople had on purchases, a department store polled 700 shoppers as to whether or not they had made a purchase and whether or not they were pleased with the service. Of those who had made a purchase, 125 were happy with the service and 111 were...

well some bugs have there legs better then others and are just born like that

General Studies
Are there any that can unscramble multiple words?

General Studies
Someone on here gave me some sites that helped to unscramble words. I don't recall what the site was and I am in need help again. Could someone please give me some unscramble sites again? Thanks, Kimberly

science 7thgrade
in an organism containig many cells how is th work of the cell performed

Social studies
What do researchers think is the meaning of animals?

4th Grade Math
i don't kmow i need help

Drug Abuse


Coludidos yo use incluso the millones period to order 462,409,524 463,409,524 463,562,391

american literature
A. the Narrator Did you even read this??

Try this site for help.

Tell how to use compatible numbers to compute each of the following. (a) 125 + 3 + 40 + 37 + 75 + 60 (b) 4 • 4 • 50 • 25

7,549,700 is the correct answer

Mechanics unscramble
Need help. I know this is 2 words related to safety. Please unscramble GSMSAHNIDRULEAOECC

Theory of relativity

My nephew, David, is a lawyer. would be the proper way to punctuate this sentence.

It is the CONTROL.

Scientific Method

Carbon Dioxide

solve and graph the following inequality. -8p-5<-13 Can someone please help me solve this because i tried it but im not quite sure if i solved it right.

pre algebra
simplify: (2k+7)(7k-1)\ can someone please help me solve this problem and go through the steps to solving it with me. Its too confusing for me. Thank You

simplify: can someone please help me solve this problem? Thank You (2k+7)(7k-1)

I understand what your saying so the answer would be (c) thanks

What is a neoplasm? A. Another word for a malignant tumor B. A type of carcinoma that grows only in the mouth C. Any new and abnormal growth D. A benign swelling of epithelial cells I think the answer is (A) is this correct? neoplasm (NEE-oh-PLA-zum) An abnormal mass of ...

After reading the website I still think the answer is (a) is this correct?

When comparing hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, it can be said that A. hemodialysis takes longer than peritoneal dialysis. B. peritoneal dialysis involves the removal of blood from the patient. C. hemodialysis is a step closer to the need for transplantation compared with...


How was Europe divided, and what r 3 consequences of its division? need answer by 4/23/09

art survey
what production? i cant help if i don't know

HCA 230
ive looked on google and everywhere and i can not find it can some 1 help aNY SITES OR An ything i don't want the answer but a site would be good compose a list of perspectives on health for your assiged role my role is a patient

Research and Design
over the course of five weeks, you will research and prepare a design proposal for a green company

try and give it a guess!!!!!! i,ll help with #1 its A. zead them to yourself and try to find out which one sounds better with proper grammar! good luck:)

yea the other guy is right and after that make a tree table and find out example 3 entrees abc drinks and 789 sides Entree drink side 1 a 7 1 b 7 1 c 7 And so on so try it and it will help!

Apply critical thinking to the decision making process by discussing workplace examples that highlight each of these three types of thinking...creative thinking, logical thinking, and persuasice thinking. Must be a minimum of 200 words.

I did a projectile motion lab, predicting where a ball would land before actually dropping it. I have to answer this question: you accounted for variations in the velocity measurement in your range prediction. Are there other measurements you used which would affect the range ...

solve -[-(-k)]-(-2)(-2+k)=-k-(4k+3)

7th grade
What's algebra like?

author of vengeance is not ours it's gog's

eth 125
Im doing the SAME ting and im done with the table but i cant get the ?? answered!! can u help?!!!! IM IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE!!


explian why please its physics
expliain y the very high specific heat capacity of water leads to formation of land and sea breezes???

3rd grade
You can do 3*2 which is 6 and 3*3 which is 9. 3*2*3*3=54 or 6*9. P.S. * means multiply

Research Project on Computer Confidentiality
I agree with everyone on this project... I have been working on it for a while now. I am NOT looking for someone to just give me the answers in ANY way. Just a way to find more information (enough for a full paragraph per answer). The assignment is to use AMA Opinion 5.07 and ...

medical terminology
what is the prefix for the following words: three equal, same as absence of, without Also need some suffix help: cut into, make an incision (suffix) excessive or abnormal increase in (suffix) swelling or tumor (suffix) This is homework and I need some help Thank You!!

Chemistry: please double check...
can you explain what you're doing here??? KIO3 moles: M x L = 0.000586448(0.025L) = .000146612 moles .000146612 mols KIO3 x (3 mols I2/1 mol KIO3) x (2 mols S2O3^-2/1 mol I2) mols = .000887972 mols S203^2- Then M S2O3^-2 = .000887972 mols/0.02715 L. M = 0.032400 Therefore,...

college;Envoronmental Economics
I am currently trying to complete the homework due for today and I need help. Is the below equation used to find MUC? If not how do I find? MUC = MBt– MC How do you find Switch point/transition point? Does this answer the question for finding the optimal time to extract ...

college;Envoronmental Economics
I am currently trying to complete the homework due for today and I need help. - Is the below equation used to find MUC? If not how do I find? MUC = MBt– MC - How do you find Switch point/transition point? Does this answer the question for finding the optimal time to ...

college;Envoronmental Economics
For each set of parameter values: - Calculate the optimal time to extract the resource - Calculate the Extraction path (Q0, Q1, etc.) - Calculate the MUC in each period - Calculate the optimal price in each period. - Graph each of these over time. You can use the spreadsheet (...

college - Environmental Economics
Subject for the question is from the subject Envoronmental Economics: For each set of parameter values: - Calculate the optimal time to extract the resource - How do you find transistion/switch point? - Calculate the Extraction path (Q0, Q1, etc.) - Calculate the MUC in each ...

For each set of parameter values: - Calculate the optimal time to extract the resource - How do you find switchpoint/ transition point? - Calculate the Extraction path (Q0, Q1, etc.) - Calculate the MUC in each period - HOW DO U FIND MUC? - Calculate the optimal price in each ...

(x^2-9x+9)-(-2x+4)+(6x^2-7x-5) = (x^2+11x+5)+(6x^2-7x-5) = 7x^2-4x

12th grade Physics
A bird accelerates from 5 m/s,north to 25 m/s,north in 4s. A) What is the bird's acceleration vector? B) How far and in what direction does the bird travel in this interval? C) What is the bird's average velocity?

business law
how much do you get payed working for criminal justice

International Economics
How does this practice shift the equilibriums (price and output) for tobacco and domestic food items (analyze both the local and international effects)?

International Economics
Explain why the U.S. would subsidize the short run costs of production for tobacco farmers in foreign countries. Do these practices guarantee the tobacco farmers a profit in the short run? Long run? Explain.

International Economics
When is international trade an opportunity for workers?

Significant figures in chemistry
can someone please explain significant figures to me?I don't understand how to round them to the right number.

I am having trouble as well.

Foreign Investment and Internation Investment theory in plain english so I can understand it.

us history
Describe what Kennedy hoped to accomlish with the New Frontier other than landing on the moon.

i have 3x/x+1=12/x^2-1+2 ans. 3x/x+1=14/x^2-1 3/1=14/x^-1 14/3x^2-1=14/2x^2 x=7/1 this is the answer that i have







English Expression
what is the verb in this the sunject and the predicate in this sentence? Leopards are members ofthe family of big cats.

Math Problem
Find equation of graph y=ln(x)3 right and then 7 up y=ln(x) y=7+ln(x^-4)answer

Math Problem
Find the equation for the graph in final state. y=e^x is 4 to right and 2 up y=e^x y=2+e^x-4 (answer) is this right?

an adult male's heart pumps about 2.8 million liters of blood a year. It his heart beats 70 times a minute, how much blood does his heart pump with each heart?

Human Services
Why are integrated information management systems important in human service organizations? Can you also give an example?

algebra 1
Hi Jenny, I could be wrong, but I just finished an Algebra 1 class, and I don't believe they are asking you to solve. They just want you to write out the equation as you would see it if it were not in a word problem. They just want you to right an expression for the area ...

human services
Make a list of the top ten characteristics needed in a knowledge- and value-centered manager. What is the managers’ responsibility in creating a successful organization? Give an example that supports your position. What role do managers play in helping their organization...

Human Service Administration
Can you explain why integrated information management systems are important in human service organizations. Can you give me an example? Thank you.

can someone help me find the LCM? 35c^6a^8, 5c^3a^3, 21c^6a^3

Energy Resource Challenges  Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Describe all of the renewable energy alternatives (WIND POWER, SOLAR POWER, BIOMASS FERMENTATION) What are some challenges with using and managing these ...

I need help on problems like -8*29 i don't understand what to do. i also need help with finding the percent of a number.

Are there similarities between mixtures, elements and compunds? Please help!! Thanks!! all are matter, in one form or another. Are there anymore similarities?

I do not undeerstand this question for homework. Determine if the set is closed for the given operation. 1. yes or no- The set of positive fractions for division. 2. yes or no=The set of positive integers for subtraction. Can someone help me? Is there a website that I can go ...

HELP. Help I have to decide whether these are rational or irrational. .73737373... .61611611161111..... 1/23 Can someone explain this to me? Rational numbers are just fractions. The decimal expansion of fractions will either terminate or it will become periodic after a while. ...

I need to know the math factors of 15 15*1=15 5*3=15

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