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  1. Social Studies

    ok Ms.Sue i was thinking that it is B but i am not sure
  2. Social Studies

    Which method of showing Earth's surface is the most accurate? A. An equal-area projection B. A scale-model globe C. A Mercator projection D. A Robinson projection
  3. Math

    I got B
  4. Math

    Sorry these are the answer choices: A. 8 sqrt 2 B. 16 sqrt 2 C. 32 sqrt 2 D. 32
  5. Math

    A square has the same area as a rectangle whose longer side is 2 times the length of its shorter side. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 24, what is the perimeter of the square? A. 8 sqrt 2 B. 16 sq
  6. sociology

    In your own words, explain “impression management” and how this impacts our interactions with others.
  7. 6th grade math

    A jogger is running around a 3/4 mile track and is 2/3 around the track. How far has the jogger traveled?
  8. Honors English

    Can somebody please let me know or show me a website that clarifies what the elements of the Restoration comedy are? Also how food consumption relates to the play "The Importance of Being Earnest"?
  9. ELA

    the answer is D.
  10. Computer program and design

    Design a class called SimpleCalculator using psudoecode that contains public methods named add(), subtract(). Each of the methods accepts two numeric arguments and returns a number that represents the result of the appropriate arithmetic operation. Design a sub-class of ...
  11. Accounting

    During 2013, Moore Corporation paid $14,000 of dividends. Moore's assets, liabilities, and common stock at the end of 2012 and 2013 were: 12/31/2012 Total Assets:$144,200 Total Liabilities:$52,600 Common Stock:$60,000 12/31/2013 Total Assets:$178,500 Total Liabilities:$59,...
  12. Chemisty

    Calculate the Volume occupied by 1.5 moles of an ideal gas at 25 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 0.80 atm. (R= 0.08206 L atm/(mol*K). I've tried using the ideal gas law: PV=nRT but i can't seem to get where I am getting lost. V=(1.5mol)(0.08206 L atm/mol*K)(298.15K)/...
  13. Geometry

    I really don't understand this.... You want 12feet to equal 9inches on the blueprint. What scale factor must you use to create an accurate blueprint?
  14. Algebra 2 pleaase help me out!!

    Katrina owns a sandwich shop. She wants to know if she can sell more chicken sandwiches if they are prepared with a special sauce. Katrina sells regular chicken sandwiches on a random sample of 10 days and she sells sandwiches with the special sauce on a random sample of 10 ...
  15. Math Check

    Which nonterminating decimal can be converted into a rational number? 0.818118111... 0.020304050... 0.010110111... 0.321321321... *** George has a square sandbox in the backyard. The sandbox has an area of 160 square feet. To the nearest foot, what is the length of one side of...
  16. American Government

    the correct answer is actually B
  17. science

    how many moles of h2 can be prepared from 3moles of Fe ?
  18. Chemistry Help Please!

    1) You have a protein at 20 ug/ml. Its MW =10,000. What is the concentration in molarity? Show work please! 2) You are asked to make 30 mL of a solution at 0.03M using the 0.10M stock solution. How many mililliliters of water do you use to make this solution? How many ...
  19. Biology Help Please!

    1) Which tube will be most 'yellow' at the end of the experiment? ( For Enzyme Kinetics Experiment) a) Substrate Concentration: 0.006M (my answer) Inhibitor: absent b) Substrate Concentration: 0.006M Inhibitor: un-competitive inhibitor present c) Substrate ...
  20. Biology Help Please!

    (In enzyme kinetics experiment)
  21. Biology Help Please!

    1) Which tube will be most 'yellow' at the end of the experiment? a)Substrate Concentration: 0.006M Inhibitor: absent b)Substrate Concentration: 0.006M Inhibitor: un-competitive inhibitor present c) Substrate Concentration: 0.0005M Inhibitor: un-competitive inhibitor ...
  22. home economics

    washing, drying and finishing
  23. Biology Help Please!

    )Describe the importance of chromatin remodeling process to transcription. Select the four correct answers. a) These alterations can be used to activate transcription of a gene by hiding its enhancer sequences. b) These alterations can be used to activate transcription of a ...
  24. life orientation

    the human rights influence to treat each other equally and with respect towards one another, to not be racist, we are able to live and to express ourselves, and that we should respect our rights and others rights
  25. life orientation

    the violation depends on your research
  26. life orientation

    theres the human right to no slavery, we are all free and equal, and the right to education. these are really important for example no one has the right to make someone there slave, we are all born free and we should all be treated the same, and we have the right to learn
  27. Life orientation

    what is the crime and the consequences?
  28. life orientation

    individuals should know and understand their human rights, and by knowing these rights they will know when these rights are being violated.
  29. math

    the standard form of the equation of a parabola is y=x^2-6x+14.what is the vertex form of the equation?
  30. converting parabolic equations

    The vertex form of the equation of a parabola is x=8(y-1)^2-15. What is the standard form of the equation?
  31. converting parabolic equations

    The vertex form of the equation of a parabola is x=8(y-1)^2-15. What is the standard form of the equation?
  32. HISTORY HELP plsssssssss

    I believe it is C: Hauyna Capac
  33. Genetics Help!!!!

    1 ) When the kinase ATM is activated after DNA damage occurs in the cell a. it can directly phosphorylate p53, which is then stabilized b. it can directly phosphorylate p53, which is then targeted for degradation by MDM2 c. it can phosphorylate the p53 gene, leading to an ...
  34. Math

    Hi um in 5th grade and im stuck on bills bag weighs 4 pounds. If he take 2 cleats that weighs 6 ounces much will his bag weigh
  35. Math

    A piece of cable 85 cm long weighs 52 grams. What will a 10cm length of th same weigh?
  36. perimeter

    The screen T.V. of Bradley is 15 m 20 m. It wants to put the new cover on the screen of T.V. which costs $25 per square meter. How much the cost-t-it to cover its screen T.V.?

  38. math

    For every boy taking classes at the music school , there are 3 girls who are taking classes at the school . if there are 128 students taking classes , write and solve a proportion to predict the number of girls taking classes at the school
  39. Science

    thanks jazzzmine 100%
  40. algebra

    If the temperature was 73 degrees outside at 5:00 p.m., but it fell 19 degrees by 10:00 p.m., what is the temperature at 10:00 p.m.? Write equation and solve.
  41. math

    whats 3-7+(8+9)=
  42. Mth 156

    A company will need $35000 in 6 years for a new addition. To meet this goal the company deposits money in an account today that pays 6% annual interest compounded quarterly. Find the amount that should be invested to total $35000 in 6 years. The company should invest
  43. MTH 156

    When two gears are mashed the revolution per minutes (rpm) are inversely proportional to the number of teeth, as show below. In one machine the rpm ratio of the larger gear to the small gear is 4:7 The small gear has 216 teeth In second machine the larger gear revolves at 400 ...
  44. Math help

    Convert the repeating decimal to a/b form, where a,b are integers and b =0(there is a slash through the equal sign) 2.36(there is a line over .36)'
  45. Lemoyne Owen College

    Math- If the gas is initially at room temperature (20celsius)and is heated in an isobaric (constant pressure) processing then what will be the temperature of gas in degree Celsius when it has expanded to a volume of 0.700 m to the third power
  46. Math

    Which statements is false? A. A decimal fraction has a multiple of 10 as a denominator. B. Every rational number can be associated with a point in the real number line. C. A terminating decimal cannot be expressed as a repeating decimal. D. The set of rational numbers includes...
  47. Science

    I mean b and c
  48. Science

    I'm conflicted between b and d
  49. Science

    Scientists who study abnormal animal behavior would probably know much about A. Astronomy B. biology C. Geography D. History
  50. English

    What does "articulated with characteristic eloquence" mean? Thanks.
  51. Grammar

    thank you so much
  52. Grammar

  53. Grammar

    On many mornings, the sky is adorned with peach-and-melon-colored ribbons as a blazing SOLAR sun begins to peek over the horizon. 1) Which choice would be the most consistent with the figurative description provided elsewhere in the sentence? A. No change B. Luminous C. ...
  54. Math

    A court is 94ft long by 50ft wide. It has 3 circles each 12ft diameter. Two of the circles are at the free throw line and the third is at the center of the court. Within the 3rd circle is another circle with a radius of 2ft.The key is rectangular region on the court from the ...
  55. chemistry

    I posted my specific heat wrong. Now, how many joules is required to change temp of 225 g of lead from 5.0*C. specific heat of lead is 0.129J/g*C. I came up with 5805. It just doesnt look correct. Please help
  56. chemistry

    How many joules is required to change the temp of 225 g of lead from 5.0*C to 25*C. specific heat of lead is 0.139J/g*C. I came up with 5805 and it just doesn't look right.
  57. Algebra

    Jess saved $500 working during the summer. He plans to buy school clothes with his money. He found jeans he liked for $30 per pair, including tax, and shirts for $17, including twice. If he buys exactly twice as many shirts as jeans, how many pairs of jeans can jess buy ...
  58. chemistry

    Lithium chlorate is decomposed with heat to give lithium chloride and oxygen gas. If 2.23g of lithium chlorate is decomposed, how many milliliters of oxygen are released at stp?
  59. Math

    how to multiply1111X101 in base 2 binary
  60. Language Arts

    I use Connexus too, and I'm just so confused because my teacher wants me to define this.
  61. College

    how do you write 1.1x10 to the 5 power in a standard notation
  62. History

    How did the spread of Islam lead to golden age?
  63. Technology

    Is there a app that shuts off iPhone without pressing home or sleep button?
  64. algebra

  65. algebra

    how many tiles 10cm by 25cm on each side is needed for a bathroom 8m by 10m? I need help on how to solve it... I learned how to do this in 8th grade but I'm now in 10th and I forgot how to do it. I'm preparing for the highschool exit exam and I need to do this problem ...
  66. physics

    A 0.5 kg rock is projected from the edge of the top of a building with an initial velocity of 9.66 m/s at an angle of 41 degrees. The building is 10.1 m in height. At what horizontal distance, x, from the base of the building will the rock strike the ground? Assume the ground ...
  67. physics

    A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a building 43.4 m high. The ball strikes the ground at a point 57.3 m from the base of the building. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. a. Find the time the ball is in motion. Answer in units of s. b. Find the initial ...
  68. Geometry

    A marathon runner ran the first 4 miles in 27.8 minutes. If she continues running at this pace, how long will it take her to run the entire marathon of 26.2 miles?
  69. Physics Questions Help Please!

    1) The lowest tone to resonate in an open pipe of length L is 1600 Hz. What is the frequency of the lowest tone that will resonate in a closed pipe of length 2L? a) 100 Hz b) 1.60 Hz c) 200 Hz d) 0.800 kHz 2) Which of the following does not increase as a sound becomes louder? ...
  70. Algebra

    The fuel efficiency for a certain midsize car is given by E(v) = −0.017v^ + 1.462v + 3.5 where E(v)is the fuel efficiency in miles per gallon for a car traveling v miles per hour. (a) What speed will yield the maximum fuel efficiency? Round to the nearest mile per hour. ...
  71. Physics help - Waves and Sound Questions

    1) A 1.50-m long gas column that is open at one end and closed at the other has a fundamental resonant frequency 80.0 Hz. What is the sound speed in this gas? a) 120 m/s b) 30.0 m/s c) 480 m/s d) 213 m/s e) 53.3 m/s 2) You drop a stone down a well. You hear the splash 2.23 s ...
  72. physical science

    A 3Kg bar of aluminum has to be heated form 25 degreesC to 75 degreesC . how many calories are needed to achieve this temperature increase?
  73. Algebra

    The number of bass in a lake is given by P(t) = 2800/1 + 6e^−0.05t where t is the number of months that have passed since the lake was stocked with bass. (a) How many bass were in the lake immediately after it was stocked? 400 bass (b) How many bass were in the lake 1 ...
  74. Math

    Jack has 5 apples Sahara has 13 apples. They each got the same amount times the number they already have. How much apples does jack and Sahara have now.
  75. Physics help

    A blacksmith at a historical reenactment is making an iron hinge. after placing the iron (0.750 kg) in the fire and shaping it with his hammer it is still at 200 C. he puts the iron piece in an 8 L bucket of water at 25 C. what is the final temp. of the iron (assume it is in ...
  76. Physics Help Please!

    an isolated container holding 5 kg of sulfuric acid is at 60 C. if 2.49x10^5 Joules of energy were transferred out of the acid, what would be the new temp. of the acid?
  77. chemistry

    the frequency factor and activation energy for a chemical reaction ate A=4.8 x 10^-12cm^3 and Ea=11.1kJ/mol at 327 K respectively. Determine the rate constant for this reaction at 327K
  78. Physics help please

    A blacksmith at a historical reenactment is making an iron hinge. after placing the iron (0.750 kg) in the fire and shaping it with his hammer it is still at 200 C. he puts the iron piece in an 8 L bucket of water at 25 C. what is the final temp. of the iron (assume it is in ...
  79. Physics Help Please!

    A block of mass is moving along the horizontal frictionless surface with a speed of 5.70 m/s. If the slope is 11.0° and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is 0.260, how far does the block travel up the incline? Show step by step please! ...
  80. Algebra

    Sorry, but I did not post my question twice.
  81. Algebra

    A veterinarian uses 300 feet of chain-link fencing to enclose a rectangular region and also to subdivide the region into two smaller rectangular regions by placing a fence parallel to one of the sides, as shown in the figure. (a) Write the width w as a function of the length l...
  82. math

    write an equation to represent the statement"four less than the product of three and x is twenty-three" 3x - 4= 23 4x - 3x = 23 4x - 3 = 23 3 - 4x = 23
  83. chemistry

    The antacid in question (with an active ingredient of Ca(HCO3)2), upon treatment with excess hydrochloric acid, a 0.413 g sample gives 92.85 mL of CO2 at 25.00oC and 1.000 atm. What percentage of the antacid is active ingredient? Assume a perfect system (i.e. the yield is 100%)
  84. chemistry

    a 0.96 millimole sample of Na2CO3 gave 0.9 millimoles of CO2 gas. If a 0.376 g of pure Na2CO3 was reacted with excess acid, what volume of gas will be measured on this apparatus
  85. Chem Help

    what is meant by the following question give a detailed experiment design for the conversion of 2-methyl-2-butanol to 2-methyl-2-butene on the 0.2 molar scale. I don't need help with the experimental design I just didn't understand what is meant by 0.2 molar scale. ...
  86. Organic Chem Help Please!

    if you used 40 g of cyclohexanol and obtained 24.6g of pure cyclohexene, a) what is your w/w yield? b) what is your theory yield? Thank you !
  87. Chem Help Please!

    Explain why the stability of alkyl carbocations is: tertiary > secondary > primary > methyl Thanks!
  88. Pre-Calc

    A point on the terminal side of an angel theta is given. Find the exact value of the indicated trigometric function (-1/5,1/2 ) find cos theta
  89. Physics Help Please!!!! Check!

    if I weigh N on Earth and 5320 N on the surface of a planet, what is the acceleration due to gravity on that planet? mg=702N m=702/9.8=71.6 kg mg=5320N g=5320/71.6=74.3 m/s^2
  90. Physics Help Please!!!! Urgent!!

    1) A 10 kg lead brick rests on a wooden table. if a force of 46N is required to slide the brick across the table at a constant velocity, what is the coefficient of friction? 2) A horizontal force of 100N is applied to a 200 kg refrigerator sitting on a horizontal surface. the ...
  91. Chem Help Please!

    Give the full mechanism for the reaction of 1-bromo-3-methylpentane with methanol. I know you cant draw on here. but can you tell write it out with words? Thanks!
  92. Human and social biology

    Four important socail problems may be reduced by knowledge of biology
  93. math/help please

    15/16 pages in 2/3aminute
  94. 6th grade math

    Hi I'm a parent and I'm trying my best to help my son but I need help. The problem is... Find two positive decimals a and b that make the following statement true. Then find two positive decimals a and b that make the statement false. If a < 1 and b < 1, then a ...
  95. Organic chem Extraction of caffeine from tea

    What is the name used for the mixture of the upper and lower layers that did not completely separate when you allowed the mixture to settle? What type of compound could cause the layers not to separate cleanly? If you obtained a poor separation of your phases, suggest two ...
  96. Physics Help Urgent Please!!!

    A crane is used to lift air conditioning units to the top of a 5-story building. Each story is 3.5 m high. The crane accelerates the units while lifting the units past the first story and then lifts them at a constant velocity past the second through fourth stories. it hen ...
  97. Physics Help

    An industrial die machine is used to stamp out holes in pieces of sheet aluminum. the die strikes the surface of the street of metal at a speed of 10 m/s, passes through the 0.635 cm thick sheet, reverses its direction, and is again moving at 10 m/s as it passes the top ...
  98. Physics Need Help

    The pile driver struck the piling with a speed of 20 m/s. At what height did the pile driver hammer have to be lifted for it to fall freely and attain that speed before striking the piling? Show steps please!!!
  99. 2

  100. Science

    igual donde kmox
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