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How many equal line segments are needed to make a line of 30 triangles

determine whether the following formula is a probability distribution P(X)=X/20 for X=1,4,7 AND P(X)=X+0.1 for X=0.24,0.26,0.15

A lottery offers one $800 prize, one $400 prize, and ten $80 prizes. One thousand tickets are sold at $3 each. Find the expectation if a person buts two tickets. Assume that each ticket can win more than one prize.

Please help with math!!

soicial studys help plz
the one above me is correct thanks

chem 1
9.70 grams of nitrogen gas are allowed to react with 5.44 grams of oxygen gas. What is the maximum amount of nitrogen monoxide that can be formed? What amount of the excess reagent remains after the reaction is complete?

in a lab there is a spill of 47.5ml of .500 mol/l NaOH how many grams of Sulfuric acid is needed to neutralizethe spill

Amy and Kim found a sale in a sporting goods store. Amy spent $33 on 2 pair of shorts and 3 packages of socks. Kim spent $27 on 1 pair of shorts and 5 packages of socks. How much does one of each item cost?

A mass m1 = 10 kg on top of a rough horizontal table surface is connected by a massless cable over a frictionless wheel to a hanging mass m2 = 5 kg, as shown in the previous problem. In m2 falls 1 m from rest in 1.2 seconds, find the co-efficient of kinetic friction between m1...

(Bond valuation) A $1,000 face value bond has a remaining maturity of 10 years and a required return of 9%. "The bond's coupon rate is 7.4%. What is the fair value of this bond?

Please find the next THREE numbers in the patterns and explain how you got them: 1) 5, 5/2, 5/4, 5/8, 5/16.... 2) 1, -3, 9, -27, 81... 3) 1/2, 1/2, 3/8, 1/4, 5/32... 4) -9, 101, -999, 10001, -99999...

How many moles of Fe2S3 are produced from a 0.4g piece of Fe?

ashford university
i need ant 101 week2 quiz

How to do factorise ? What is Factorise ? Give me some examples ,please . Thank you !

Calculate the number of C atoms in 0.185 C6H14O.

Mr.jones bought 20 yards of fencing to make pen for dog pen will be in rectangle shape, the fencing comes in 1 yard section, wants the MAXIMUM areafor his dog to run, what dimension will give the pen the biggest space for dog to run?? then what r the dimensions for the maximum...


Mr.Jones bought 20 yards of fencing to make a pen for his dog, the pen will be in a retangle shape fencing comes in 1-yard sections,he want the biggest space possible for his dog to run. What are the dimensions of the maximum space of the pen he can get??

how many 2 1/4 inch pieces can be cut from 6 foot long tape?

A projected space station consists of a circular tube that will rotate about its center (like a tubular bicycle tire) as shown in the figure . The circle formed by the tube has a diameter of about 1.1 km. What must be the rotation speed (revolutions per day) if an effect equal...

drysol contains 5g of aluminum chloride hexahydrate in 60 ml of an alcohol base. what is the final strength of drysol

a rope is cut into two pieces. one has a length of 37 feet. if the other piece has a length of x what was the total lengh of rope in feet before it was cut?

A high fountain of water is located at the center of a circular pool as shown in the figure below. Not wishing to get his feet wet, a student walks around the pool and measures its circumference to be 39.0 m. Next, the student stands at the edge of the pool and uses a ...

A ladder 7.65 m long leans against the side of a building. If the ladder is inclined at an angle of 60.5° to the horizontal, what is the horizontal distance from the bottom of the ladder to the building?

earth science

earth science
The gently sloping shallow area that extends from the continental shore is the called the continental?

A bullet is fired horizontally from the top of a cliff which is 750 meters high and hits the ground at a horizontal distance of 1660 meters. (Consider air resistance to be negligible

Find the magnitude and relative direction (e.g., NE, NW, SE, SW) of the velocity of an airplane relative to the earth, if the velocity of the airplane relative to the air is 165 km/hr. south to north and the wind velocity is 65 km/hr. at an 50o angle from east to west.

Jansen purchased a lot that was 121 feet in width and 360 feet in length. If he wants to build a fence around the entire lot, how many feet of fence does he need?


Analyze and compare both data sets using the data analysis and biases concepts from Chapter 11 of Sekaran & Bougie (2010). Compare only those categories that you find are significant to your analysis in demonstrating whether the US demographics based promotions can or cannot ...


a crate rest on a ramp that makes an angle of tangent with the horizontal.the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.35 and the coefficient of static friction is 0.45.the inclination of the ramp is slowly increased.(a)find the angle at which the crate starts to slip down the ...

thanks delilah!

What are some of the assimilation and marginality in the story Studs Terkel by Stephen Cruz?

What are some of the assimilation and marginality in the story Studs Terkel by Stephen Cruz

improving vocabulary skills fourth edition
Chaper 23 page 126. What do i do

bill and amy want to ride their bikes from thier neighborhood to school which is 14.4 kilometers away. It takes Amy 40 minutes to arrive at school. Bill arrives 20 minutes after Amy. How much faster is Amy's average speed fro the entire trip?

A long jumper takes of at an angle of 20 degrees and a speed of 11.0 m/sec. The max height achieved is 0.722 meters an the max length is 7.94 meters. At what angle and speed would the jumper have to take off to get the same max length, but twice the max height?

A solution was prepared by dissolving 8.0g of solid ammonium sulfate (MW= 132.14, specific volume= 0.565ml/g) in 35ml (i.e 35g) of water. What is the final volume of the solution?

prinicples of management
Scenario: Assume you are the owner-driver of a truck, which transports vegetables overnight from the farmers in Florida to the markets in Atlanta. On the way back you haul whatever goods need transporting in the opposite direction. You have five employees in your office ...

This is cheating! JUST LOOK AT THE NOTES THEY GIVE US! simple as that, trust me!

1A 2D 3B 4B 5C Would these answers be correct

1. Regarding management and leadership, which statement is most accurate? A. Leaders can be good managers, and good managers can be leaders. B. Leaders aren’t managers, and managers aren’t leaders. C. Leadership and management are entirely unrelated. D. Most ...

my present salary is $1,560.00. I was offered a new position at $8.60 per hour with 1 1/2 hrs pay for overtime after 40 hours of work per weeke. How man hours of overtime per week would I need to earn the $390.00 per week.

a square is made up of section a and section b. section a is 500 sq ft and section b is 1350 sq ft. what percent of the square is section a.

Intermediate Algebra
State the degree of the following polynomial: -2x4y + xy – y

Me too!

Actually the answer is B. Page 19: health(dot)gov/dietaryguidelines/dga2010/DietaryGuidelines2010(dot)pdf

There are 6 pairs of black socks and 6 pairs of white socksWhat is the probability to pick a pair of black or white socks when 2 socks are selected randomly in darkness?M

healthcare management
œ Differences in communication processes used in crisis situations, including what you learned from the situations in the scenario and how you might incorporate that knowledge to improve health care communication strategies

what%is 234 of 450

Consider the following set of data. (25, 6), (25, 51), (62, 34), (84, 15), (112, 57), (122, 14) (a) Calculate the covariance of the set of data. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) 40.17 (b) Calculate the standard deviation of the six x-values and the standard ...

math grade 12
2. An isotope of sodium has a half-life of 15 h. A sample of this isotope has a mass of 2 g. a. [2] Find the mass equation that remains after t hours. b. [1] Find the mass that remains after 5 hours, to the nearest hundredth. c. [2] How long, to the nearest hour, will the ...

math advanced functions
Canada’s Wonderland has a roller coaster named ‘Leviathan’. It boasts a maximum height of 93 m, 80⁰ drop, speeds of 148 kms and is 1673m long. At its maximum height Mr. Currie drops his gum from his mouth. The height of the gum can be given by the ...

I don't know how to do this proof It is set up on a T chart In the figure below PQ = RS Prove PR=QS ______P________Q_____R________S______ Proof must be set up on a t chart starting with PQ=RS Given

unversity of phoenx
dicuss some positive steps you can take to manage debt. when managing personal debt, what methods have been most successufl for you?

A patient receives 3.0 ml of a solution containing technetium 99 for breast image. If the activity of the technetium 99 is 9.5 mCi/mL, what is the dose received by the patient?

Updated Math Question
The radius of circle A is 9 times greater than the radius of circle B. Which of the following statements is true? A.The area of circle B is 9 times greater than the area of circle A. B.The area of circle A is 9 times greater than the area of circle B C.The area of circle B is...

The radius of circle A is 9 times greater than the radius of circle B. Which of the following statements is true?

Math 120
Graph the solution set to the inequality. 2x+3y>12

Math 120
If a force of 5 pounds stretches the spring 2 inches, find K. How far will 18 pounds stretch the spring

If a force of 5 pounds stretches the spring 2 inches, Find K. How much force is necessary to stretch the spring 14 inches

Write an equation of a line in slope intercept form that is parallel to y = 3x+6 and passes through the point (-10, 2.5). Do not use spaces and enter fractions as improper reduced fractions when needed.

Two rectangles are graphed on a coordinate plane, which number represents the scale used to enlarge Rectangle ABCD to Rectangle LMNO? Answer choices 1/2 1 and 1/2 2 4

Find the total investment and the interest earned when $2,500 is invested at 5% compounded semiannually for 3 years.

What are some of the ways in which modern culture is fatalistic in ancient greek sense

expressed values of a society

A brief story about a community that functions the way epics did in ancient cultures How does this story so? and what important things does it serve to ? explain?

Both the description and the definition of ecology and its significance to you and the society


find mean median and mode of 68, 79, 72 88 and 96

Medical coding
Neoplasms are evaluated by a grading scale in a system called A. staging. B. malignancy. C. sequencing. D. morphology.

General Chemistry
A container holds 3 gases: oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium. The partial pressure of the three gases are 2.00atm, 3.00atm, and 4.00atm, respectively. What is the total pressure inside the container?

General Chemistry
A gas is collected and found to fill 2.85L at 25.0 degrees Celsius. What will be its volume at standard temperature?

General Chemistry
A cylinder with a movable piston contains 2.00g of helium,He, at room temperature. More helium was added to the cylinder and the volume was adjusted so that the gas pressure remained the same. How many grams of helium were added to the cylinder if the volume was chanded from 2...

General Chemistry
A tank of oxygen is under a pressure of about 4.00 x 10^3 kPa. Express this pressure in millimeters of mercury.

General Chemistry
At STP, a 5.00L flask filled with air has a mass of 543.251g. The air in the flask is replaced with another gas and the mass of the flask is 566.107g. The density of air is 1.29g/L. What is the gas that replaced the air?

General Chemistry
A 230.0mL sample of a 0.275 M solution is left on a hot plate overnight; the following morning the solution is 1.50M. What volume of solvent has evaporated from the 0.275 M solution? a)42.2 mL b)63.3 mL c)187.8 mL d)230 mL e)272.2 mL

General Chemistry
If a 14.05g sample of a gas occupies 10.0L at STP, what is the molar mass of the gas at 125 degrees Celsius?

General Chemistry
What volume of oxygen gas at STP is needed to react with 5.06 mol of C2H4, according to the following equation C2H4 + 3O2 ----> 2CO2 + 2H2O

Compete the break even point in dollars. Selling price = $2.00, Variable cost = $1.00, Fixed cost = $150,000

help please :)
Jamal currently earns $20,000 a year in gross wages. On January 1, he is due to receive a 2% COLA. What will his gross income be after the COLA takes effect? A. $19,600 B. $20,100 C. $20,400 D. $24,000 i got C.

i got D.

i got b.

Which one of the following budget items would probably be considered a fixed expense? A. Entertainment B. Savings C. Clothing D. Insurance premiums

The radius of circle A is 9 times greater than the radius of circle B. Which of the following statements is true? A.The area of circle B is 9 times greater than the area of circle A B.The area of circle A is 9 times greater than the area of circle B. C.The area of circle B is...

quadratic equations

maths and statistics
A company manufactures a product. The total fixed costs are $75 and the variab cost per unity is $5. 1)find an expression for the total cost in terms of Q,the quantity produced

algebra ll
divide and simplify 5y-5/21 divided by y-1/33y

ACC 205
The cash balance in a company's general ledger and the bank's balance on the bank statement will generally be different because of the time lag in recording transactions. True or False

Why does scientist want to demostrate chemical bonding use models with colored balls to represent atoms. Balls arenot totally accurate. So why does scientist use them?

algebra ll
600(x^2+x+1) using the formula -b+/- sqrtb^-4ac/2a

How do you solve 600x^2+600x+600=0

The appromiate mass of a comet X has been memasured. When comet X orbits the Sun 5000 years later it only has half it's previous mass. Approximately how many orbits of the Sun has the comet completed and what is the period of the comets orbit?

Criminal justice
You have read about many of the important players in the criminal justice process: judges, prosecutors, jury, etc. Which do you think are the most important and why? You don’t have to rank them, but explain who you believe would be in your top 3 and why.

Prepare the income statement of Draper Consulting for the month ended Deceomber 31, 2012

A ball of mass 0.202 kg has a velocity of 1.54 m/s right; a ball of mass 0.298 kg has a velocity of 0.410 m/s left. They meet in a head-on elastic collision.

Patterns of punctuated equilibrium have been observed in some cases, but the debate between punctuated equilibrium and phyletic gradualism continues and provides interesting areas of research. Based on your research into the scientific process, what evidence do we see today ...

Sam had 900 base ball cards and Tim has one- ninth as many. How many cards does Tim have?

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