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y=−34 sin(10θ+10π)−14 I need to graph this trigonometry problem. I need the parent graph, period, vertical shift, phase shift, a separate graph showing the new mid line with the amplitude and a final product graph. thanks for any help :)


Science Help
A projectile that is launched at 15 degrees and the landing height is the same as the launch position. If this is true, then at what other angle can the projectile be launch to achieve the same horizontal displacement?

Math 3rd grade
I had the exact same answer.!!!!

American Literature
What do the pieces you read by Richard Rodriguez, Amy Tan, and Julia Alvarez illustrate about the immigrant experience in twentieth-century America? How are the children in these works different from their parents? Works read are: Complexion - Rodriguez; Two Kinds - Tan; and ...

A sign weighing 10N hangs from two ropes. Each rope is 45 degrees from the horizontal. 1. What is the tension in each rope?

A car is coasting to a stop. The total drag (frictional Forces) on the 200kg car equal 2000N. 1. What is the acceleration of the car? 2. How far does it travel before comming to a stop?

the design for a water storage tank calls for a radius of 19.5m and a height of 8.3m each dimension had a variability of +- 0.05m what is the minimum volume of water that the storage tank can hold what is the variability of water most possible and least possible

i don't get it still

The density of liquid water is 0.997 g/mL at 25 degrees Celsius. a) Calculate the mass of 250.o mL (about a cupful) of water. b) How many moles of water are in 250.0 mL of water? Use the result from letter a. c) Calculate the volume that would be occupied by 2.000 mol of water...

justin had nickels and dimes in his pocket. when he counted out his change, he had 80 cent. if there are 12 coins altogether, how many dimes did he have?

S surveyor standing 2277 ft from the base of a building measured a 31 degrees angle to the topmost point. To the nearest ft, how tall is the building?