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  1. math, algebra

    B is negative, for that example you make it A = 10 B = -3, B - A is -3 - 10, which is -13 and then -3(-13) = 39 and 39 > 0.
  2. math, algebra

    Ah, I get it, B is negative and A is positive. So it is D: I and III because A is greater than B and that means Positive X Negative = Negative
  3. math, algebra

  4. math, algebra

    That B is positive?
  5. math, algebra

    If A>B and B(B-A)>0, which of the following must be true? I. B<0 II. A<0 III. AB<0 A: I only B: II only C: I and II D: I and III
  6. Math

    3 5/9
  7. Math

    50?3/2-20?3/3-25?3/3 with step by step plz
  8. Math

  9. Science

    A 50-kg block is being pulled up a 30.0^ slope by force of 250N which is parallel to the slope, but the block does not slide up the slope. What is the minimum value of the coefficient of static friction required for this to happen?
  10. algebra-math

    Combined, there are 184 ?Asians, Africans,? Europeans, and Americans in a village.The number of Asians exceeds the number of Africans and Europeans by 61. The difference between the number of Europeans and Americans is 11. If the number of Africans is? doubled, their ...
  11. Math-college

    Combined, there are 178. ?Asians, Africans,? Europeans, and Americans in a village. The number of Asians exceeds the number of Africans and Europeans by 69. The difference between the number of Europeans and Americans is 7. If the number of Africans is? doubled, their ...
  12. Operating systems

    Is there a Windows 3.5?
  13. Math

    start at 500 create a pattern that subtrackts 4 from each numbers stop when you have 5 numbers
  14. math

    For each of the following examples: i) Express the negation of the statement using propositional notation, simplifying as much as possible, and ii) Express the statement (and its negation) in words, for the provided propositional functions. (a) ?x, (p(x) ? q(x)), where x ? Z, ...
  15. math

    Let f(x) be a twice differentiable function (i.e. f(x), f?(x) and f??(x) are defined for all x), and let a ? R (a is a real number). If f?(a) = 0 and f??(a) > 0, then a is a strict local minimum of f. (a) Express the second sentence in propositional notation by identifying ...
  16. critical thinking

    explain how rhetorical definitions, rhetorical comparisons, and rhetorical explanations differ
  17. Math

    A high fountain of water is located at the center of a circular pool as shown in the figure below. Not wishing to get his feet wet, a student walks around the pool and measures its circumference to be 19.0 m. Next, the student stands at the edge of the pool and uses a ...
  18. Health

    Thank you so much!!!!! :)
  19. math

    The measure of one angle is six more than three times the measure of another angle. If the two angles are complementary, find the measure of each. i keep trying to answer these type of questions but i always get the wrong answer?
  20. math

    A profit function is derived from the production cost and revenue function for a given item. The monthly profit function for a certain item is given by P(x)=−0.05x2+500x−100,000, where P is in dollars and x is the number of units sold. 19a. How many units must be ...
  21. math

    *two symbols
  22. math

    solve: −4≤2x+6<18 i don't know how to solve this kind of problem with symbols??
  23. math

    A real estate company has a fleet of cars. The annual operating cost per car is C = 0.25m + 1300, where m represents the number of miles traveled per year. Find the maximum number of miles that each car can travel per year to yield an operating cost of no more than $4000 per ...
  24. math

    Lisa deposits $3000 in an account that pays 2% simple interest, and $4000 in a second account which has a higher interest rate but is more risky. What minimum interest rate must she get on the second account in order to earn at least $700 in interest for the year?
  25. math

    An oil company operates two Southern refineries. The Alabama facility produces 500 barrels of high-grade oil and 200 barrels of medium-grade oil per day. The Texas facility produces 600 barrels of high-grade and 400 barrels of medium-grade oil per day. By operating each ...
  26. math

    Children and adult tickets were sold for a local play. The children and adult tickets sold for $11 and $16, respectively. If 150 tickets were sold, and the total revenue was $2250 for the night, find the number of children and adult tickets sold.
  27. math

    A stereo is bought for $1500 and sold 4 years later for $800. a) Find the depreciation equation. b) Assuming the depreciation is linear, find the value of the stereo after the first five years of ownership.
  28. math

    A pool can hold 2050 gallons of water, and it is being filled at a rate of 50 gallons per hour. The pool currently has 300 gallons in it. a) Write a linear equation which represents number of gallons in the pool. b) How long will it take to finish filling the pool?
  29. world history

    What is the most likely explanation for why the Shang had little interaction with non-Chinese cultures?
  30. school

    is this for connexus
  31. calculus

    14.4 km/min
  32. Life orientation

    Well,it basically depends on the human right that has been violated.For example if people are not awarded their basic right to water,they'll starve and and they may start protests against the authority(government).And if more and more human rights and violated the would ...
  33. geography

    a person could be fined up to 1000 dollars or be imprisoned for breaking the law stated in the _________.
  34. Science

    Calculate the frequency of rotation of the second hand clock
  35. Math

    Let ABCD be a square, and EFGH be a square whose area is twice that of ABCD. Prove that the ratio of AB to AC is equal to the ratio of AB to EF
  36. math

    if 1 quart of a concentrate makes 15 gallons, how much of the concentrate will be needed to make one quart of the mixture
  37. math

    Given that i=$700,p=$3,500 and t=4yrs. Find the rate
  38. civic education

    limitation of human right
  39. algebra

  40. English

    I don't know what the quotes R for the poem the city is so big
  41. Math

  42. Math

    Sketch a possible graph for a function where f(-2) exists, lim as x->-2 exists, f is not continuous at x=-2, and lim x->1 doesn't exist. How do I make this graph exist at x->-2 but still be discontinuous?
  43. Math

    piece wise function{y=x^2-2, x=<1 and y=1.5x-2.5, x>1. find slope of tangent at x=1 of piece wise function. So is it 2, 1.5, or no tangent? I am confused by the 2 graphs(piecewise). Thanks
  44. Math

    lim (6x+1)/(|6-2x|) as x->infinity is what number? I thought it was 0, but answer key says 3. How?
  45. Math

    Oh and please do not answer with derivatives. Need to use the (f(x-h)-f(x))/h
  46. Math

    How do I do this question: find slope of the curve y=1/(X-1) at X=2. I don't get the algebra here, how is it equal to -1? Thanks
  47. Math

    Examine the diagram. A piston rod, PQ, is connected to a wheel at P and to a piston at Q. As P moves around the wheel in a counterclockwise direction, Q slides back and forth. there's a unit circle. origin to intersection at (1,0) is point P. Extending beyond the edges of ...
  48. Math

    Please help me with this home work Triangle ABC ~ Triangle ADE AD=5; DB=3.5; BC=5.1; AE=6; EC=x What is the length of AB? What is the length of DE? Write an expression that represents AC? What is the length of EC? What is the length of AC? Thank you
  49. Math

    Triangle ABC ~ Triangle ADE AD=5; DB=3.5; BC=5.1; AE=6; EC=x What is the length of AB? What is the length of DE? Write an expression that represents AC? What is the length of EC? What is the length of AC?
  50. statistics

    A B C D E F G
  51. math

    How many ways are there to roll out a 3 question True or False?
  52. math

    A jet flew at an average speed of 480 mph from Point X to Point Y. Because of head winds, the jet averaged only 440 mph on the return trip, and the return trip took 30 minutes longer. How many hours was the flight from Point Y to Point X? how far is it from Point X to Point Y...
  53. Algebra

    Okay, thank you Reiny :)
  54. Algebra

    Name the axis to which major axis is parallel and find the center of 9(x + 1)² + 27(y - 1)² = 81
  55. math

    cot 1.5 degrees = h/151 151 cot 1.5 degrees = h h = _______________
  56. math

    The Statue of Liberty is about 151 feet tall. If the angle of elevation from a tree in Liberty State Park to the statue's top is 1.5 degrees, how far is the tree from the statue? cot 1.5 DEGREES= h/ 151 151 cot 1.5= h h= ________
  57. math

    cot 1.5 degrees= h/151 151 cot 1.5= h h= _________
  58. math

    The Statue of Liberty is about 151 feet tall. If the angle of elevation from a tree in Liberty State Park to the statue's top is 1.5 degrees, how far is the tree from the statue?
  59. math

    the angle of elevation from a ship to a 135-foot-tall lighthouse is 2 degrees. How far is the ship from the lighthouse?
  60. Math

    a surveyor is 3 miles from a mountain. The angle of elevation from the ground to the top of the mountain is 15 degrees. What is the height of the mountain?
  61. Algebra 2

    D'Andre has decided that he needs to get more exercise, so he is building a running regimen for himself. He decides that, beginning on Sunday, he'll fun 10 feet. On each subsequent day he'll double the distance he ran the previous day. So he'll run 20 feet on ...
  62. child development part 1

    nevermind 12
  63. child development part 1

    its 14
  64. Lusaka business and tecnical college

  65. math

    In the equation 1/5 (x-50)=25 X represents the number of pages of a book.
  66. physics

    A 1543.1 kg car is traveling at 25.1 m/s when the driver takes his foot off the gas pedal. It takes 5.7 s for the car to slow down to 20 m/s. How large is the net force slowing the car? Answer in units of N
  67. Math

    What is the rule for this function? input 2 output 5 ,input 4 output 13, Input 6 output 21, Input 8 output 29, Input 10 output 37 Please help now thanks
  68. science

    How does substrate concentration affect enzyme activity. If you do not know the answer, please reply this question letting me know.
  69. MATH

  70. Science Help

    1.) A rail gun uses electromagnetic energy to accelerate objects quickly over a short distance. In an experiment, a 2.00 kg projectile remains on the rails of the gun for only 2.10x10-2 s, but in that time it goes from rest to a velocity of 4.00×103 m/s. What is the ...
  71. Physics

    a person standing at the edge of a seaside cliff kicks a stone over the edge with a speed of 10 m/s. the cliff is 48 m above the water's surface as shown. how long does it take for the stone to fall to the water? the acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2. answer in units of s
  72. Physics

    A horizontal force of 150 N is used to push a 42.0-kg packing crate a distance of 6.60 m on a rough horizontal surface. If the crate moves at constant speed, find each of the following.
  73. College Algebra 1

    Using the factoring method, solve for the root: 10x^2-41x=-21
  74. life orientation

    1.Sleeping around 2.Peer Pressure 3.Lack of guidance,though it may be arguable
  75. trig

    In 60 ft. Run sith a 21 degree slope what is rise(ft)
  76. statistics

  77. statistics

    A committee of three people is to be formed. The three people will be selected from a list of five possible committee members. A simple random sample of three people is taken, without replacement, from the group of five people. Using the letters A, B, C, D, E to represent the ...
  78. Automotive Engine Types

    A 2.2 liter engine would have a displacement of approximately
  79. pseudocode app

    Using a word processor of your choice, write the pseudocode for an application that allows a user to enter the price of an item and computes 8 percent sales tax on the item and prints out for the user the original price and the tax but not the total. Example output: Your item...
  80. MATH Graph

    Go on the point of origin (0). Rise up 1 and make a dot. Then from that point go rise up one and go over to the right two spots. Keep repeating until you are satisfied.
  81. Calculus

    x(x^2-1)^3 using change of variable
  82. Calculus

    so is it a problem if I used dA/dx instead?
  83. Calculus

    Reiny you are a Godsent Thanks Alot ^_^ Feeling more confident for finals now!
  84. Calculus

    a rectangular storage area is to be constructed along the sides of a tall building. A security fence is required along the three remaining sides of the area. What is the maximum area that can be enclosed with 1000m fencing?
  85. Calculus

    Thanks Alot I was really puzzled on this one.
  86. Calculus

    a meteorite slams into the earths crust and penetrates d=(1200t-36000t^2)m in t seconds after impact. What is the maximum depth of penetration?
  87. Math

    Find the period and the amplitude of the periodic function y=3cos 4x
  88. Math

    Suppose there is a cow that is tied to the corner of a barn with a rope as shown in the figure below. One side of square barn measures 50 yards and all the doors on the barn are closed, so the cow cannot enter the barn (he must walk around the sides only). How large of an area...
  89. math

    how do I find the product for 15x3 1/5 using distributive property,help please
  90. math

    Anna uses 5/6 tank of gas each week driving to work . How many tanks of gas does Anna use in 1 2/3 months.
  91. Algebra

    Graph the rational function x/(x-6) To graph the function, draw the horizontal and vertical asymptotes (if any) and plot at least two points on each piece of the graph.
  92. Statistics

    The following is a list of 13 measurements: -38,-89,-47,-43,-70,59,92,97,23,-11,-62,-22,-5. Suppose that these measurements are respectively labeled X1,X2,...,X13 Find the sum when i=1 Xi/30.
  93. social studies

    liers all liers
  94. Personal finance

  95. Algebra

    The original price of a pair of jeans is $80. A store marks a pair of jeans as discounted at 40% off. It then has a store wide clearance of 20% off all marked prices. If you come during the sale and use a "40% off" coupon to buy the jeans will they be free? Why or ...
  96. Algebra

    Negative three times the sum of a number and one is less than or equal to the difference of 5 times the number and 9.Graph the solutions.
  97. Algebra

    Gail and her brother Henry had a combined age of 47. If Gail was twice as old as Henry ten years ago, how old is Gail today?
  98. physics

    During the second stage of a rocket launch the rockets upward velocity increases from 980 m/s to 9000 m/s with an average acceleration of 33 m/s*. How long did the acceleration last??
  99. math

    please show me how to solve this (2x - 5y) power of 2 i am having a problem with the way to step by step please solve this
  100. physics

    A metal block of mass 5kg lies on a rough horizontal platform.If a horizontal force of 8N applied to the block through its centre of mass just slides the block on the platform,then the coefficient of limiting friction between the block and the platform is
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