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  1. English

    CHECK MY ANSWERS, I NEED to 100% 1. Choose the word that best defines the italicized word. The rescue workers discovered the dog (cowering) in the closet. A - barking B - cringing (my answer) C - dying D - sleeping 2. Read these lines from Robert Burn’s “To a Mouse...
  2. Science

    Okay since no one helped here are the answers. 1. low 2. D - 30 degrees and 60 degrees 3. counter clockwise 4. west to east 5. cold/dry air 6. cold front 7. warm front 8. warm/moist air 9. stormy with precipitation 10. It will cover several states/thousands of miles. Good luck...
  3. Science

    Please help check my answers 1. On a weather map, the center of the mid-latitude cyclone is labeled as an area (high/low) __________pressure. 2. On a weather map, a mid-latitude cyclone usually forms between these latitudes: A. 90 degrees and 180 degrees B. 0 degrees and 30 ...
  4. History

  5. College physics

    Gun sights are adjusted to aim high to compensate for the effect of gravity, effectively making the gun accurate only for a specific range. (a) If a gun is sighted to hit targets that are at the same height as the gun and 100.0 m away, how low will the bullet hit if aimed ...
  6. Algebra II

    I need to find the intercepts for: f(x)=e^(x^2-9x+20)-1
  7. college algebra

    but what are the parameters of a?
  8. college algebra

    Solve the system of linear equations and check any solutions algebraically. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express x, y, and z in terms of the parameter a.) x +2z=5 3x-y-z=12 6x-y-5z=27
  9. Algebra

    Solve the system of linear equations and check any solutions algebraically. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express x, y, and z in terms of the parameter a.) 3x-3y+6z=15 x+2y-z=11 5x-8y+13z=19
  10. Math Geometry

    Guys, IMHERETOSAVETHEDAY and Dylan are the same person for one. And 2, the answers are completely wrong.
  11. Transformations

    I still do not understand, pardon me Could u use the terms dilation, reflection and translation and the axes?
  12. Transformations

    List a sequence of transformations which maps the graph of y=x^2 to the image with equation y=4*(2x-3)^2 + 1 Please help
  13. Pre Calc

    Sima wishes to accumulate $60000 in five years. She invests twice that amount in a fun that earns 7.2%, compounded quarterly. How much does she invest in each fund.
  14. math

    Luis rides his bicycle 3:4 of a mike in 5 minutes,or 1:12 hour,along the bike trail.Assuming he rides at a constant rate,what is his speed,in miles per hour?
  15. Statistics

    Assume that​ women's heights are normally distributed with a mean given by mu equals 63.8 inμ=63.8 in​, and a standard deviation given by sigma equals 3.1 inσ=3.1 in. Complete parts a and b.
  16. science

    number of grams of MgCl2 needed to prepare a 250ml of a 12% aqueous solution with 1.1g/ml density
  17. Math Makes Sense Grade 3

    2 in 4
  18. CHECK my drivers ed answers

    1. C - users of different sizes and shapes 2. A - a method of organizing space around your vehicle 3. B - After only one drink a person’s total driving ability can be reduced. 4. C - Pull over to the side of the road to allow the vehicle to pass. 5. D - depressant 6. C - ...
  19. 7th Math

    Thanks i really needed the help
  20. math

    find the equation of the family of hyperbolas where foci are (~4, 6) & (4, 0). Find the member of the family that passes through (2, 0)
  21. Comm Tech

    Awsome Kid was correct 100% thank you!! 1. A - When one variable increases, the other decreases. 2. B - 4, $55,000 3. D - a positive correlation 4. C - years of higher education 5. A - negative correlation
  22. Algebra 2

    I had to solve this quadratic equation using the complete the square method. Did I do it correctly? The problem is 3x^2+18x+10= 0 (3x^2+18x+10)/3= 0/3 = x^2+6x+(10/3)=0 x^2+6x+(10/3)-(10/3)=0-(10/3) =x^2+6x= (-10/3( x^2+6x +(6/2)^2= -10/3+(6/2)^2 x^2+6x+9=(x+3)^2 (-10/3)+(9/1...
  23. algebra

    wait so what's the answer lol I'm confused
  24. algebra

    wait so what's the answer lol
  25. 2 dimensional design

    I think it's edge.
  26. chemistry

    how is .006421 expressed as two significant figures for density
  27. chemistry

    a block of metal has a width of 3.2cm, a length of 17.1cm, and a height of 3.7cm. its mass is 1.3kg. calculate the density
  28. Computer

    100% correct thank you!
  29. Math Help

    In a certain state, each automobile license plate number consists of two letters followed by a four-digit number. To avoid confusion between "O" and zero and between "I" and one, the letters "O" and "I" are not used. How many distinct ...
  30. Math

    Thanks so much!
  31. Math

    I was thinking it was 1/10 but the only concern I have was when the questions says of the original lasagna.
  32. Math

    but shouldn't we include cameron? wouldn't this make 5 people?
  33. Math

    CAMERON AND HIS FAMILY WERE EATING LEFTOVER LASAGNA. There was 1/2 of the lasagna left. Cameron has one brother, one sister, and two parents. If everyone gets the same size pieces, what fraction of the original lasagna does each member of cameron's family receive?
  34. Physics

    A square coil with 30 turns has sides that are 18 cm long. When it is placed in a 0.31-T magnetic field, a maximum torque of 0.60 N⋅m is exerted on the coil. What is the current in the coil?
  35. law

    Does inspirational appeal always have to be engaged from a "top- down" approach? Can a leader develop a team where he becomes nearly "lateral" to his team at times that an inspirational appeal is employed, especially if it is genuine?
  36. law

    With the recent terrorists threats that the US has had for example the bombings at the Boston marathon, do you think the governement is going enough to protect the country from terrorism?
  37. law

    In your opinion what do you think is more important, civil liberties or security? Do you think that one outweighs the other?
  38. algebra

    The fraction of men in a population who are married is 2/3. The fraction of women in the population who are married is 3/5. What fraction of the population is single?
  39. Math

    I need to see how this is answered. 1. Lauren deposited $200 into her savings account with 1% interest rate compounded annually. After 4 years her balance was $208.12. Colby deposited $200 into a savings account that earned a 2% simple interest rate for 4 years, who had the ...
  40. physics

    Ok, so Intensity = Power/Area Intensity of sound expanding in a sphere will be I=Power/(4pi*radius^2) a) Power = 0.602, A= (4pi*(28.0/2)^2 Intensity = 0.602/2463.01 Intensity + 2.44E-4 Thats for one speaker. So multiply it by 2 for a total Intensity of 4.888E-4 b) For this we...
  41. law

    What is the context of the juvenile justice system
  42. law

    What is your perspective towards juvenile delinquency and school violence
  43. law

    illegal behavior
  44. law

    How do you feel about juvenile delinquency?
  45. law

    any state
  46. law

    Are the juvenile courts doing enough to change the treatment of juveniles in the justice system?
  47. law

    why you think so
  48. law

    But overrall Are parents and school management playing a suitable role to control increasing school violence?
  49. law

    Are parents and school management playing a suitable role to control increasing school violence? If not, what else can they do to help solve the problem of school violence?
  50. Advanced Algebra

    What is the inverse of each of the functions defined by the following equations, if the inverse exists. If the inverse does not exist for the largest possible domain, limit the domain so that the inverse will exist. In each case, give the domain and range of both the function ...
  51. Basic Statistics

    The Suva Energy Information Administration reported that 51.7% of homes in Sunnyville were heated by natural gas. A random sample of 200 homes found that 115 were heated by natural gas. Does the evidence supports the claim, or has the percentage changed? (Use a P-value method).
  52. Statistics

    A rental agency claims that the average rent that small-business establishments pay in Suvacity is $800. A sample of 10 establishments shows an average rate of $863. The standard deviation of the sample is $20. At α = 0.05,is there enough evidence to reject the agencies ...
  53. math

    Marianne buys 16 bags of potting soil that comes in 5/8 pound bags many pounds of potting soil does she buy? b. if her father calls and says he needs 13 pounds of potting soil, how many additional bags should she buy?
  54. KIPP Believe

    The student-to-faculty ratio at a small college is 17:3. The total of students and faculty is 740. How many faculty members are there at the college? How many student?
  55. Math

    A car dealership employs 12 salesman and 28 mechanics. What is the ratio of salesman to mechanics?
  56. Literatue- Ms. Sue help me plz

    dramatic narrative
  57. Literature-Help me Ms. Sue

    . it provided more slaves for her owner
  58. Literature-Help me Ms. Sue

    meanings are hidden in imprecise words.
  59. math

    Aislyn decides to research attendance at sporting events for her project. She finds data on average attendance per game at San Diego Chargers (CA) football games and at Dallas Cowboy (TX) football games. The table shows the average attendance for each team for the 2000 season ...
  60. english

    ugh i will just go elsewhere
  61. english

    I do not have a clue what it is cause it has been a long time sense I have read this book. Can you please help me?
  62. english

    17. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” how does the author use Tessie’s late arrival to help create suspense? (1 point) A The reader does not know what event Tessie has arrived late for. B The reader knows that the townspeople are aware of Tessie's ...
  63. English

  64. English

    16. What is the effect of the author’s use of assonance in the following line from “The Raven?” “For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore—” (1 point) A It creates emphasis on Lenore. B It explains Lenore’s appearance. C It ...
  65. English

  66. English

    12. What does the following quote reveal about Montressor’s intentions? "'Pass your hand,’ I said, ‘over the wall; you cannot help feeling the nitre. Indeed it is very damp. Once more let me implore you to return. No? Then I must positively leave you. ...
  67. World REgional Geography

    A. expanding the copra trade
  68. business Math

  69. Mathematics lit, physical science, life science. Geography and englsh ,sepedi and l.o

    Clinical Psychologist
  70. poetry part 1

    a narrow wind complains all day
  71. Science

    1. B - 5 2. A - approximately every 100,000 years 3. B - The retreat of an ice sheet is faster. 4. C - ice shelves 5. A - Changes in the orbit of the Earth around the Sun 6. D - Steppe 7. A - True 8. A - True 9. A - True 10. B - False
  72. Liberty

    What is the sample Z score to reject the null hypothesis if the cut off Z score +-2.31?
  73. statistics

    A population is normally distributed with mean 30, population SD =10, Sample size 25. What are the mean and variance of the distribution of means, respectively?
  74. Business

    The number one reason for the failure of new business is
  75. MATH

  76. Math

    Samantha swam 30 meters to a boat in 16 seconds. How long did it take her to swim each meter? I worked it out this way 8/15 x 30 = 240/15 240 divided bt 15 = 16 seconds my teacher said I was wrong and said the answer was 30/16????
  77. Math

    Samantha swam 30 meters to a boat in 16 seconds. How long did it take her to swim each meter? How would I work this out? Thank You
  78. physics

    A 0.40 kg mass is attached to a spring with force constant 26 N/m and released from rest at a distance of 3.2 cm from the equilibrium position Use conservation of energy to find the speed of the spring when it is halfway to the equilibrium position Find the maximum speed of ...
  79. Accounting

    1.More specifically, in the third and fourth quarter of 2000, at the direction and with the knowledge of WorldCom’s senior management, Vinson Normand and others, by making and causing to be made entries in WorldCom’s books which improperly decreased certain revenues ...
  80. math

    the price of a fax machine is marked down from $305 to $262.30. what is the rate of discount
  81. Literature

  82. maths

    A die is thrown twice. Find the probability that the number obtained in the first throw is smaller than that in the second throw.
  83. maths

    A group of y numbers has mean x. If the numbers 3 and 5 are removed from the group, the mean of remaining(y-2) numbers remains unchanged. Find x.
  84. Finite Math

    True or false. [A ¿ (B ¾ C)]c = (A ¿ B)c ¿ (A ¿ C)c
  85. Finite Math

    True or false. P (n, r) = r! C (n, r). explain why please, thanks
  86. english

    D secondary research
  87. Computers C++

    1). After the assignment statement result = isspace('\t'); result has the value ________. 2). The data type of islower('g') is ________. 3). What will be output given the following information: float * pointer; float pay = 3.75; pointer = &pay; cout << &...
  88. math

    if i have a mix of 4oz. to 100lbs. how much would it be for 9Lbs.
  89. math

  90. chemistry

  91. Trigonometry

    rectangular form to polar form xy=12 rsinÆŸ rcosÆŸ=12 would the answer be: r^2=12/cosÆŸ sinÆŸ please show steps, Thanks
  92. math

    9/20 how do I multiply & simplity
  93. Literature

    4 feet
  94. algebra

    (1) T in terms of A is alike to Y in terms of X for linear graphs, so set it up the same way. T = (something)A + constant The constant reading is 200 miles per hour so that is your constant. T = (something)A + 200 The true airspeed is increasing by 2% or .02 of the indicated ...
  95. Math

    Use all ten digits from 0 to 9 only once. Do not use 0 in either the milions or thousandths places. What is the greatest number less than 5 million?
  96. math

    Alternate exterior angles are always ?
  97. algebra

    a – 6 = 2b a + b = 15
  98. algebra

    Solve by setting up the proper equation to describe the facts given and then carrying out the mathematical calculations to solve for the unknown variable(s). The sum of two numbers is 36. Their difference is 4. Determine the two unknown numbers.
  99. pre algebra

    solve whether the sequence is arithmetic or geometric if it is arithmetic or geometric,state the common difference or common ratio and write the next three terms of the sequence 10,18,26,34
  100. Probability

    6 sided die is rolled 8 times, how many sequence of rolles are there?
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