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what is the GCF or greatest common factor of 18,27,30

A.) A Ferris wheel has a radius of 32 feet and completes one revolution every 5.4 minutes. What is the speed of the Ferris wheel (in radians per minute)? _______radians per minute B.) A Ferris wheel has a radius of 39 feet and travels 5.6 feet every second. What is the speed ...

I don't understand what steps I have to do in order to solve this problem. An angle's rays cut off an arc length of 227 centimeters in a circle with a 40 centimeter radius. A. What portion of the circle's circumference is cut off by this angle? B. What is the ...

One Last Help
1. 423% as a decimal a. 0.423 b. 42.3 c. 4.23 (GOT THIS) d. 423 2. 4 1/4 as a percent a. 4.20% b. 4.25% (Debating on this or...) c. 420% d. 425% (...this.) 3. 120% as a fraction a. 1 1/5 (GOT THIS) b. 3/25 c. 1 3/25 d. 1 1/2 4. 0.35% as a decimal a. 0.035 b. 0.0035 (GOT THIS) ...

Math! HELP!
Oops, 3/400? Thanks. Can you help me now on these? 1. 423% as a decimal a. 0.423 b. 42.3 c. 4.23 (GOT THIS) d. 423 2. 4 1/4 as a percent a. 4.20% b. 4.25% (Debating on this or...) c. 420% d. 425% (...this.) 3. 120% as a fraction a. 1 1/5 (GOT THIS) b. 3/25 c. 1 3/25 d. 1 1/2 4...

Math! HELP!
Help with 2! 0.45% as a decimal is a. 4.50 b. 00.45 c. 0.0045 {I chose this! 0.75% equivalent to a fraction is a. 3/4 {I chose this! b. 3/400 c. 3/40

please answer

calculate the volume of concentrated 4M HCl that is needed to create a 1 L solution of 0.1 M HCl.

6/15 simplified is 2/5

4th grade math
8 different ways. 3x5,5x5,4x4,6x6,3x6,4x5,4x6,6x5. I am a 4th grader myself.

Mary’s yard is a mess. She needs to hire someone to prune her trees and shrubs. A landscaping service she calls quotes her a price of $15 consultation fee plus $8 an hour for the actual work. Mary’s neighbor has offered to help her out. She doesn’t charge a ...

Danny is right except Number 1... the correct answer is 4.

a)Plated Ni and Ag at 2.98 V b)Plated Ag and Zn at 1.98 V c)2.10/107.868/2*65.38=0.64g zn this is proven

how can you find points of a tri equation at orgin 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and end of the period

if you had 3.00 g in the question 3.00g(mol/g108)(1molZn/2)(65g/mol)= 0.91g

F is the center of the circle, and L is the intersection of the ray with the circle, and assuming the circle has a radius of at least 6cm, the answer is 2. If the radius is less than 6cm, the answer is 1.

Organic Chemistry

Which term describes an organism's ability to maintain a stable internal environment? (1) reproduction (2) extinction (3) locomotion (4) regulation

I realised my mistake

Help me on this one :( Express y= (7-3x-x^2)/[((1-x)^2)(2+x)] in partial fractions. Hence, prove that if x^3 and higher powers of x may be neglected, then y=(1/8)(28+30x+41x^2) I did the first part of expressing it in partial fractions. (Since it's very difficult to type ...

Math (inequalities)
1)Each packet must have at least 20 gold stars = x > or equal to 20 2)Each packet must have at least 15 silver stars = y > or equal to 15, is this correct? 3)The total number of stars in each packet must not be more than 60 = x+y < or equal to 60, is this correct? 4)x...

Reiny (this was the one you helped me with)
I tried to explain it by using the arrangement of billiard balls, but I guess you don't play pool. let me try to "draw" the billiard balls . . .o . . o o . .o o o . o o o o o o o o o o sum of one row = 1 sum of two rows = 3 sum of three rows = 6 sum of four rows...

For Reimy
Math (Reimy) - Reiny, Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 4:46pm You are welcome Just as an afterthought... There is also a set of numbers called the pyramidal numbers, they are ... 1 4 10 20 .... Can you figure out the pattern? (Let their name be a hint.)

Math (Reimy)
Ok Reimy the question came with the ans x=3 then y=2.2, i made t he mistake and put it to two decimal places not realising tehy sequence is one, i will try to be more careful in the future. How did you come up with 20.25 to divide by 20?

complete the the table below for the fucntion y=20/x^2 for 2< or equal to x < or equal to 7. x 2 3 4 5 6 7 y ? 2.2 1.3 ? 0.6 ? When x=2, then y=4 When x =5, y =0.8 When x=7, then y=0.41 is this correct? The value of y when x=4.5, is the ans=4.4? And how do find the value...

Math (Reimy)
Yes i get it now thanks ALOT and no i don't play pool so i had no clue what the order would be.

Math (need more help Reiny)
Ok i figured out the first part that i need to square the numbers so after 4 it will be 5x5,6x6,7x7,8x8and 20x20 to make up the second column, what i don't get is the 3rd one, how do i come up with the number of white triangular shapes used?

Math (dont want ans just help figuring this out)
Length of one Total # of # of side of pattern triangular white (in cm) Shapes used triang- to make pattern ular shapes used 2 4 3 3 9 6 4 16 10 ? ? ? 6 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 20 ? ? Number of gray triangular shapes used 1, 3,6,? ? ? ? ?

2nd grade Math
1 - all shapes have 4 sides and 4 corners 2 - all shapes are grey 3 - any shape with 4 sides, 4 corners which is grey 4 - any shape which does not have 4 sides or 4 corners and is something other than white or grey

I think its the frequency of the gene this is a Hardy-Weignberg problem Thanks!

Phenylketonuria is a metabolic disease of humans that results from an autosomal recessive gene. If the frequency of phenylketonurics in the population is 9/10,000, what is the probability that two normal individuals will produce a diseased child?

Algerbra 1
9b = 27?