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I have a ribbon 5/7 of a foot. I want to cut it in 5/12 pieces. How many pieces can I cut 5/7 divided by 5/12= 5/7 x5/12= 15/7 pieces

Language Arts
Character vs. Nature

algebra 1
Rod left his house driving south. Marsha left three hours later, driving 42 km/h faster in an effort to catch up to him. After two hours, Marsha finally caught up. Find Rod's rate.

social studies
PLEASE ANSWER! which most precisely describes the location of Southwest Asia? a) west of India b) south of the Arctic Cirlce c) north of the equator d) east of the Mediterranean Sea

15. What has been a result of clearing more than half of Sri Lankas rain forest for farmland and other development?

1. What happened to India and Pakistan in 1947? 2. In terms of religion, what also happened in 1947? 3. Why was there war between India and Pakistan in 1971?

Yes deontai u r correct thank u!

me too!!!!!

A cube with a volume of 216 cm3 is cut down to a pyramid with the same size base and the same height as the original cube. What is the volume of the pyramid? A.108 cm3 B.94 cm3 C.72 cm3 D.52 cm3

Science help
These are all correct!!!

A man 1.7m tall observe a bird on top of a tree at angle of elevation of 40degree. If the bird distance between the man's head and the bird is 25m, what is the height of the tree?

Describe the steps to graph the direct variation equation y = – 3x. In the formula d = rt, what do each of the letters stand for and how do they relate?

Is the time 0900 considered to be pm or am time

Because you learn from your weakness and can teach others. I don't know any other reasons

Why is making a weakness a strength an important skill to have?


is F2 +2 ion diamagnetic or paramagnetic? I think its diamagnetic because it loses 2 electrons and it still has no unpaired pairs...i think...thanks.

A 4-digit number rounded to the nearest ten is 2,470. Rounded to the nearest hundred, it is 2,500. What is the number?

social studies: geography
what feature makes up part of the U.S border with Canada


I know one word for "finish" in French is finir, but how would you say "You are finished?" (in the vous form). I know how to say "Vous finissez", but not how to state that someone is finished.

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