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i thinbk b and it doesn't say when.. oh wait, i just got this-- Shaken by the collapse of the steel industry, which had provided them with an unshakable sense of identity for more than a century, Pittsburghers hunkered down and built a new economy based on services, ...

he kind of economy that was created in Pittsburgh is called a. post-industrial. c. post-modern. b. commodity-based. d. twenty-first century.

the conversion of old factories for new uses retooling, urban renewal, or urban pioneering? urban renewal?

Origin stuff
us states with a british origin??? just curious thx

Science growth

Science growth
EH, thanks anyways ill go with c.. and therewasnt an article... directions said answere these question about finches and a hard seed

Science growth
Which of the following statements best describes the response of finches to drought on the Galapagos Islands? During drought, individual finches saw that large, hard seeds were the only available food. To crack these harder seeds, individual finches grew their beaks larger, ...

hopefully they were just joking--- I hope so much-- otherwise i may cry.... if you can't do that how can your tyoe the question, much less come to this site........

Science questions
A few questions I have about darwin and evolution/fossils. Thx!! Why did Darwin call species like the coelacanth living fossils? On a branching tree diagram, where would the coelacanths be placed? What can animals... no species like the coelacanth tell people about the past? ...