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  1. Math discussion

    your welcome and i am glad i could help anytime! and write teacher i can assure that there is no identity crisis Me and Martha are not the same person and further more no is answering themsleves on a online like this. and martha ask for my help and not anyone elses ok. I ...
  2. Math discussion

    your welcome i am glad i could help anytime Martha!
  3. Math discussion

    With Equations you have to solve for the variable and with inequalities you have to graph them, compare the differences between them and they involve using symbols like greater than, less than and greater than or equal to and less than or equal to signs.
  4. Math

    I think your wrong princess and your calculations are incorrect as well
  5. Social Studies

    The answer is b
  6. Social Studies

    Your welcome I am glad I could help. And adlyn I posted the answer for you that says essay 23:
  7. Social Studies

    You can trust me I promise I just took the test and I pass it 100%.
  8. Social Studies

    There is the correct answer 100% but be sure to put it in your own words please.
  9. Social Studies

    Essay 23: the constitution provides a amendment may be proposed by congress with two thirds vote from each house. The representatives and the Senate or constitution convention. Then it has be ratfied by legslature in a three fourths vote by the state conventions.
  10. Social Studies

    Also for some advice you should look on quizlet website or Google it.
  11. Social Studies

    Your welcome Molly and martha. Anytime any place I am right here.
  12. Social Studies

    It is c not d
  13. English

    I suggested you can use quizlet dot com or brainy.
  14. Science - Chemistry

    But are his answers correct?
  15. L.A help

    Your answer is correct facts can be proved. Opinions express a persons belief or judgment.
  16. math

    1. A (-2,0) 2.c 180 These are the correct answers Trust me will pass it! I just took and got 100% pass!
  17. Pre algebra

    Your welcome molly. Anytime
  18. Pre algebra

    For anyone who needs help I have the answers above my last two post. 100% correct. Again if anyone needs help I here for you. Just let me know. Your welcome I glad could help anytime.
  19. Pre algebra

    1.A 2.A 3.B 4. A 5. D 6. B 7.D 8. B 9. A 10. A Here are the letters
  20. Pre algebra

    1. 8:9 2. 9:5 3. 0.30 per ounce 4. 360/6 = 60 km/h 5. 27 6.10 7.40 8.2/3 4/9 9. Nine 10. 2:1 Here are the correct answers 100% correct.
  21. Pre algebra

    Orangygirl your answers in your third post is correct. Will pass it 100%
  22. algebra

    The answer is 180 degrees I just took the test I pass it 100% you can trust me 100%
  23. Language Arts

    The answer is b
  24. math, PLEASE HELP!

    1. A C D 2.b -2, 0 3. C180 degrees 4. B 60 degrees 5. C 120 degrees 100% pass just took it trust me will pass I promise I am telling you the truth!
  25. math, PLEASE HELP!

    Dd is correct I got 100% trust me will pass it!
  26. science

    Katie is correct I 100%
  27. L.A

    They are correct 100% 1.b 2.A 3.B These are 100% correct trust me just took the test
  28. Science

    Emma answers are correct just look the test 100% thanks Emma you are a life saver!
  29. language arts

    I don't think I trust your answers. I'm not sure if they are 100% correct.
  30. Math Help

    The answer is 30.8
  31. Math help please!!!!!

    The answer is b 13 1/3
  32. Language Arts

    Here are my answers and questions: 1. D) informative provides background, while explanatory tells process reasons or gives directions. 2.b) comparison and contrast 3. C) he and his team identity strongly with rovers. 4.a) informal These are the correct answers 100% pass
  33. Science 8

    i suggest you can go to discovery education. it shows videos about Newtons first, second and third law o of motion.
  34. P.E

    The answers are all B trust me will past it! 100%
  35. P.E

    The answers are all B. 1.B 1,000 2. B calories 3.B environment Trust me will past! Just took it! 100% I promise.
  36. Science- Brady , Ms. Sue , Damon

    anytime Martha your welcome!
  37. Science- Brady , Ms. Sue , Damon

    also you can print them out and bookmark them also as well. hope this helps!
  38. Science- Brady , Ms. Sue , Damon

    hope this helps!
  39. Science- Brady , Ms. Sue , Damon

    it a really good website it can help with social studies, science, language arts and many others. i have used that website a few times and it has helped me out a whole lot. it has all the correct answers and questions. also it gives the exact unit and lesson on what you are ...
  40. Science- Brady , Ms. Sue , Damon

    another good website that would help for answering questions would be Quizlet. com
  41. Inertia Science

    hope this helps!
  42. Inertia Science

    i suggested you could use Quizlet and open study websites.Quizlet is really helpful
  43. Science

    Don't trust ms.sue
  44. Math

    Yea thanks I pass it thank you so much
  45. MATH

    Everyone answers are incorrect number for was A 90
  46. math

    Here are the correct answers 1.b 12.5 ft 2. C 30 in 3. A 4.5 4. B 30.8 5. B 13 1/3 Trust me these answers are 100% correct will pass it. 5/5 100% I just took the test

    My answers 100% correct I pass it 100% you can trust me I promise

    The correct answers 1. C 2. B 3.d 4. C 100% 4/4 100%

    Everyones answers are inncorrect
  50. 8th Grade Math

    1. D -9 2. B 2 feet 3. D 0.87546201023 4. A 0.874387438743.... 5. -16 6. A 5 7. C 64 and 81 8. C 3.7 9. A 15 10. 16 and 25 11. A 30 12. D square of 47 13. C (-4,0) 14. A 36 15 D 40 16. A 13 17. C 30 40 50 18. C 18 24 30 19.D 4.4 Trust will pass. It these are 100% correct I ...
  51. 8th Grade Math

    Thanks pass it 100% im just girl with no friends is correct