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the ratio of the number of people at dinner to the number invited was 106:100. Express this as a percent

HeLP MATH !!!!
The annual sales S (in billion of dollars) of oracle corporation from 2004 through 2009 can approximated by linear equation S=2.903t-1.98, 4 < t < 9, where t represent the year,with t=4 corresponding to 2004.use the model estimate the year in which oracles annual sales ...

8 years

A solar sail is used to propel a spacecraft. It uses the pressure (force per unit area) of sunlight instead of wind. Assume the sail and its spacecraft have a mass of 245 kg. If the sail has an area of 62,500 m2 and achieves a velocity of 8.93 m/s in 12.0 hours starting from ...

If the juggler wants the balls to remain in the air for 1.4 seconds, (a) what should the vertical velocity be? (b) What should the horizontal velocity be? The distance between the juggler’s hands is 0.70 meters and the acceleration due to gravity is −9.80 m/s^2.

how would you do part b?

I don't understand where to start. Do i turn the grams given in part a) to moles first? then i am not sure what to do

Calculate the pH of the following buffer solutions: a) a solution made by dissolving 2.733g KH2PO4 and 4.508g K2HPO4 in water to give 250 ml of solution. b)a solution made by mixing 35.00 ml 0.24 M C6H5NH2 with 15.00 ml 0.19 M C6H5NH3CL. The base dissociation constant Kb is 4....

math homework
helo me unscrammble hpllrdasceeo I checked three sources and found no matches for your word. Are those the correct letters? Is something missing? hello word analogies synonyms sophisticated intellrygent stupendous