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  1. Biology

    An example of homologous structures would be our front teeth and ___: a. the mandibles of a crab b. the mouthparts of a mosquito c. the beak of a bird d. the tentacles of a sea worm e. the front teeth of a horse I'm having difficult on which answer is right (my answer ...
  2. Chemistry

    This same substance is a gas with a density of 1.25 g/L at 127o C and a pressure of 400 torr. What is its molar mass ?
  3. Math

    wouldn't that be -10?
  4. Math (Mr.Bob)

    Can you somewhat explain how you got 1 and 2,Im trying to understand D:
  5. Math

    For f(x) = 3x + 4 and g(x) = x - 1. Calculate (f o g)(x). For f(x) = 3x + 2 and g(x) = x². Calculate (f o g)(-2). Consider the function. f(x)= -2x+1. Find the inverse of f(x). Please help! How do I solve this?
  6. Aviation Security

    I'm at hospital right admitted and I don't have my book which is at my house. I wont have access to it until I get released in which its looking like not anytime soon. FYI MS. SUE
  7. Aviation Security

    Question 1 of 20 Why is microwave holographic imaging not being used as a security measure in U.S. airports? A. The cost is prohibitive. B. It violates the Fourth Amendment rights of passengers. C. It issues too many false alarms. D. Each passenger must step into a closed ...
  8. MATHS


  10. AP Chemistry

    Determine the pH of an HF solution with a 4.70x10^-2M and 2.20x10^-2M. I tried this by looking up the Ka and putting it over molarity-ka squared. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please show me the proper way to solve this problem?
  11. science

    what is the velocity of a 0.7 kg ball that has a momentum of 1.4 kg m/s
  12. Math

    David and Mike are brothers. David is 33 years old today. This is three times as old as Mike was when David was the age that Mike is today. How old is Mike?
  13. health

    How many American adults does OCD affect each year?
  14. Math Please Help Me

    They are 100% right. I just took the quiz :)
  15. Chemistry

    What is the percent by mass of NaHCO3 and KCl in the mixture.
  16. chemistry

    A buffer solution is made by dissolving 0.45 moles of a weak acid (HA) and 0.13 moles of KOH into 760 mL of solution. What is the pH of this buffer? Ka = 3.3 × 10−6 for HA.
  17. physics

    An airplane of mass 1.30 104 kg is moving at 52.0 m/s. The pilot then increases the engine's thrust to 7.00 104 N. The resistive force exerted by air on the airplane has a magnitude of 3.00 104 N.
  18. physics

    a hemisphere container is made with the following dimensions. the external diameter of the container is 12 cm. the internal diameter of the container is 6 cm. it is filled with water to the brim. what is the density of the empty container if the total mass of the container ...
  19. science

    a hemisphere container is made with the following dimensions. the external diameter of the container is 12 cm. the internal diameter of the container is 6 cm. it is filled with water to the brim. what is the density of the empty container if the total mass of the container ...
  20. Science

    A car converts 1000 J of energy from a sample of fuel. 750 J of heat (thermal energy) is produced by the engine, 150 J of heat is produced in the transmission, drive train, etc., and 100 J of work is done to move the car. How efficient was the process of burning fuel for the car?
  21. Math

    Helping grandson with math. I would like to know how to do it before he does. "How many different rectangles can be made with a perimeter of 20 units? (Remember, a square is also a rectangle.)"
  22. science

  23. medical coding

    755.01, 755.58, 765.29, 747.10, 745.4, V30.00
  24. Physics

    A skater rotates 880 degrees clockwise, stops, and rotates counterclockwise for 340 degrees. What is her angular distance? Angular displacement?
  25. Physics

    A block of wood has a mass of 340g .what is its weight ? ( g = 10n kg-1)
  26. life orientation

    one environmental or human factor that causes ill health or accidents or disasters within your community or any other community within south Africa. discuss eight ways it can have an impact and five recommendations how to address the problem.
  27. Math

  28. Heat Capacity

  29. us history

    In many ways after the divisiveness and devastation of the Civil War, the United States searched for order economically, politically, geographically, socially and racially. Select one of these areas, or suggest another, and make a case for the reasons why it was the most vital...
  30. chemistry

    The orbitals 2s and 3p would be the same shape as the 1s and 2p, but would be larger in size.
  31. algebra

    steps to (.15x)+(-.3x)=
  32. Math

    She didn't win because she got a score of 2 under par but the winner got a score of 5 under par. The lower the score in golf, the better, because you want to hit the ball into each hole in as few strokes as possible.
  33. Math

    A box with an open top is to be constructed from a rectangular piece of cardboard with dimensions 12 in by 12 in by cutting out equal squares of side x at each corner and then folding up the sides as in the figure. Express the volume V of the box as a function of x.
  34. Math

    Find an expression for the function. Top half of the circle: x^2+(y-2)^2=4.
  35. Math

    A cylindrical can with both a top and bottom has the same surface area as a cube with edge 50mm. The height of the can if 6cm. Find the radius of the can to the nearest thousandth.
  36. Chemistry

    Rank the following from most polar to least polar (aspirin, caffeine, ibuprofen, acetaminophen): I am getting caffeine>acetaminophen>aspirin>ibuprofen. Is that correct?
  37. Math

    Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to show that there is a root of the given equation in the specified interval. cos x = x. How do I begin this problem? According to the theorem, a=0, b=1 and N=x?
  38. Math

    Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to show that there is a root of the given equation in the specified interval. x^4+x-3=0, interval (1,2). According the to theorem, I found that a is 1, b is 2 and N is 0. f(1)= 2 and f(2) = 17. Is the root (1.16,0)?
  39. Math

    Use a graph to find a number delta such that if abs(x-pi/4) < delta then abs(tanx-1) < 0.2. I understand that the epsilon is 0.2. But what step do I take next? How do I solve the problem?
  40. Math

    Prove that lim (x->0) x^4 cos 2/x = 0.
  41. Math

    Answer check please: Consider the circle (x-3)^2 + (y+1)^2 = 169. The point (15,4) is on the circle. Find an equation for the line that is tangent to the circle at this point. I got y= 5/12x-9/4.
  42. Math

    An oil tank is the shape of an inverted right circular cone with the pointed end down. The tank is 15 feet tall and is 12 feet in diameter at the top. At 1:00pm, the tank has oil 5 feet deep in it. Oil is pouring in at 5 cubic feet per minute. To the nearest minutes, at what ...
  43. Math

    A truck tire with a diameter of 36 in is rolling over level ground spinning at 11 rotations/second. If the speed limit is 55 miles per hour and the penalty is $20 per hour over the speed limit, should the driver be fined and if so, how much?
  44. Math

    An isosceles triangle has its vertex at the origin and the ends of its base on the parabola y=9-x^2. Express the area of the triangle as a function of the length of its base. Assume its base lies above the x-axis.
  45. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of a .5M HNO3 (aq) is needed to completely neutralize 100mL of a 0.10M KOH (aq)?
  46. algebra

    a bank teller has 52 $5 and $10 bills in her cash drawer. the value of the bills is $460. how many $5 bills are there?
  47. chemistry

    Which of the following pairs can be used to prepare a buffer? (select all that can apply) a. HCl/NaCl b. HF/KF c. NH3/NH4Cl d. HNO3/HNO2 e. NaNO2/HNO3 can you also please explain how they form a buffer? thank you
  48. math

    Jamal buys 59 stickers. Stickers come in packs of 5 or 8. How many packs of 5 stickers does Jamal buy? 8 stickers?
  49. Biology

    Which of the following would be the most sigificant between mitosis and meiosis? A. Chromosomes are duplicated before mitosis B. Meiosis is not followed by cytokinesis C. Homologous Pairs of chromosomes are split up in meiosis. D. Crossing over occurs in mitosis. So far i got ...
  50. Physics

    i just multiplied by 2
  51. Math

    Greta said that the product of two prime numbers must also be a prime number. Joan disagreed. Who is correct?
  52. Math

    Thank you so much!
  53. Math

    There are 189 students in the band. The difference between the number of boys and the number of girls is 27. How many boys and girls each are in the band?
  54. Math

    Thank you so much !!!!
  55. Math

    Jun-Jee either ran 5 or 7 miles each day for 30 consecutive days. His total mileage during this period was 166> How many days did he run 5 miles? How many days did he run 7 miles?
  56. math

    Thank you
  57. math

    If there are 264 students in a school and there are 84 eighth graders and There are 22 fewer seventh graders than sixth graders. Then which grade has the most students and how many students are there.
  58. chemistry

    CH4 + 2O2 ---> CO2 + 2H2O Delta H H2O= -285.8 kJ/mole Delta H CO2= -393.3 kJ/mole What is the standard heat of formation of methane, Delta H CH4, as calculated from the data above
  59. trig

    5. If the angles X and Y each measure between 0° and 90°, and if sinX = cosY, what is the sum of the measures of the angles X and Y?
  60. geometry

    How would you write that line segment PK has equal length with line segment OQ?
  61. geometry

    Thank you:) I got x=12 too but I wanted to make sure I was correct.
  62. geometry

    If FD=4x-27, and SG is congruent to FD and SG=2x-3, Then whais the length of SG?
  63. algebra

    You could demonstrate the process with an example by replacing the equal sign in the example with an inequality by using the less than or greater than sign (< or >) Then solve the inequality by your example. :)
  64. Statisitcs

    since the mean is a parameter of interest, it is a better estimate.
  65. Animal Skeletal and Muscular Systems

    wich of the fallowing muscles are used when breathing?
  66. algebra

  67. chemistry

    Suppose the following: HO-C(H2)-C(H2)-OH + 2 HI --> I-C(H2)-C(H2)-I + water How many mL of the first compound* are needed to react with 9.3 grams of HI? (The density of the first compound is A = 1.11 g/mL) *by first compound, i mean HO-C(H2)-C(H2)-OH
  68. pre cal 2

    solve the equation 4cos^2x-1=0
  69. pre cal 2

    verify the identity tanx times cotx/cosx=secx
  70. pre cal 2

    find the exact solutions in the interval [0,2pi), sin4x=-2sin2x
  71. Math

    Thankyou Sir for helping me. I am studying for my tcap exam and some of the stuff on the test we didn't have time to cover because it snowed so much and we couldn't go to school.I think I no what I am looking for now. You have been a bunch of help.
  72. Math

    What addition property can you use to find the missing number? 8+(6+5)=8+(5+_)
  73. Statistics

  74. us history

    My paper is on 3 reasons I would stay and fight 1. with so many men being sick or dying, I will stay and fight 2. freedom doesn't come cheap and anything of value is worth fighting for 3. the Congressional Committee that G. Washington brought over to Valley Forge will now ...
  75. us history

    I'm writing a paper about re-enlisting during the American Revolution, even though I'm miserable with the sick and dying all around me. I need to come up with a good grabber to start my paper with. Can you help?
  76. Statistics

    You need a double integral. integral from 10 to 10.85 integral from 10.07 to 10.39 ( only one changed because it is asking for a single pipe.) integrate the function 1/(10.85-10)^2
  77. Economics

    How would a communist economy react to social and technological changes? What is the role of nature in a communist economy? I can't find any information on these subjects. Could someone please help me? Thanks so much
  78. hcs/335

    I do not understand it either. I cannot give the answer because I really don't know where to start. My confusion is in the culture, does it mean the "organizational culture", which could be the philosophies, values, etc... or the culture of the people in the ...
  79. math

    1.Robin has a certain number of dimes in his pocket. If the dimes were pennies, he would have $1.08 less than he has now. How many dimes does he have in his pocket?
  80. math

    1.Robin has a certain number of dimes in his pocket. If the dimes were pennies, he would have $1.08 less than he has now. How many dimes does he have in his pocket?
  81. Math

    A class has 12 students. In how many different ways can the students be put into lab groups consisting of 3 students in each group. The answer in the book is 369600. But I do not understand how they got this answer.
  82. Math percentages

    I have to compare two amounts given in percent. Last year, 80% of a cafe's sales were coffee; this year only 20% of the cafe's sales are coffee. How much has the percent of coffee sales changed over the past year. Is the answer simply down by 60% or is it more ...
  83. college

    6.25 is correct
  84. Physics

    A 7.0 kg bowling ball moves at 2.40 m/s. How fast must a 2.60 g Ping-Pong ball move so that the two balls have the same kinetic energy?
  85. physics

    A 726 kg car travels from Boone to Blowing Rock along US321. How much working is needed to keep the car traveling at a constant speed of 21.8 m/s around a curve of radius 28.4 m?
  86. Physical Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant for a reaction was measured at several temperatures and the data plotted at right. The slope and y-intercept of the plot are +3.25 kK and -4.04, respectively. Calculate ΔrH(std), ΔrS(std), and ΔrG(std) using this information.
  87. Physical Chemistry

    A 100 amino acid folded protein (F) is in equilibrium with it’s unfolded (U) (or denatured) form. Let ΔrH(std) =+347 kJ mol-1 and ΔrS(std) =-1010 J K-1 mol-1 for the equilibrium (F U) at 25℃. (a) Calculate the concentration of protein in each form if the ...
  88. Physical Chemistry

    Calculate the standard reaction Gibbs energy of the oxidation of ammonia to nitric oxide according to the equation 4 NH3g) + 5O2(g) → 4 No(g) + 6 H2O(g).
  89. physical chemistry

    Calculate the equilibrium constant (K) for the ammonia synthesis reaction at 25°C and show how K is related to the partial pressures of the species at equilibrium. Consider that the overall pressure is low enough for the gases to be treated as perfect. N2(g) + 3H2(g) ->...
  90. math

    If the ratio of onions to cilantro is 4:3 and I'm using 2/3 cup of onions, how much cilantro will I need?
  91. Math

    Fireworks are fired at an angle of 82degrees with the horizontal. They are expected to explode about 100 m in the air, 4.8 secs after they are fired. What is the initial velocity of a shell fired from ground level. I think I have to find the vertical and horizontal components ...
  92. Physics

    An artillery shell is fired with an initial velocity of 300 m/s at 65.0° above the horizontal. To clear an avalanche, it explodes on a mountainside 37.5 s after firing. What are the x and y components of the shell where it explodes, relative to its firing point? x = ...
  93. Physics

    A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 21.0 m/s. The cliff is h = 60.0 m above a flat horizontal beach. A)How long after being released does the stone strike the beach below the cliff? B)With what speed and angle ...
  94. college

    need help with miscrosoft excel 2010 spreadsheet IS 160
  95. science

    Provide specific examples from the Bridger Teton video as you defend your position.
  96. math

    a rabbit climb up a flight of 10 stairs and can only hop 1 or 2 steps each time. he never hops down, only up. How many ways can the rabbit hop up the flight of 10 steps?
  97. biology

    how is emigration and immigration not important factors when studying global human population growth?
  98. algebra

    list all the possible rational zeros of f using the rational zero theorem. then find all the zeros of the function. 1. f(x)=x^2-6x+5 2. f(x)=x^3+x^2-10x+8
  99. biology

    why is it important to understand challenges in a species' environment in order to understand the species' evolution? Relate your answer to what Darwin referred ti as "the struggle for survival".
  100. english

    In the book, When the Legends Die, what does it mean when Tom draws the deer in the dirt?
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