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A architect is designing a house. The scale on the plan is 1 inch=6 feet. If the house is to have a length of 90 feet and a width of 30 feet, how long will the line representing the house's length on the blue print

don't know


A fish and game worker catches, tags, and releases 120 trout in a lake. Later, she catches 84 trout and finds tags on 30 of them. Estimate the number of trout in the lake. A.43 B.234 C.336 D.3600 Is it C?

What contribution does the African elephant make to the world.

Quantitative Methods
1. Management of Sundown Rent-a-Car (see Problem 8-8) has decided that perhaps the cost during the six-month period is not the appropriate Cost to minimize because the agency may still be obligated to additional months on some leases after that time. For example, if Sundown ...

The chemical reaction for the generation of gas in an automobile safety air bag is 2NaN3(s)→ 2Na(s)+3N2(g) What volume of gas is produced if there are 130.0 grams of NaN3 used in the reaction? (The density of nitrogen gas is 0.916 g/L.) Please show your work.

The chemical reaction of 100 g of salicylic acid, C7H6O3, with excess acetic anhydride produces 50.0 g of aspirin, C9H8O4, according to the equation. What is the percentage yield for the reaction shown below? Please show your work. C7H6O3+C4H6O3→C9H8O4+C2H4O2

Jeremy had 36 community concert tickets to sell. He sold 2 and 3 and a third of the tickets did jeremy sell

The vertical position of an object is modeled by the function h(t)=-16t^2 +5t+7, where h is measured in feet and t is measured in seconds. Find the object's initial velocity (that is, the velocity at t=0). Is it 5 feet per second?

English Literature
comparing the way he feels to being sharper than a serpent's tooth?

English Literature
"sharper than a serpent's…" repeats the 's' sound?

English Literature
Or maybe imagery?

English Literature
I have a feeling it's either metaphor or alliteration, but I'm not sure.

English Literature
To laughter and contempt; that she may feel How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is To have a thankless child! Away, away! The dominant figure of speech in this passage is: A) alliteration B) assonance C) simile D) metaphor E) imagery

social studies(updated answers)---Mrs.Sue
6.C 6.How did European rule in South America change the people of the continent? A. European missionaries introduced religion. B. European colonists brought diseases that killed millions of natives. C. European conquistadors incited conflict on the continent. D. European ...

social studies(updated answers)---Mrs.Sue
1.A 2.C 3.A 6.D 9.B 1. why do most people live in the western part of colombia? A. to enjoy the cooler climate of the mountains B. to be closer to the border with venezuela C. to live along the pacific coast D. to benefit from the country's lush rain forests 2. what are ...

social studies
1.D 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.A 7.D 8.B 9.B 10.C 1. why do most people live in the western part of colombia? A. to enjoy the cooler climate of the mountains B. to be closer to the border with venezuela C. to live along the pacific coast D. to benefit from the country's lush rain ...

Language Art help
How does the great radio scare help you gain an understanding of past events? tells why people are afraid of things they don't understand tells of a radio broadcast that sounded so real people believed it was true tells of an event that led to changes in ...

1.D 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.D 10.D 11.B 12.A 1. Joey lifts a heavy backpack off the he lifts the backpack,he keeps his legs straight and uses his biceps and back muscles to your analysis of joeys's form,you conclude he needs to use his A. arm ...

1.D 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.D 10.D 11.B 12.A 1. Joey lifts a heavy backpack off the he lifts the backpack,he keeps his legs straight and uses his biceps and back muscles to your analysis of joeys's form,you conclude he needs to use his A. arm ...

Hello everyone i only have one question today that im curious about. Thanks Which industry provides the most benefits for the environment? A.Cattle ranching B.ecotourism C.tourism D.large-scale farming

Environmental Science
On Earth in the extreme northern and southern latitudes, how does the relationship between GPP and NPP change during an entire year’s time?

Math 1
8 inch right answer

In January 1917, President Wilson outlined a "new world order" in which: a. freedom of the seas should be reevaluated as a vital American policy. b. the League of Nations should be replaced by the United Nations. c. self-determination would be the foundation of ...

Normally the variable will go on the right side of the number. Despite this fact, 6z and z6 are the same. For example if z= 2 ; then 6z=6(2)=12 or z6 =2(6)=12


Advanced Math
In a game you flip a coin twice, and record the number of heads that occur. You get 10 points for 2 heads, zero points for 1 head, and 5 points for no heads. What is the expected value for the number of points you’ll win per turn?

Can someone help me with my 7 grade unit 2 lesson 4

sales tax

A 78.0 kg person is being pulled away from a burning building as shown in Figure 4.27. Calculate the tension in the first rope, T1, if the person is momentarily motionless.

Two teams of nine members each engage in a tug of war. The first team's members have average masses of 64 kg and exert average forces of 1350 N horizontally. The second team's members have average masses of 69 kg and exert average forces of 1371 N horizontally. (a) ...


Posted by Marie on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 6:10pm. Which of the following shows the correct order from coldest to hottest average annual temperature? a. Taiga-Tundra-Rainforest-Temperate forest b. Rainforest-Temperate forest-Taiga-Tundra c. Temperate forest-Taiga-Tundra-...

Science :(
I think Ms.Sue is a good tutor he makes you do actual work instead of just getting the answer easily... She makes you think

Why was my ? deleted
I guess it is a bit annoying to me when I see people post like an entire exam and ask for answers. I'm also doing this course, and I get the need for help, but I am here studying, trying really hard to read and find the answers myself, while some people have the nerve to ...

Ellen works for a high-speed rail company that wants to develop a new rail line. Ellen’s project is to find a train that is the second fastest in the world. The Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan is reported to go as fast as 320 kilometers per hour. The TGV train in France ...

Environmental Science
A nuclear burning power plant produces a total power of 1.1kW. It serves a community that requires 2.85 x 107 kJ of power over the entire year. How many days per year does the power plant need to operate to provide all this power? 300 days 250 days 365 days 200 days 150 days

Which of the following ets of terms could be used in a deseription of the peripheral nervous system?

I need the definition of an observation that use color, shape, texture, smell, taste

was your answers correct??

Social studies
Which of the following be explains why a species of lizards is able to live in the desert but not in a tundra regions?

1 l of NH3

I don't now about that

For lunch, Jane Doe consumed the following: a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato; potato chips; and apple juice. 1.Trace the path of digestion through Jane from beginning to end. Include the nutrients the food contained and are broken ...

Sophie bought a total of 27 guppies and angel fish. She bought twice as many guppies as angel fish. How many of each kind of fish did Sophie purchase?

Applied Physics
When a 3600 lb automobile runs out of gas, it is pushed by its unhappy driver and a friend a quarter of a mile (0.250 mi). To keep the car rolling, they must exert a constant force of 175 lb. (a.) How much work do they do? (b.) If it takes them 15 minutes, how much power do ...



algebra 1
The length of the base of a isosceles triangle is one forth the length of one of its legs. If the premimeter of the triangle is 16 inches, what is the length of the base.

You practice playing your guitar every day. You spend 15 minutes practicing chords and the rest of the time practicing a new song. So the total number of minutes y you practice for the week is given by y=7(15+x), where x is the number of minutes you spend on practicing a new ...

Algebra 1
Tall Buildings You made a model of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, for a report on architecture in the United States. You used a scale of 1 in.:50 ft. Your model is 12.1 inches tall. Estimate the actual height of the Space Needle. Is it 605

Algebra 1
A music downloading website reports that nearly 5 out of every 7 songs downloaded are classified as pop music. According to this information, predict how many of the next 500 songs downloaded will be pop songs. Round your answer to the nearest whole number. Is the answer...

math 5th grade
What is 59,424.77 rounded to the nearest square mile

D) children raised in isolation

In a reaction between pure acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate, 14.7 grams of sodium bicarbonate was added to 21.0 mL of acetic acid. Which reactant is the limiting reactant in this reaction? Name of limiting reactant (acetic acid or sodium bicarbonate): How many moles of the ...


How are natural resources related to a country's economy?

I just did the quiz, 1.A 2.D 3.C 4.C 5.D

The question is: Remplace par un pronom: Est-ce qu'ils prendront beaucoup de temps? No part of the sentence is highlighted or bolded, and I honestly have no idea where to even start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The pilot of an airplane traveling 180km/h wants to drop supplies to flood victims isolated on a patch of land 160m below. The supplies should be dropped how many seconds before the plane is directly overhead?


what is the answer to 7 8/15-2 2/6

A word's denotation is its ________

Which of the following statements is incorrect concerning the thermochemical equation below? 2SO3(g)  2SO2(g) + O2(g); H° = 198 kJ a. The enthalpy of the reactants exceeds that of the products. b. The reaction is endothermic. c. For the reaction 2SO2(g) + ...

H2 and F2 react according to the following equation, forming HF. H2(g) + F2(g)  2HF(g); H° = –271 kJ If H2(g) and F2(g) were mixed in a thermally insulated vessel, the reaction that occurred would be a. endothermic, and the temperature of the reaction ...

Bulb A is 100mL and contains Helium at 1atm. Bulb B is 500ml and contains Argon at 2atm The bulbs are connected together by a valve. (assume constant tempreature). What is the mole fraction of Argon in the opened system?

Would the total pressure be 2.19985 atm? Could you possibly help me with this one?

Bulb A is 100mL and contains Helium at 1atm. Bulb B is 500ml and contains Argon at 2atm The bulbs are connected together by a valve. (assume constant temperature). What is the total pressure of the system after the valves are opened?

What is the electric field intensity produced by a charge at 10 meters, where the electric potential is 1.44 volts?

A disk in your computer spins at 5400 rpm. If this disk turns through 12 revolutions before coming to stop, find the disks angular velocity acceleration. Also find the time it takes to stop.

How will changing charge change the equipotential at a distance of 2 meters? I honestly just don't even know where to start with this. If someone could at least point me in the right direction, that would be great!

quadrant 1

Third person plural. " the muffins are fresh. THEY(3rd person plural) were made an hour ago."

How do i calculate this? 5 ml of 0.1% (w/v) AgNO3 2 L of 1% (w/v) NaCl

it stores food.

Vance wants to fence in a rectangular area for his dog. He wants the length of the rectangle to be at least 30 feet and the perimeter to be no more than 150 feet.

Tony wants to plant at least 40 acres of corn and at least 50 acres of soybeans. He wants no more than 200 acres of corn and soybeans. Show and describe all the possible combination's of the number of acres of corn and of soybeans Tony could plant. List two possible ...

Linda works at a pharmacy for $15 an hour. She also babysits for $10 an hour. Linda needs to earn at least $90 per week, but she does not want to work more than 20 hours per week. Show and describe the number of hours Linda could work at each job to meet her goals. List two ...

The percent of fat calories that a person that in America consumes each day is normallydistributed with a mean of 36 and a standard deviation of 10. Suppose that 16 individuals are randomly chosen for an experiment. 1. Completely describe the distribution of sample means for ...

1. If you were to receive $3 for every time a 7 or 11 was rolled with two fair dice and lost $1 for all the ther values, what is the expected value (mean) for you as a gambler in this experiment? (please show work so I know how to do it). 2. Going with the question above, ...

Right angle trigonometry
A sailor sights both the bottom and top of a lighthouse that is 20 and m high and which stands on the edge of a cliff. The two angles of elevation are 3 and 42. To the nearest meter, how far is the boat from the cliff?

6th grade Math
i can't figure out this problem 12 and 1/2 as a percentage... i need help

Roulette is a well known game in which a mechanical device randomly selects one of 38 equally likely numbers. IF a player decides to play by choosing a number, he gains $35 if his number is selected by the device. If any other number is selceted he loses $1. Calculate the ...

if the last digit of a weight measurement is equally likely to be any of the digits 0 through to 9.what is the probability that the last digit is greater than or equal to 5 ?

math ALG 2!
The scientific notation 3.14 x 10 -3 has what value

describe the European origins of American conservative and liberal ideologies. Then, explain how these two American ideologies have evolved from their European origins, and the key features of each American ideology today. Do “Tea Party” beliefs neatly fit in a ...

AP Chemistry
What mass in grams of sodium hydroxide is produced if 20.0 g of sodium metal reacts with excess water according to the chemical equation? 2Na(s)+2H20(l)=2NaOH(aq)+Hs(g) How many moles of Ag can be produced if 350. g of Cu are reacted with excess AgNO3 according to the ...


How do you do a Leg table in science?

5th grade math (word problems)
1. This one is ok. 2. The coffe cups should be divided by 8. If you were to make a drink for the club you would certainly have a drink. The answer is 30/8= 3.75; then you would multiply 8 * 3= 24; then you would subtract 30-24 you you would have 6 cups left.

Lang. Arts
Ther is non. B. is an interrupter.

Graph 4x2 + y2 = 9. What are its lines of symmetry?

Nothing. Some kids will choose not to let Mom or dad read to them. Some may take the opportunity and run with it. Reading to them does give them a better chance, but not a garnented chance of being able to read faster. The point is if you just read it's a story, but if you...

A 200-pound boy lifts a 40-kilogram box off of the floor 1.3 meters in 0.7 seconds. His brother lifts a 48-kilogram box off the floor 0.9 meters in 0.6 seconds. Which boy is more powerful? Explain.

a river does 6500J of work on a water wheel every second.The wheels efficiency is 12 percent.A)How much work in joules can the axle of the wheel do in a second? B)What is the power output of the wheel?

Adam can make the common denominator 12 because 6 and 3 go into it evenly. Then do 1/6x2=2/12 then you do 1/3x4=4/12!!!

(x^2)/25 - (y^2)/11 = 1

oh no sorry nevermind it would be 2:1.. got it. Thanks man

so is it a 1:2 ratio then? I have the options of 1:2 , 2:1, 1:3, and 3:1 on my homework. thanks for answering

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