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I think it's NICE .

pilgrims, sorry

1 The Pilgeims who settled the Plymonth Colony: a.develpoed a harsh dictatorship under William Bradford. b.Created a truly democratic government for all men and women. c.Landed for the winter and planned to move to Virginia in the spring as they had planned to settled theere ...

hi i need help with science well see my teacher told us that we needed to do a science fair project but i don't know what i should do..????? u think u could give me some ideas to do for a science project????

Algebra- functions
How do I know how many possible zeroes of a function there are? I have a graph and i have to find how many zeroes there are.

Algebra- functions
How do I find the solutions and factors of a function when given only the graph?

1.What does the liquid flows? 2.What are the characteristic of liquid?


what is the chemical reaction that produces a polymer for of a biomolecule?

How come when someone asks a question others cant look at their question... all i see is the name of the person the subject and teacher of that subject!:( I tried to click on it to see the question and poof!!!! NOTHING btw wheres my question We can see them. Something is wrong...

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