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  1. AP Physics

    You're driving down the highway late one night at 18 m/s when a deer steps onto the road 42 m in front of you. Your reaction time before stepping on the brakes is 0.50 s , and the maximum deceleration of your car is 10 m/s2 . A.)How much distance is between you and the ...
  2. AP Physics

    You're driving down the highway late one night at 18 m/s when a deer steps onto the road 42 m in front of you. Your reaction time before stepping on the brakes is 0.50 s , and the maximum deceleration of your car is 10 m/s2 . A.)How much distance is between you and the ...
  3. science

    A 63 kg astronaut on a spacewalk when his line breaks. He throws a 10 kg o2 tank away from the ship with a v=12 m/s. This propels him back to the ship. Assume his v1=0; what is his v2?
  4. math

    the number of ways you can order a two-course meal from a restaurant offering 12 main courses and 8 appetizers
  5. Environmental science

    I have to make a paper mache animal and show changes in that animal because they needed to adapt. I wanted to make a dog fly but then I couldn't really find any research on why that species would fly. Can you point me to an animal I could change besides a bird? Or do you ...
  6. chemistry

    I think it is a trick question as I can not balance this equation . Balance this equation Na(CO3)2+H2SO4=NA(SO4)2+H2O+CO2
  7. 6th grade math

    Zachary saved x nickels and y dimes last month. Lily saved x nickels and 2y dimes. Lily saved $2 more than Zachary and the total number of her dimes is 4 times the total number of her nickels. a) How many coins does Zach have? b) How much did Lily save? c) How much did Zachary...
  8. Calculus

    Hi, could someone please help me with this question? Thanks Calculate the Maclaurin series of f(x)=4x^3*sin(x^4). Explicitly use the Maclaurin series for sine. Using this series for f(x), verify that the integral of 4x^3*sin(x^4)dx=-cos(x^4)+C.
  9. ScienceHelp

    Explain using several examples of the fields & specific reasons technicians in these fields would run these test?
  10. Science

    In what fields would a lab technician need to separate & identify organic items? I looked it up and it said organic chemistry, forensics.. . I'm not which one because couldn't it range?
  11. Chemistry

    The voltage generated by the zinc concentration cell described by, Zn(s)|Zn2 (aq, 0.100 M)||Zn2 (aq, ? M)|Zn(s) is 24.0 mV at 25 °C. Calculate the concentration of the Zn2 (aq) ion at the cathode. How would I go about this problem? I am extremely confused :/ Thank you so ...
  12. Chemistry

    The voltage generated by the zinc concentration cell described by, Zn(s)|Zn2 (aq, 0.100 M)||Zn2 (aq, ? M)|Zn(s) is 24.0 mV at 25 °C. Calculate the concentration of the Zn2 (aq) ion at the cathode. How would I go about this problem? I am extremely confused :/ Thank you so ...
  13. Chemistry

    In a reaction Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) ? H2(g) + MgCl2(aq), 6.00 g of Mg was present at 0.00 min. After 3.00 min, 4.50 g of Mg remained. Express the average rate as mol of Mg consumed per minute. I was taught how to use molarity but this question does not tell me molarity, just grams ...
  14. Chemistry

    Calculate the cell potential for the following reaction as written at 25.00 °C, given that [Cr2 ] = 0.875 M and [Ni2 ] = 0.0100 M. I keep on getting the answer .42 which is incorrect. Thank you so much in advance!
  15. AP US History

    To what extent did economic factors, national identity, and the federal government maintain continuity and foster change in the lives of African Americans from 1789-1877?
  16. Physical science

    Which of the following is not a use for radioactive isotopes? tracers for diagnosing a disease an additive to paints to increase durability a way to treat forms of cancer a way to study biochemical processes in plants
  17. Chemistry

    Refer to the table given for the ionic radii in your lab manual and approximate the attractive portion of the lattice energy for 1 mole of the following salts. (Consider only one bond if more than one bond exists.) a) Ca3P2 ___J b) MoCl4 ___J c) Cs2O ___J
  18. physics

    A block is sent up a frictionless ramp along which an x-axis extends upward. The figure below gives the kinetic energy of the block as a function of position x. If the block’s initial speed is 4.00 m/s, what is the normal force on the block? (initial KE is 40J) initially ...
  19. Math

    a basketball team won 60% of the first 70 games it played. there are 40 games still to be played in the season. How many of the remaining games must the team win in order to end the season with a 70% win record?
  20. Chemistry.HELP (IONS)

    Determne the boiling point of 16.3g of calcium chloride dissolved in 250. g water. My work: 16.3 g CaCl2 *(1 mole CaCl2/110.984 g Cacl2)= 0.147 mol CaCl2 M= 0.147/0.250kg =0.588 mCaCl2 ... From here, How do you find out how many ions CaCl2 has. Calcium has a 2+ charge and Cl ...
  21. home business, not school

    if I have a package of 470 beads and the package costs $8.90 how much is each individual bead?
  22. math

  23. math

    Georgetown and Franklin are 9.7 in apart on a map that has a scale of 1.1 in : 15 mi. How far apart are the real cities?
  24. Chemistry

    How much heat (in kilojoules) is required to warm 11.0 g of ice, initially at -14.0 ?C, to steam at 112 ?C? The heat capacity of ice is 2.09 Jg?1?C?1 and that of steam is 2.01 Jg?1?C?1.
  25. Pre-algebra

    ughhhhhh! PA is so hard! my teacher is constantly comparing us to the regular math saying that if we can't figure it out then we should ask them. What does that even mean? we are more advanced! anyway... this website helps so much. Im definitely going to be posting about ...
  26. Pre alegreba 7th grade

    This website is so helpful!!!! Thanks to everyone you posts lessons and answers! I will be posting both soon!
  27. Journalism

    So the First Amendment doesn't protect public figures?
  28. Journalism

    This doesn't say anything about the rights of a private citizen?
  29. Journalism

    What are the rights of public official/figures vs a private citizen? Thanks for the help!
  30. Algebra

    Find the range of f(x)=-4.7+1 for the domain {-1,3,5,8} ^thats all the problem says, HELP^
  31. Physics

    A 55.0 kg diver steps off a diving board and drops straight down into the water. The water provides an upward average net force 1480 N. If the diver comes to rest 5.6 m below the water's surface, what is the total distance between the diving board and the diver's ...
  32. math

    When a chemist dilutes pure acid with another substance, the resulting mixture is no longer pure acid. Consistent with the words, pure acid is 100% acid. So, there are 20 grams of pure acid in 20 grams of a pure-acid solution. Laura, a chemist, has 20 grams of a solution that ...
  33. Chemistry

    To increase the acidity of soil, you can add peat, which contains a complex acid mixture known as humic acid. The complexity of the humic acid makes it difficult to determine how acidic you are making the soil. You decide to use a titration to get a better measure. If ...
  34. Business Math

    One manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with a list price of $700 and a trade discount series of 11/9/6 Use the net decimal equivalent to find the net price.
  35. Business Math

    Correction One manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with a list price of $700 and a trade discount series of 11/9/6 Use the net decimal equivalent to find the net price.
  36. Business Math

    One manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with a list price of ​$700 and a trade discount series of 11/9​/6 Use the net decimal equivalent to find the net price.
  37. Science

    A tree that sheds its leaves in the fall is exhibiting. A geotropism B photomotropism C phototropism D photoperiodism
  38. math

    separate 50 into 2 parts such that 3 times the smaller is 10 less than twice the larger. Find both parts.
  39. physics

    Assume: A 78 g basketball is launched at an angle of 54.5 ◦ and a distance of 10.4 m from the basketball goal. The ball is released at the same height (ten feet) as the basketball goal’s height. A basketball player tries to make a long jump-shot as described above. ...
  40. math

    Christie pilots her plane for 360 mi against a headwind in 33 hrs. The flight would take 22 hrs and 15 mins with a tailwind of the same speed. Find the headwind and the speed of the plane in still air.
  41. Chemistry

    If a solution containing 107.68 g of mercury(II) perchlorate is allowed to react completely with a solution containing 17.796 g of sodium sulfide, how many grams of solid precipitate will be formed?
  42. Chemistry

    B2O3(s) + 3C(s) + 3Cl2 (g) ---> 2 BCl3(g) + 3CO(g) How many moles of chlorine are used up in a reaction that produced 0.35 kg of BCl3 I do not understand please help
  43. Chemistry

    2NO(g) + O2 (g) --> 2NO2 How many grams of NO are required to react fully with 5.00 mol of O2? I do not understand any of this please help
  44. math

    what is 1/2 +1/4+1/4=?
  45. English

    What is the meaning behind the poem "you are reading this too fast" by ken norris?
  46. Geometry

    Triangle XYZ below is an isosceles triangle with legs XY and ZY. QR and QS are perpendicular bisectors of triangle XYZ. Find the length of segment QR if QR = ½ x and QS = -½ x + 4.
  47. math

    Hi, I have been trying to figure this one math problem for awhile and I am stuck. I believe the answer is between A or B. Skip is practicing tennis serves against a wall. The distance between Skip and the tennis ball, in feet, at any time T, measured in seconds, is D(T)=-1.5(T...
  48. calculs

    Can you give me the answer. I have answer it almost in 1 week
  49. Geometry

    What is the cordinates for the midpoint with the endpoints given? (3,5) (-2,0)
  50. Chemistry

    Concentrated nitric acid is 70% HNO3 and 14.7 M. What is the density of the solution?
  51. Chemistry

    What is the oxidation state of chromium in the dichromate ion, Cr2O7 (2-)
  52. Chemistry

    What is the oxidation state of chromium in cr2o7^-2
  53. Science

    B A C D 100% on this quiz
  54. Science

    1. Which of the following could be an engineering project that could better protect the planet? -finding a new landfill site -designing a better trash compacter -deciding which product can be recycled*** -growing microbes that eat oil 2. Engineers who are working to find ...
  55. math( surface area )

    The height of a rectangular prism is 20 centimeters. It has a surface area of 2,400 square centimeters. What are two possible sets of lengths and widths? Find one set of dimensions with l and w equal in length as well as a set of dimensions that are not equal.
  56. math( surface area)

    write a product that represents the surface area of any rectangular prism with length l, width w, and height h. Expain.
  57. Math

    Yes thank you so much!!
  58. Math

    The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 2m more than the longer leg. The longer leg is 7m longer than the shorter leg. Find the perimeter of the triangle. ( please explain as you go)
  59. Language Art's

    Just took the test the person was right
  60. chemistry

    If you place 5 mg NiCO3 in 1 L of pure water, does all the salt dissolve? If not, how much salt remains undissolved? The Ksp for NiCO3 is 6.6x10^-9 M.
  61. chemistry

    For CaCrO4, Ksp= 7.1x 10^-4. How many grams of Na2CrO4 must be added to 200 mL of .250 M Ca(NO3)2 to just initiate precipitation?
  62. History

    What do you think it is?
  63. U.S. History (Check, Please!)(REED)

    What's the problem?
  64. Math

    8 times 2 is 16, plus 6. That would equal 22, so it would have to be 4 and 12. 12 times 2, plus 4. 24 plus 4 equals 28, which is an answer choice. Thanks Ms. Sue!
  65. Math

    So,it couldn't be 2 and 24, because that would equal 52, right? So it would have to be either 4 and 12 or 6 and 8.
  66. Math

    Oh god, I'm so stupid, they would all equal 48! HAHA!! Oops.
  67. Math

    2 and 24, 3 and 16, 4 and 12, 6 and 8.
  68. Math

    A = L times W, right? 3 times 16 is 48. I am confused.
  69. Math

    If the area is 48 square ft., the length would be 16 ft., and the width would be 3 ft. Correct?
  70. Math

    David wants to build a pen for his goat. He wants the area of the pen to be 48 square feet. If the length and width of the pen are whole numbers, which of the following could be the perimeter of the pen? - p = 26 ft - p = 28 ft - p = 30 ft - p = 36 ft
  71. chemestry

  72. geometry/algebra

    The algebraic expression of a dilation is (x, y) changes to (1/a x, 1/a y). If the dilation is an enlargement, give three possible values of a. Anything over 1 for the denominator would make the x and y values smaller. So what would the possible values be for a?
  73. English

    eat my ass writeteacher
  74. English

    Edgar Allan Poe uses a pair of rhyming words to describe trying to hold sand in “A Dream Within a Dream.” In a short paragraph, tell what the words are and how they express the speaker’s feelings. Use details from the poem to support your answer. I just need ...
  75. Algebra

    James has a 6-ft board that is 24 in. wide. He wants to cut it into five pieces to make a small bookshelf with two shelves. The front and back will not be covered. What should be the dimensions of the bookshelf to maximize the volume and use all of the 6-ft board?
  76. criminal justice

    Schlomo occasionally drinks beer with friends. His drinking doesn’t interfere with his job or personal obligations. He gets a pleasant “buzzed” feeling from two beers and doesn’t feel a need to drink more. Alcohol has not caused him any physical or ...
  77. History of Drugs

    The Great Experiment is often used when referring to? I think it is the Prohibition Era, The Eighteenth Amendment but I am not sure.
  78. physics

    A batter hits a ball, causing it to leave the bat at 135 m/s and at an angle of 18.3 degrees from the horizontal. If the baseball field is level, and ignoring the height at which the batter hits the ball, how far (horizontally, in meters) away from the batter does the ball hit...
  79. physics

    supposedly the answer to the second part of the question is y = −6.5×10−14 m any insight?
  80. physics

    In a cathode-ray tube, electrons are projected horizontally at 1.0×10^6 m/s and travel a horizontal distance 11.5 cm across the tube. How long are the electrons in flight? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units. Find the vertical...
  81. physics

    how do you get the 1135? I must not be calculating something correct
  82. Chemistry

    Balance the equations for oxide reduction method: KMnO4 + KCl ---> MnCl2 + Cl2
  83. math

    Find the product of 5 and 4 . Express your answer in simplest form.
  84. physics

    an aluminum cylinder, of height h=2ocm and of radius r=1ocm, rests with its base on a horizontal table. Density of aluminum P=2700kg/m^3 a-calculate the weight of the cylinder take g=10N/kg b-what is the value of the force exerted by the table on the cylinder? c-deduce the ...
  85. pre calc

    Suppose you get on a Ferris Wheel that has a diameter of 40 meters and turns at a rate 1.5 revolutions per minute (the period is not 1.5 ) the height above the ground in meters, of your seat after t minutes can be modeled by an equation. Assume you get on the ride at t=0 min ...
  86. Riddle

  87. southwest

    5650 is compounded semiannually at 18% for 16 years
  88. Physics

    You are installing a new spark plug in your car, and the manual specifies that it be tightened to a torque that has a magnitude of 45.8 N*m. Using the data in the figure below (L = 0.287 m and θ = 49.6°), determine the magnitude F of the force that you must exert on ...
  89. math

    A culture starts with 8300 bacteria. After one hour the count is 10,000. (a) Find a function that models the number of bacteria n(t) after t hours. (Round your r value to three decimal places.)
  90. math

    A wooden artifact from an ancient tomb contains 70% of the carbon-14 that is present in living trees. How long ago was the artifact made? (The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
  91. Algebra

    If one earthquake is 160 times as intense as another, how much larger is its magnitude on the Richter scale? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
  92. 6th grade Math

    8 cups of sugar is needed.
  93. Physics

    Starting from rest at t = 0 s, a wheel undergoes a constant angular acceleration. When t = 1.6 s, the angular velocity of the wheel is 5.9 rad/s. The acceleration continues until t = 19 s, when the acceleration abruptly changes to 0 rad/s2. Through what angle does the wheel ...
  94. math

    its 9mm:)
  95. Math

    First vehicle is traveling at 50 miles per hour. Second car is traveling at 65. They ate 15 feet apart when the second cars slammes on break. Will they have a empack and at what speed.
  96. math

    Sharon spent $2 on a magazine; then she spent half of the rest of her money on shoes. She spent half of her remaining money on lunch. She has $12 left. How much money did sharon start with?
  97. Physics

    From what height would a car weighing 9990 N have to fall to gain the kinetic energy equivalent to what it would have when traveling 64.87 mi/hr?
  98. Physics

    A 1600 kg block of granite is pulled up an incline that has an angle of inclination θ = 20 ° with a constant speed of 1.21 m/s by a steam winch (see Figure). The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is 0.09. How much power must be supplied...
  99. Physics

    I don't understand this at all! use the position equation s=-16t^2 +v0t+s0 to write a function that represents the situation. Find the average rate of change from t1 to t2. a) An object is thrown upward from a height of 6 feet at a velocity of 64 feet per second.... t1=0...
  100. Physics

    A bullet is fired from a rifle that is held 1.70 m above the ground in a horizontal position. The initial speed of the bullet is 1078 m/s. Calculate the time it takes for the bullet to strike the ground.
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